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To Slack or Not to Slack

I never thought I’d say this, but I think I’m becoming a slacker.  I remember a time when I was up and at the gym by 4:30 am and had accomplished more before 8am than most people do all day.  But lately I’ve noticed those days are long gone, and I’m not even sure if I want to go back to them.  Sure I was able to accomplish a lot during that time. I was even awarded (lovingly I might add) the name “Over Achiever” by my husband.  Now I struggle to get up by 6 am and if I scratch off three things off my “to do” list, it’s been a successful day.  Whereas, in the past if it was on the list I felt obligated to get it done by the end of the day.

This morning I was wondering if maybe I’m just at that age where I realize, it’s just not that serious.  Growing up I often heard the phrase, “don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today,” and for many years, I lived by this – stressing myself out in the process.  Well I’ve decided today, that those days are gone.  Now its going to be something like – If I were to die tomorrow, am I doing what I would want to be doing?

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