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Organization = Saving Time and Money

Most people don’t realize how organization plays into saving time and money.  I’ve shared with clients, on more than one occasion, that when you get your office, house, and your life in order, you’ll see just how much time and money you’ve been wasting.

Let’s start with your office.  When everything doesn’t have a place, or you have piles of paper everywhere, typically, at some point, you’re going to spend time looking for things, working amongst clutter, and often time buying something you already have (because you can’t find it).  If you have to look for things, especially self-employed people, you’re wasting time and losing money. If you go out and buy something, then weeks later realize you already had the item, that’s another example of wasting time and money.

It’s the same thing for at home and your life. I truly wonder how people function without “to do lists” or routines.  I can’t imagine! How does anything get done…or does it? What about those who toss important papers haphazardly in a pile in a nearby corner, and those who don’t pay their bills on time because they can’t find the invoices?  The thought of seeing the pile or searching high and low for a bill – would drive me nuts!  But surprisingly, these are the realities for many… yet they function…in their own way.  I wonder though, do these individuals ever think about the money they are losing?  Late fees because of bills not being paid on time (I can see if you don’t have the money – that’s different).  But what about those who miss important appointments or opportunities because of lack of order or organization?  Is it really that hard?  Seriously?  I can’t rap my brain around it. This reminds me of someone who received a sizeable check in the mail, didn’t have a chance to cash it – and lost it somewhere in the house!  Can you imagine?

People who know me well know that I HAVE to have organization in my life.  I seriously don’t function well when things are not in its place or when I’m involved in something and the plan keeps changing – if there is a plan!  I’m talking totally falling apart…it’s sad to watch…or be around! I would like to think that I’m not anal when it comes to things like this…but some days I think I am.  I can’t stand looking for things; and when I’m in an environment that is not structured, I feel like I don’t fit – like I’m totally out of my element .  And because I HATE wasting time or money (or having someone waste my time or money), I truly live by this – Organization = Saving Time and Money. 

I have tried numerous times to “fly by the seat of my pants,” or leave something out of place on my desk (just to see if I can do it) – it doesn’t work.  It stays on my mind and in some cases I’ll go back to my desk and put whatever is out of place –in place.  And don’t get me started on planning or coordinating.  Since I like order – I love knowing there’s a plan. Oh and how I love, love, love starting my day with a cleared desk, made up bed…and a house that is in order (like no dishes in the sink)!  I like it when someone asks me for something because 99.9% of the time I can go right to it if it’s in my possession.  It’s such a wonderful feeling not to have to dig for things. 

But tell me what you think?  Are you one of those people who can function in chaos, or are you like me and have to live with order all around you?


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