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10 Ways to use a Virtual Assistant

Most people, who know me, know that I’m a Virtual Assistant (VA). But the comment I hear often is, “I don’t know how to use a virtual assistant.”  With companies downsizing, and people going out on their own to start businesses, they are looking at how they can do business differently.  In searching for a more cost effective way to get things done, without having to do everything themselves –they hire VAs.

A virtual assistant can handle most anything an onsite executive assistant can do – but instead, we do everything remotely. Listed below are just 10 of many ways you can use a VA.

 Administrative Support / Secretary

Number 1

Your VA can plan and schedule one on one meetings, as well as arrange conference calls.

Number 2

If you or your staff travel on a regular basis, your VA can coordinate your air travel, car rental and hotel reservations (and even ID the best restaurants to check out).

Number 3

Assistance with day-to-day items – Your VA can keep your website up-to-date, organize and maintain paper (even virtually), as well as maintain electronic files. Not a good writer? Get your VA to assist you with correspondences, website content, blogs, and even powerpoint presentations.


Number 4

A VA can assist you with keeping track of your accounts payable and receivables. Once bills are paid, your VA can enter or download transactions into whatever accounting software you’re using; reconcile bank statements; enter credit card transactions;  prepare invoices; enter deposits; and prepare end of the month reports.

Are you wondering how your VA can reconcile your account? One way is by you mailing, scanning or e-mailing your VA a copy of your check register and bank statement; VA enters data into accounting software and reconciles your account.

Number 5

Trouble remembering to pay your bills? No problem. Your VA can create a spreadsheet with all of your bills and due dates, then remind you either by e-mail or telephone as due dates approach.


Number 6

You’re looking to expand your business or start a new business in another state. Your VA can do the leg work for you as far as identifying your competition, state regulations, as well as find ideal locations.

Number 7

You sell seminars/workshops and maybe even books that you’ve written. Your VA can research a target industry; prepare a list of companies; call to identify a contact person, and even prepare introductory material to send out. Your VA can also do follow up calls to verify the information has been received and maybe even schedule a sales call.

Project Management

Number 8

You use consultants, employees, or team members, but you end up spending all of your time making sure they stay on task. Your VA can keep things running smoothly by staying in touch with everyone, using online calendars and scheduling tools, e-mails, or picking up the phone and calling to make sure everyone is meeting their deadlines. Then your VA reports back to you by e-mail or any other method that has been created.

Event Management

Number 9

You need a venue for your next conference, seminar or event. Your VA can research venues -including availability, size, and specifics. Your VA obtains written quotes, compiles a comparison chart, and report findings to you.

Number 10

Your VA can keep in touch with speakers and send out announcements about the event specifics and their role. Your VA can also keep track of who has and hasn’t RSVP’d, as well as send out reminders.

Let me know if you’ve ever used a virtual assistant. And if you haven’t…why not?


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