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12 Wishes

Forget setting New Year’s resolutions; let’s talk about having wishes granted!

This weekend I watched a movie, well part of the movie, where the main character was granted 12 wishes to use any way she pleased. Initially she couldn’t believe it, so her first few wishes included things like: wishing someone would send her flowers, wishing for a new pair of shoes; and I think one of her wishes was that her friend could get her hair done before she ran into her ex-boyfriend (smile). After using up the first few wishes on things of that nature and getting them granted, she then went big and wished to win the lottery. Once she’d used up all 12 wishes, she found out the wishes came at a cost (there was a catch – of course), unfortunately, it was around that time I stopped watching (ha!) so I can’t tell you how it ended. Sorry. 

At any rate, the movie did get me to thinking. I pulled out my journal and jotted down 12 of my wishes. Although some were selfless like: I wished that there were no homeless people and that everyone had a nice place to live; another wish – no hungry children. It makes no since that some of us eat until we have to release the top button on our jeans and have leftovers, while some children barely get a meal a day. Those were a couple of my huge wishes. Then there were those that were a little more selfish: I wish I had a Neatdesk Scanner. I wish I was debt free (of course I was thinking – then I could do more for the homeless and the hungry); but one of my biggest wishes, besides getting a lucrative three book deal/contract with a mainstream publisher, is that I wish Beverly Jenkins and Brenda Jackson would call me up and say that they would like for me to be in a three story anthology with them (contemporary romance or romantic suspense)! One story by each of them and then my story would be between theirs. Ahh, I can see the cover now with all three of our names. Hey, I figure, if you’re going to wish – wish big!

So if you were granted 12 wishes, what would your list look like?

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  1. Lol. Love that last wish. May I add I’d like to be added to the anthology, and include Maureen Smith in it. Here’s to wishing big!

    Comment by Delaney Diamond | December 28, 2011

    • Lol, Delaney! Oh, all right, I guess we could include you and Maureen. Lol! Actually, that would be an AWESOME anthology!! Thanks for stopping by and I’m with you, here’s to wishing big!

      Comment by sharonccooper | December 28, 2011

  2. Nice post…forget 12 wishes. If only someone was to grant me one wish…

    Comment by Subhakar Das | December 28, 2011

    • Lol! I hear ya Subhakar! One wish would work for me as well…actually with that one wish, I’d probably wish for all of my wishes to come true. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Comment by Sharon | December 28, 2011

  3. Hmmm! I wonder, is there a difference between a wish, and a prayer.

    American Oxford dictionary defines the two as follows:

    prayer – an earnest hope or wish, petition to God or object of worship

    wish – a strong desire or hope for something that’s not easily attainable.

    I’d say the two are similar, but not quite the same. I think the difference may be faith.

    The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

    I pray all your wishes come true. Keep the faith!

    Comment by Yolanda | December 28, 2011

    • Great info., Yolanda! I’m definitely a walk by faith girl. I have faith that my wishes will come true! Lol!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Comment by Sharon | December 28, 2011

  4. Happy New Year Sharon! Wishing you granted wishes and miracles! 2012 is sure to be exciting year for all of us. I’m wishing that my debut novel will be a huge success. I’m also wishing that you’re able to become a part of that anthology. Love you!

    Comment by Alicia McCalla | December 30, 2011

    • Hey Alicia, thanks for stopping by! I agree, I believe we all will see great things manifest in 2012!

      BTW – Looking forward to your debut novel! Breaking Free –

      Happy New Year to you!

      Comment by Sharon | January 1, 2012

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