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Romantic Date Ideas

I’m a sucker for romance, and love coming up with ideas to show My Valentine how much he’s loved. Some of my favorite date ideas include:

Carpet Picnic – I’m not necessarily an outdoors person (unless it involves an ocean), but I love picnics – especially carpet picnics. Note: Though this idea can be used with your significant other, it can also be used with your children, or even some of your girlfriends. But let’s just focus on your significant other for now.

Potential items to include (food or otherwise)

  • A blanket
  • Beach chairs (the ones that are low to the ground)
  • Your favorite foods – Pizza, Hawaiian Belly Buster Burgers (one of my favorites),  wings, Chinese food, crab legs, fish nachos (the list is endless…and you can do a theme carpet picnic if you’d like)
  • Fun desserts – Chocolate covered strawberries, smores, strawberry shortcake (in a glass), Garrett’s popcorn, potato chips, etc.
  • A fireplace (makes the room very cozy…and can be helpful w/ the smores)
  • Candles – always a wonderful addition in setting a certain type of mood
  • A bottle of wine (non-alcoholic if you’re not a drinker)
  • Rent a movie or play a romantic board game
  • Chocolate sauce – I’m sure no explanation is needed J

Weekend Getaway – I think one of my favorite weekend Getaways was a wedding gift from some friends. It was a bed and breakfast at Lazy Cloud Lodge (absolutely WONDERFUL)  But note – a night’s stay at a nice hotel can serve the same purpose…although, depending on the hotel, you might have to create the atmosphere you’re going for.

Watch a Sunset (or a sunrise) – Some of my favorite dates were dinner on the beach, watching a sunset (San Diego, L.A, Jamaica etc.)  But I have also seen some amazing sunrises (Cancun, Milwaukee, Chicago, etc).

Dance or Cooking Classes – Some might not find taking a class with your significant other romantic, but trust me – it can be. (Especially if the dance class is a Salsa or Stepping class – two sexy dances). Cooking classes are fun – you learn something…and you can feed each other.

A Romantic Dinner for Two – This can be at your favorite restaurant or even at home.  Though eating out is great (someone else does the cooking), creating a romantic dinner for two at home can be just as wonderful – especially if you prepare the dinner together (don’t forget the candles)

Now, if you had to plan a romantic date, what would it look like?


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  1. Sounds like some great ideas for romance. I think I’ll prepare a carpet picnic for my honey, especially in light of the fact I’ll be gone all weekend at the Southern California Writers’ Conference in San Diego.

    Comment by twtrifles | February 14, 2012

    • Hey Trish, thanks for stopping by! You should definitely consider the carpet picnic for your honey! Besides, you’re so creative, I’m sure you’ll come up with something to take it to the next level! 🙂

      Have fun at the conference! I’m looking forward to hearing about it.

      Comment by sharonccooper | February 14, 2012

  2. I love the new look of your blog!

    How about spending the day at a spa together? It’s not only romantic, it’s very relaxing. Even better, pick a hotel/resort with spa services, and then head up to the room for more “relaxation.” ;0)

    Comment by Delaney Diamond | February 14, 2012

    • Thanks Delaney! I’m also working on tweaking my website -you’re my inspiration!

      I love the hotel/resort/spa idea…especially the “relaxation” part – Lol! I definitely have to add this idea to my list!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Comment by sharonccooper | February 14, 2012

  3. Your new format is great.

    What a cool idea, I love the carpet picnic.

    Happy V Day!

    Comment by Yolanda | February 14, 2012

    • Hey Yolanda! Glad you like the new blog look, and the carpet picnic idea, but I want to hear some of your ideas. I know how good you are at thinking outside the box!

      Oh, and happy Valentine day to you also! Enjoy!

      Comment by sharonccooper | February 14, 2012

  4. Sebastian and I are having a candlelit dinner, hopefully he won’t eat the carpet (LOL). One day SOON I’ll have a honey and I’ll be able to try all of your ideas and some of my own.

    Comment by Tanya | February 14, 2012

    • Lol, Tanya! You WILL have a honey in the near future (and I can’t wait to hear about him). Hopefully you and your puppy enjoyed your special dinner yesterday!

      …I just thought of something. You didn’t say what type of romantic date you’d plan for your honey. Any ideas?

      Comment by sharonccooper | February 15, 2012

      • I’m not sure – depends on what he likes.

        Comment by Tanya | February 16, 2012

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