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Celebration Time!!

I feel like giving away some prizes today!

To celebrate the early release of my debut novel – Something New (Yay!!), I’m giving all of you a chance to win an electronic copy of the novel (note: you don’t have to have an e-reader). You also have a chance to  win a $10 gift card, AND I’m giving away copies of my short story, Best Woman for the Job!

Oh, and did I mention that I’m celebrating the early release of Something New? That means you can purchase it today!!!! Visit for your copy!

Here’s how to win:

  1. Today I’m being interviewed by fellow blogger, Chicki Brown, at her blog site Stop by and leave a comment or a question for a chance to win an electronic copy of Something New.
  2. For a chance to win both an electronic copy of Something New AND a $10 gift card to – leave a comment or a question below AND leave a comment or question for me at Chicki’s site –
  3. See below for an excerpt of my short story – Best Woman for the Job and find out how to download it – FREE.

Note: When you leave a comment or a question (on either site), be sure to leave your first name and last initial within the comment. You have until 7pm tonight (EST) to leave a comment. The winners will be announced on my website tomorrow (Thursday) morning, with instructions on how to claim their prize(s). My website:


Oh, and did I mention that I’m celebrating the early release of Something NewThat means you can purchase it today!!!! Visit for your copy!

FREE READ (expired)



Cincinnati police officer, Craig Logan, needs a plumber, but not bad enough to hire a woman.  “No way am I letting some woman wanna-be plumber anywhere near my pipes!”


When Toni Jenkins (TJ) shows up at Craig’s house to repair his plumbing issues, he thinks it’s a joke, but soon finds out the joke is on him. Not only is Toni the finest plumber he’s ever seen, but she’s good at what she does. Will Craig realize before it’s too late, that not only is she the best woman for the job, but she’s also the best woman for him?

Visit for more information.


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My First Writing Award (Lucky 7)!

I’m proud to announce that a fellow blogger Yawatta Hosby – gave me the Lucky 7 award! This award allows writers to showcase a little piece of their work and pass the award along to other novelists and writers. It can be from your published novel, short story, poem, or a work in progress – your choice.

As a winner, you’re asked to do the following (on your blog):

  • Go to page 77 of your manuscript (or any part of your written work)
  • Go to line 7
  • Copy next 7 lines, sentences, or paragraphs into your post
  • Give the award to 7 more writers

Can’t wait to see what everyone shares. Note: sorry if you’ve already won, but if you haven’t I hope you accept the award! Here are the writers I wish to give the Lucky 7 Award to:

Candace Shaw at

Delaney Diamond at

Alicia McCalla at

Jordanna East at

Claire Fadden at

Chicki Brown at

Jamila Gomez at

NOTE: I really want to give the award to another blogger as well …but it puts me at eight awards. So I’m sitting here thinking…”do I dare?” And my answer is YES! I feel like breaking a few rules today! Congratulations M.J. you are one of the recipients of the Lucky 7 award!

M.J. Kane at

Since the release date of Something New is quickly approaching, I figured I’d follow the instructions above (as close as I can) and share a brief excerpt of the story. NOTE: Unfortunately, this means my excerpt starts at the end of a scene, but here goes:

Tim shook his head in amusement. No way would he take sex advice from his brother, the self-proclaimed bachelor for life, who walked around as if he were God’s gift to women. Not only was his brother a successful businessman, but he was known for dating some of the most beautiful women in the city.

“Thanks for the advice, but I got this.”


“Tim, that was the best movie I’ve seen in a long time,” Simone said as they settled into the car.

“I agree, lots of action, just the way I like. I could watch all of Denzel’s movies over and over and enjoy them like it were my first time watching.”

“Yeah, me too.”

Traffic finally moved, and Tim steered the car onto Mayfair Road and toward Simone’s house. This friendship thing was too hard. Never had he ever wanted a woman as much as he wanted the one seated next to him. The kiss the other night still shook him like an unexpected earthquake. The attraction between them was strong. Throughout the movie, he’d sensed things changing between them, and though he liked it, he wasn’t sure how to proceed. When she’d snuggled close to him during one of the action scenes, he automatically put his arm around her, and it felt right. They definitely needed to talk.

He stopped at a red light and drummed his hands against the steering wheel in rhythm with the song on the radio.

“I’m not ready to go home yet,” Simone blurted out. Despite the grip of her seat belt, she turned in her seat to face him. “It’s been such a nice evening, and I don’t want it to end. I hope you don’t think I’m being too forward, but I had to get that off of my chest.”

With a raised eyebrow, Tim glanced at her. “Is there anything else you’d like to get off of your chest?”

She threw back her head and burst out laughing. She shook her head, still laughing, and said, “Nah, I think that’s it.”

Congratulations to all of the winners! I’ll be visiting your blogs to see what you post! 🙂

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Excerpt: Something New

Many of you have asked, “How many more days before your book is released?” Well, ten more days and counting! I’m excited and anxious all in one. It’s like taking your child to school on the first day and hoping that everyone he comes in contact with will love him as much as you do. Okay, maybe it’s not quite the same, but you get the idea.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you have to look forward to:


Entrepreneur, Simone Edwards, did what any intelligent woman with a ticking biological clock would do: she asked her longtime boyfriend to marry her. Devastated when he turns her down, and fed up with dead-end relationships, Simone swears off men … and takes a vow of celibacy. How hard could it be? She soon learns it’s harder than she thinks when the most irresistible man in the world, Tim Hollister, shows up at her job. She hasn’t seen him in over ten years, and quickly realizes he is a temptation she doesn’t want to resist. But isn’t there some rule about dating your friend? Simone must decide if a romance with Tim is worth risking their friendship, and her reclaimed virginity.

Betrayed by his supermodel ex-girlfriend, who happens to be the mother of his child, Tim Hollister has placed a padlock on his heart. But when Simone, an old high school friend falls back into his life, he soon forgets his promise to stay clear of beautiful women. Simone was always like a sister to him, but he discovers that his feelings for her aren’t very brotherly. He’s captivated by the woman she’s become and wants to take their friendship to the next level – despite her resistance. Tim can’t avoid their new-found passion, and sets out to prove he’s the man for her.


God! Can this day get any worse?

Simone Edwards hobbled to a wall in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, dodging swarms of people in the ever-crowded terminal. She didn’t have to look down to know the left heel on her favorite pair of black pumps had broken. It had already been the day from hell. No. Make that the week from hell. So why would the trip home be any different?

She propped herself against the wall, pulled her suitcase close, and took off the shoe she feared was ruined. “Oh, this is just great,” she mumbled at the three-inch heel. Isn’t it enough I have to return home from the Bahamas still single?

Not only had Glen Wallace turned down her marriage proposal, he’d left the island two days early to attend some stupid “emergency meeting at work.” Most men would be flattered their longtime girlfriend asked for their hand in marriage, wouldn’t they? Not him. After spending all their free time together, he suddenly couldn’t get away from her fast enough. And the insensitive jerk left her with the hotel bill! How could I have wasted all those years on him?

Sadness hit her square in the chest. Of all her asinine ideas, proposing to Glen had to be the worst. Tears filled her eyes, and she blinked rapidly to keep them at bay. The last thing she wanted was to have an emotional breakdown in one of the country’s busiest airports. Spotting a bathroom a few feet away, Simone slipped on her shoe and limped toward it.

She passed a custodial worker near the hand dryers, who looked as if she’d rather be someplace else, and found a quiet corner where she could go through her carry-on bag. What I wouldn’t give to be at home in my bed right now. She was at the point of being afraid to do or say anything for fear of something else going wrong.

After finding another pair of shoes, she placed everything back in her suitcase and hurried out of the bathroom. She had barely made it out the door when she ran dead smack into a hard body, lost her balance, and came close to making a total fool of herself. An explosion of pain from the sudden impact shot through her shoulder, but thankfully, a large set of hands grabbed her around the waist before she hit the floor.

“Whoa, are you all right?”

“Oh my God, I am so sorry. I wasn’t paying attent—” she started, but stopped when she looked up and recognized the handsome man holding her. “Tim? Tim Hollister?”

He laughed as recognition showed on his face. “Yeah, it’s me. Simone, girl, I haven’t seen you in years. How are you?”

“Besides clumsy, I’m fine.” She chuckled and rubbed her shoulder. As she adjusted her clothes and righted her suitcase, a sense of calm surrounded her. Tim had always had that effect on her back in high school, before life got complicated.

“Wow, I can’t believe it’s you. It’s been, what, ten years since we’ve seen each other?”

“Yeah, something like that.”

They both noticed they were in the way, and Tim took her by the elbow and maneuvered them out of pedestrian traffic and into a waiting area where there weren’t as many people. Simone took that opportunity to get a better look at him. With the height of a basketball player, the brother was still fine. His smooth toffee skin and intense dark eyes were his best features, but those sensual lips accented by that smile could make a girl forget they were friends.

Something New

Available: April 27, 2012

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