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Something New – Excerpt

For those of you who still haven’t had a chance to read, Something New, I figured I’d give you a little excerpt of what you’re missing!

A Blurb About the Book

Entrepreneur, Simone Edwards, did what any intelligent woman with a ticking biological clock would do: she asked her longtime boyfriend to marry her. Devastated when he turns her down, and fed up with dead-end relationships, Simone swears off men … and takes a vow of celibacy. How hard could it be? She soon learns it’s harder than she thinks when the most irresistible man in the world, Tim Hollister, shows up at her job. She hasn’t seen him in over ten years, and quickly realizes he is a temptation she doesn’t want to resist. But isn’t there some rule about dating your friend? Simone must decide if a romance with Tim is worth risking their friendship, and her reclaimed virginity.

Tim Hollister has placed a padlock on his heart. But when Simone, an old high school friend, falls back into his life, he soon forgets his promise to stay clear of beautiful women. Simone was always like a sister to him, but he discovers that his feelings for her aren’t very brotherly. He’s captivated by the woman she’s become and is on a mission to take their friendship to the next level, and prove that he’s the man for her.

Excerpt – This is part of a scene where Tim shows up at Simone’s company, as a consultant who her business partner wants to hire. Going in, Tim doesn’t know that Simone is part owner of the business, but when he sees her (after ten years) he suggests they get reaquainted. Simone’s not sure that’s a good idea.



Simone had told Jessica no men. So why was she sitting across from Tim, who was all man?

“What do you mean maybe?” Jessica questioned.

Oh crap, did I say that out loud? “I meant, though I think Tim would be easy to work with, we should discuss my needs…” She closed her eyes and shook her head. “I mean we should discuss our organization’s needs and how he can help us. And of course, we’ll have to interview other candidates.” Simone felt her face heat at her faux pas and didn’t miss the amused look on her partner’s face. She didn’t dare look at Tim.

“Okay, well, let’s talk about our needs, and Tim, you can let us know if you can help us,” Jessica said.

Simone couldn’t believe how flustered she felt being near Tim. But who could blame her? She was acutely conscious of how his wide chest and muscular arms filled his tailored black suit jacket. Relaxed and confident, he discussed with Jessica how his consulting company could assist them. Simone’s breathing quickened when he glanced at her and smiled, causing her eyes to zone in on those chiseled cheekbones that graced his ruggedly handsome face. She groaned within and rubbed her forehead, realizing small pebbles of sweat had formed at her hairline.

What is wrong with me? It’s not like I’ve never seen a good-looking man before. I must be coming down with a cold or something.

“And so when we failed to raise enough money for the expansion,” Simone heard Jessica say, “we went to the bank for a loan, but they turned us down.”

Tim frowned. “I’m surprised. Of course, I would have to look at your books to know more, but based on what you’ve said, it sounds like you guys are running a sound business.”

Simone put her elbow on the table and rested her chin in her hand. She listened as the two continued to talk back and forth. It wasn’t necessary for her to add her two cents since Jess seemed to be doing fine explaining their needs. Tim listened carefully, mentally cataloging all that was said. He was like that in high school as well. As good friends, they had studied together on occasion and even hung out some weekends. What she remembered most—his kindness, and that he was a great listener. Until now, she hadn’t realized how much she missed his friendship.

Her gaze remained on him. She couldn’t get over how good he looked. The moment she walked into the room and saw him, her pulse had tripled, and she wouldn’t be surprised if he’d heard her heart pounding against her chest. He was sexier than she remembered, and those dark, penetrating eyes could draw in the strongest woman. He always did have women vying for his attention, and probably still did since he was even hotter than he was back then.

Stop, stop, stop it. This is Tim Hollister, friend. He’s off-limits. Besides, I’m done with men.

“Anything you want to add, Simone?” Jessica asked.

Simone’s head jerked up at hearing her name. She closed the notebook that sat on the table in front of her. “Uh, no. I think you covered it all.”

Okay, so those of you who have read, Something New – let me hear from you! Those of you who haven’t – what are you waiting for?


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