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Your Discipline Level

Do you ever wonder why when some people put their minds to do things they not only accomplish it, but they soar like eagles? Or why, with some, it seems as if everything they touch turns to gold (Oprah, Jay Z, Donald Trump, etc)?  Well it might have something to do with talent, passion and discipline…but specifically discipline.

A friend of mine introduced me to Elizabeth George’s book, “Write Away,” where she states, “You will be published if you possess three qualities – talent, passion and discipline.” She goes on to say that you’ll “probably” be published if you possess the combination: talent & discipline or passion & discipline; and you’ll “likely” be published if you possess discipline.

Do you see a pattern? Like me, you probably noticed that the common denominator is – discipline.

I was having my morning cup of tea and started thinking…we can use Ms. George’s example in every aspect of our lives, whether it’s starting our own business or keeping the house clean. It’s all about having discipline – self-discipline to be more exact. We all know people (or are those people) who have a list of goals, a bucket list, or even a dream that they want to see come to fruition, but many are slow to put forth the effort needed to accomplish a goal or a dream. They find everything to do or work on, but that. Or they give up too quick, claiming there aren’t enough hours in a day, or someone did them wrong, or this happened or that happened. I could go on and on, but the fact of the matter is – if you lack self-discipline, you are not going to accomplish your goals! Those individuals mentioned above, accomplish as much as they do because they possess self-discipline. Okay, I’ll admit, they probably have a few other major qualities…and a good support team, but you get what I’m saying.

I can’t help but think about something else Elizabeth George said in her book – “do what needs to be done first and then play later.” Sometimes this might mean delaying gratification, but I guess you have to decide – how important is that goal you’re trying to accomplish or that dream you want fulfilled?

So…how’s your self-discipline level these days?

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  1. Great post! You are so right, and that’s what I’m struggling with right now. I’ve spent so much time during the past two years editing and revising in order get the books I’d already written up on Kindle/Nook/Kobo that I had lost the discipline I needed for writing.

    Comment by Chicki Brown | September 20, 2012

    • Hang in there, Chicki, I feel your pain. As a writer I truly understand the discipline it takes to start a new project…trying to remember how you got the other ones done…oh, yeah, I feel your pain. Lol!

      Comment by sharonccooper | September 20, 2012

    • Sharon, I feel so much better when i wake up in the morning at 4am and get my writing going. Everything just falls in order. I also get lots of projects done this way. Even if I don’t want to write, that disciplined morning practice of getting up and sitting my butt in the chair works wonders. Great post!

      Comment by aliciamccalla | September 21, 2012

      • I totally agree with you, Alicia! I am so much more productive when I stick to my schedule. Thanks for stopping by!

        Comment by sharonccooper | September 21, 2012

  2. I’m working towards being more disciplined in every aspect of my life.

    Thanks for the motivation.

    Comment by Tanya Stanley | September 20, 2012

    • My pleasure, Tanya. I think most of us are working toward the same goal.

      Comment by sharonccooper | September 20, 2012

  3. Talent. Passion. Discipline. You have to have them all. But I think that discipline is most important. You have to have obstinate faith coupled with even more obstinate action. Rain or shine, come what may, I believe I can accomplish my goals and my actions must prove it. This post has inspired me to keep pushing. “Be not weary in well doing. For you will reap if you faint not.”

    Great post!

    Comment by jamesfantbooks | September 20, 2012

  4. Inspiring !

    Comment by Debs | September 20, 2012

    • Thanks for stopping by, Debs!

      Comment by sharonccooper | September 20, 2012

  5. So true that discipline is key in everything we do. I wonder nowadays why it takes me so much longer to get my writing goals complete. Sure, I have more to do, but a bit more discipline wouldn’t hurt. Thanks for this reminder.

    Comment by J.L. Campbell (@JL_Campbell) | September 20, 2012

    • My pleasure, J.L., and I ask myself the same question regarding why it seems to be taking longer to get some of my writing goals complete. I think part of it is, is that after we’re published, we try to make the next projects even better – often requiring more of our time. Thanks for the comment.

      Comment by sharonccooper | September 20, 2012

  6. Well timed, an surely needed. Thanks for the reminder. I never thought a slap in the face could be so welcomed. 🙂

    Comment by Yolanda | September 20, 2012

    • Lol, Yolanda! I wasn’t intending to do any slapping, but if it helped…lol!

      Comment by sharonccooper | September 20, 2012

  7. You’re so correct! Discipline is hard. I would much rather procrastinate. Lol. I force myself to do things I don’t want to by creating lists and setting timers. Still not easy, but it helps.

    Comment by Delaney Diamond | September 20, 2012

    • I agree, Delaney! I’d be lost without my to-do-list, it truly helps. I like the timer idea…maybe I’ll try it with my writing! Thanks!

      Comment by sharonccooper | September 20, 2012

  8. Excellent post and it came right on time for me! Too often I find that I put more energy into things that don’t matter in the “big scheme” of things because it’s convenient for the moment and requires less discipline and I struggle to maintain balance accomplishing some of the things that would lead me to my ultimate goals as a result. In most cases, the talent and the passion is there but the sacrifice it takes to be self-disciplined is absent. I truly admire those who possess all three qualities and am striving to be one of them. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.-Phil. 4:13

    Comment by Tammy C. | September 20, 2012

    • Hi Tammy!
      Phil. 4:13 – one of my favorite Bible verses!! I agree with you, its very easy to put our energy into everything but the things needed to accomplish our goals! Hang in there, and remember – most of us are striving to improve our self-discipline. Thanks for the comment!

      Comment by sharonccooper | September 20, 2012

  9. Hey Sharon,
    I love this post! I agree that writers need self-discipline if they view this as a business instead of a hobby. Luckily, I’ve slacked off in the procrastinator department, and I hope to keep it that way. In fact, I’ve been so focused on writing and editing that I really don’t have time for social media like I used to. It sucks not being able to blog that often and read other posts like I used to–usually I’m like a couple weeks behind.

    Keep smiling,

    Comment by yhosby | September 20, 2012

    • Hi Yawatta, that’s great that you’re focused on your writing and editing! I’m sure your dedication and hard work is going to pay off! Thanks for stopping by!

      Comment by sharonccooper | September 21, 2012

  10. So true, Sharon! Those who are successful are those who don’t let anything get in their way…staying up another half hour when your head is nodding and your eyes heavy with sleep to get that word count goal in, or to type up those notes, or whatever. DIscipline is the key, whether it be for writing books, organizing your home, paying off bills, or losing weight.

    Comment by Bettye Griffin | September 21, 2012

    • Hi Bettye, I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who stays up another half hour to accomplish writing goals! But you’re right – being discipline is how we’re going to be successful in whatever we set out to do! Thanks for your comment!

      Comment by sharonccooper | September 21, 2012

  11. Great post!

    Comment by twtrifles | September 21, 2012

    • Thanks, Twtrifles!

      Comment by sharonccooper | September 21, 2012

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