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Talent, Passion and Discipline

I was just thinking…

For those of you who are indie/self-published authors, do you find that you’re often approached by people who say – “Congratulations on your book. I’m writing a book, are you able to give me some suggestions on getting it published?” OR “I see that you’ve written a book. I’ve been working on a book for the past few years and I’m planning to finish it, but in the meantime, are you able to give me some suggestions on getting it published?” OR “I have some ideas for a book. I might contact you in the near future to find out how to get it published.” OR “What’s all involved in writing a book? I’m thinking about writing one soon.”

Lately, I have been receiving many questions similar to these (I’m talking at least once per week), and it started me to thinking…not everyone can write AND get a book published (in my opinion). I say that because it’s soooo much more than just having a desire to write a book, having a story idea, or even a writing talent or gift. I’m here to tell you – it’s an obscene amount of work, commitment and discipline involved in going from having a book idea to having a published work! I’m talking stress, headaches, anger and crazy amounts of sleepless nights (because sometimes you can’t stop the voices in your head).  Can I get an amen?

At any rate, this whole thought process reminded me of a blog post I did a few months ago (9/20/12), so I figured I’d repost it since it’s a reminder that we all can use from time to time.


Do you ever wonder why when some people put their minds to do things they not only accomplish it, but they soar like eagles? Or why, with some, it seems as if everything they touch turns to gold (Oprah, Jay Z, Donald Trump, etc)?  Well it might have something to do with talent, passion and discipline…but specifically discipline.

A friend of mine introduced me to Elizabeth George’s book, “Write Away,” where she states, “You will be published if you possess three qualities – talent, passion and discipline.” She goes on to say that you’ll “probably” be published if you possess the combination: talent & discipline or passion & discipline; and you’ll “likely” be published if you possess discipline.

Do you see a pattern? Like me, you probably noticed that the common denominator is – discipline.

I was having my morning cup of tea and started thinking…we can use Ms. George’s example in every aspect of our lives, whether it’s starting our own business or keeping the house clean. It’s all about having discipline – self-discipline to be more exact. We all know people (or are those people) who have a list of goals, a bucket list, or even a dream that they want to see come to fruition, but many are slow to put forth the effort needed to accomplish a goal or a dream. They find everything to do or work on, but that. Or they give up too quick, claiming there aren’t enough hours in a day, or someone did them wrong, or this happened or that happened. I could go on and on, but the fact of the matter is – if you lack self-discipline, you are not going to accomplish your goals! Those individuals mentioned above, accomplish as much as they do because they possess self-discipline. Okay, I’ll admit, they probably have a few other major qualities…and a good support team, but you get what I’m saying.

I can’t help but think about something else Elizabeth George said in her book – “do what needs to be done first and then play later.” Sometimes this might mean delaying gratification, but I guess you have to decide – how important is that goal you’re trying to accomplish or that dream you want fulfilled?

So…how’s your self-discipline level these days?


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