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The Best Moment Award

Best moment award

Awarding the people who live in the moment,

The noble who write and capture the best in life,

the bold who reminded us what really mattered –

Savoring the experience of quality time.

I am pleased to announce that I have been nominated for the Best Moment Award. As part of the nomination, I am asked to give a brief acceptance speech.

My acceptance speech:

I would like to thank fellow blogger, Yawatta Hosby, for nominating me for the Best Moment Award. She nominated me after reading my blog post Talent, Passion and Discipline.  I’m flattered that she and others enjoyed the post. Though I don’t blog as often as I’d like, when I do it usually stems from some random thought, something I’ve experienced, or something I’ve read. The initial post for Talent, Passion and Discipline stemmed from a book (pls. refer to original post) that one of my critique partners recommended.

There are times as a writer you want to slack off or even give up, but that passion that drives you to write and rewrite that first sentence, paragraph, scene and chapter won’t let you. There is nothing like having an initial idea for a book pop into your head and then months later (years for some), you have a finished product and can finally write, The End.

I’ll admit, it’s an amazing feeling and is achieved by not only having talent and passion, but also discipline. My wish to aspiring authors is that you one day experience the elation that comes from stringing thousands of words together to create sentences, paragraphs, scenes, chapters to ultimately produce – a finished book.

Thank you again, Yawatta, for the nomination. I’d also like to give a special thanks to all of my blog followers. Without your support (and comments), blogging wouldn’t be as much fun. Thanks to this award and your continued support, I’m inspired to blog more often.

What’s next:

From what I understand, I’m supposed to pick 15 blog posts that I’ve enjoyed and nominate them (and their authors) for the Best Moment Award. Though I follow some great bloggers, there were a couple of posts that popped into my head during my brief acceptance speech. Note: those who I nominate for this award shouldn’t feel pressured to continue the chain if they choose not to.

The nominees are:

Cassandra Baker Durham – Finding a Balance

Jamie David – Tequila Day

Jordanna East – Jerks & Irks XXX: Free is, as Free Does

The Write Time Write Place – Eliminate the Laundry List by Yolanda Barber

M.J. Kane – M.J. on Writing: Helpful Advice for Aspiring Authors 

Nia Forrester – Inspiration

Writers in the Storm Blog –Why We (and our characters) Fall in Love: Part 1 by Fae Rowen


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