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An Interview with Author M.J. Kane

It is with great pleasure that I welcome fellow author, M.J. Kane to my blog! M.J is the author of A Heart Not Easily Broken, book 1 of The Butterfly Memoirs Series and she has recently released book 2, Jaded. But before she tells us about her latest release, lets find out a little about the writer behind the books.

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Okay M.J., tell us a little about yourself.

Well, the person behind this pen, (or keyboard!), is a stay-at-home-mom with a very over active imagination. I once thought it was because of being an only child and spending a lot of time making up stories to entertain myself. But since I am an adult with four kids, a hubby, and six dogs, I now see storytelling as a gift! I am also a stroke survivor, and by that I mean I really survived. After nearly dying in in 2006 and recovering from partial paralysis, every day is a blessing. Discovering I have a talent I wasn’t aware of before has aided in my recovery.

Wow, you’re truly a walking miracle and it’s wonderful to hear that your writing talent has aided in your recovery!

Now M.J., your featured book is Jaded, where did you get the idea for this story?

The idea for Yasmine’s and Zack’s story came from a song by Kem called Love Calls. I’d finished writing A Heart Not Easily Broken where Ebony and Brian found their HEA, but I’d left Yasmine hanging by a thread. I knew I wanted her book to be about her journey back to love, but was not sure how to write it. One day, I was cleaning house and listening to my iPod and the song came one. I have the tendency to listen to the beat only and lyrics last. That day, I actually listened to that song over and over and over again. In fact for the rest of the week that was pretty much the only song I listened to. The lyrics are about a person who’s had a bad experience in love before and fears taking the risk to be hurt again. Knowing Yasmine’s past history was fraught with disappointing relationships, I decided to create a male lead that had the same past issues. Putting two people together who want to love and be loved, yet play the game of being ‘just friends’ interested me. And of course, friends-with-benefits relationships are nothing new to books, television, and movies, so I added a twist. The book isn’t just about two people unable to fight the attraction and avoid a relationship. I wanted to focus on if the relationship would continue to bloom or if it would fail once the HEA was reached, and real life issues snuck in. How far would one go to keep what they thought they would never have? When do you know you’re making the right decision? How much can you trust someone with your heart and know that despite mistakes, what you have is real? Those are the issues faced by the characters in Jaded.

How long have you been a writer and what keeps you writing?

I didn’t start writing until 2009, after my husband suggested I pull out a short story I’d written as part of a fan fiction challenge. He challenged me to complete it, and from there, my interest in writing and character development took flight.

Well, I for one am glad he challenged you! Are you working on any other writing projects? 

As of now, I am working on the third novel in The Butterfly Memoirs Series, Lonely Heart. This story follows the third friend, Kaitlyn Rodgers, that was introduced in A Heart Not Easily Broken.

JadedTell us about Jaded.

A devastating breakup leaves Yasmine Phillips in shambles. Unable to trust another man with her heart, she focuses on the one thing she can control—starting her own business.

When her computer crashes, taking months of hard work with it, she must rely on computer genius Zachariah Givens to save her. A complete opposite of men from her past, she doesn’t expect the passion that ensues. But just as she finds happiness, she learns the truth about the other women in Zachariah’s life.

What makes your characters unique?

Allowing my characters to tell their story by writing in 1st Person, and not only following the female leads story, but developing a story that is just as deep and life changing for the male lead makes my characters unique. Also, the issues that challenge them are everyday problems that readers may have experienced or can relate to. Doing so makes it easier for readers to relate to them and become emotionally invested in the story.

Excerpt from Jaded:

I closed my eyes in an attempt to find pieces of the wall I built around my heart. It was impossible; Zack had chiseled them away in the short time we’d known each other. The pain plaguing me from past relationships was easily forgotten while in his arms.

“Yasmine,” his whisper husky, the laughter from earlier gone. “Look at me.”

I did.

Never had a man’s gaze pulled me in this hard. Desire replaced reasoning, a feeling so strong it could not be ignored. How did this happen? Was it the theme of the day, the alcohol consumed, or the fact this man seemed to have eyes only for me?

Zack gazed hungrily at my mouth and licked his lips.

Panic built inside. This could not be happening. I couldn’t ignore the fact I wanted it.

Maybe even needed it to happen.


My lips parted of their own volition as Zack lowered his mouth to mine.

The moment our lips connected the world stood still. Breathing ceased as desire exploded inside of me, drawing me deep into forbidden territory.

Who knew a kiss this simple could be this earth shattering?

I pressed closer, my hand slid over his chest; the heat of hard flesh through fabric drew me in to accept everything he gave.

The first slid of his lips was a soft contact, testing. The second, an exploration of the water, dipping a toe into the pond.

The third was so much more. My mouth opened involuntarily and Zack’s tongue caressed mine.

He tasted like the wine he’d taken from me. I gripped his shirt as an uncontrollable whimper escaped. Zack responded by releasing my other hand and slipping his to the nape of my neck, holding my mouth hostage to the onslaught of his kiss.  We no longer moved to the music.

All control was lost. The desire to pull him the short distance to my bedroom to ease the ache in my heart and the need to have his naked body against me was the only thing on my mind.

This was not supposed to happen. We were friends, not lovers. I valued his friendship. Our relationship was perfect. With no strings, no attachments, and no commitments, neither of us risked being hurt.

We were supposed to be platonic.

Then why did his mouth feel so good? Why did his controlling grip cause my body to weep for more?

I forced myself off this natural high and focused on his response. My eyes closed, I listened to his breathing as he continued his assault on my senses.  It was as ragged as mine. Damn, he felt it, too.

I pulled away from his mouth, struggling to be free of his arms. “I can’t do this…”

“Yasmine,” he held firm, “don’t leave.”

“Let me go, damn it, Zack, let me go,” I was unable to keep the panic from my voice.

Zack stilled, his brow lowered. “I wasn’t trying to hurt you.”

I looked away, not wanting him to notice the tears about to hit. “I know…just…I can’t, please,” I implored.

“Yasmine, we need to talk about this.” When I looked back, his expression seemed as pained as the way I felt.

I shook my head, “I can’t.”

He lowered his gaze and loosened his grip, allowing me to wiggle free.

I avoiding the festivities by slipping into my room by way of the patio.

“I’m sorry.” Zack’s apology drifted over as I slid the door closed behind me.


Want to find out what happens next? Get your copy today!

Here’s where you can purchase a copy of Jaded.

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Want to connect with M.J? Visit her at one of these online sites:

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  1. Thank you, Sharon, for having me stop by today and share my latest book!

    Comment by Author M.J. Kane | May 8, 2013

    • My pleasure, M.J! You’re welcome anytime! 🙂

      Comment by Sharon C. Cooper | May 8, 2013

  2. MJ

    Your personal story is inspiring. This little peak into your journey, makes me realize the path I walk may not be as rocky as I thought. Thank you for sharing.

    Comment by Yolanda | May 8, 2013

    • Your welcome, Yolanda, and thank you for your comment! Its not always easy, but the rewards, even if they are personal, are something no one can take away from you. Enjoy your journey!

      Comment by Author M.J. Kane | May 8, 2013

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  4. I’d like to thank your hubby for challenging you, because now we get to enjoy your wonderful writing!

    Comment by Delaney Diamond | May 8, 2013

    • Thank you Delaney! I’ll be sure to pass the message! 🙂

      Comment by Author M.J. Kane | May 8, 2013

  5. MJ your story is truly inspirational & I look forward to many many more great works from you!

    Comment by Kreceda T. | May 8, 2013

  6. Thank you Kreceda!

    Comment by Author M.J. Kane | May 8, 2013

  7. Glad to meet you, M.J. I was an only child also, and have been writing since I was seven. In 2011, I almost died after getting pneumonia following knee surgery. There were other challenges in 2012, so I empathize with you. Your excerpt and book sound really good!

    Comment by nancygoldberglevine | May 8, 2013

    • Thank you, Nancy, and I am glad to it appears you are recovering. It can be a long hard road, that’s for sure! Thanks for stopping by!

      Comment by Author M.J. Kane | May 8, 2013

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