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The Dreaded High School Reunion – Guest Post

Join me in welcoming author Ann DeFee to my blog! I first met Ann at the RWA conference this summer and she really should consider doing stand up comedy – I had a blast hanging out with her during the Indie Authors’ book signing! Today, Ann is sharing her take on high school reunions and she’s telling us about her soon-to-be released – Summer After Summer. Take it away, Ann!

The Dreaded High School Reunion

By: Ann DeFee

When it comes to American traditions the high school reunion is one that particularly makes people sit up and take notice.  If you have all your hair (that’s for men, of course), you’re fabulously wealthy and successful, and/or you look like the stick skinny chick in the Kia commercial with the four-inch heels and Saran Wrap dress, you have it made.  But that’s not the case for most people.

So in preparation for the big day you drag your best friend to the mall to shop for the perfect outfit while admonishing her/or him to be brutally honest.  Seriously?  Do  you really want to know that the orange sheath makes you look like the Pillsbury Doughboy?  And then there’s the issue of your body.  Are your thighs reminiscent of cottage cheese?   Is it too late to lose twenty-five pounds and go for a Life Style lift.  Need I say more?

And once you get to the celebration what do you talk about with people you haven’t seen in X-number of years after you’ve done the perfunctory “What have you been doing?” and “Do you have kids?” questions.  No wonder these occasions occur only every decade–or two, or three.

Not to worry, you have a chance to experience the dreaded high school reunion–with a happy ending–through a re-issue of my favorite work, Summer After Summer, available soon at the bookstore.  My protagonists, Jazzy and Charlie go their separate ways after graduation.  It isn’t until a reunion twenty years later that they discover their feelings and shared memories  are as strong as ever.  Things are looking up until Fate intervenes.  However,  the third time’s the charm and the star-crossed lovers finally get it right.  It’s a fun read, chock full of anecdotes  that many of you can relate to.

BTW–I’m going to a high school reunion in October and my neighbors can attest to the fact that every morning bright and early I’m out pounding the pavement.  LOL

Happy reading,

Ann DeFee

Blurb – Summer After Summer, Harlequin Everlasting

new summer cover

In the summer of ’73, Jasmine and Charlie share a secret place by the river. Somewhere to laugh and dream on hot Texas nights. A place for making memories. For getting close… Then Jazzy’s girlfriend drops a bombshell that brings an end to teenage innocence—and the beginning of life without Charlie.

It’s the summer of ’93 and Jazzy’s got a rock on her finger and a successful career. But when she bumps into Charlie at their high school reunion, their feelings are as powerful as ever. Before they can act on them, an urgent plea calls Jazzy away once more.

This summer… Her marriage over, Jaz heads for home again. For Texas. And Charlie…the man she should’ve been with all along.

Click here for an excerpt of Summer After Summer

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Beyond Texas, Harlequin Carina Press, December 16, 2013

Sparkle Plenty, Harlequin Carina Press, TBA

Available Now:

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About the Author


Ann DeFee is an award winning author of nine novels and one novella with the Harlequin American Romance and Everlasting lines.  Her first book,  A Texas State of Mind (2005) was a double RITA (Romance Writers’ of America national award) finalist in both the Long Contemporary and Best First Book categories.  Summer After Summer (2007 and re-issued in 2013 with Harlequin Everlasting) won the Orange County Book Buyers’ Best Long Series Contemporary award.   Her latest publications are Beyond Texas (December 2013) and Sparkle Plenty (2014) with Harlequin’s Carina Press.

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