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FREE – Rendezvous with Danger

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Rendezvous w-Danger - Book Cover

Alandra Pargas, ex-CIA counter-intelligence officer, plans to wreak vengeance on the people who tried to kill her. A little rendezvous with danger is not what scares her, though. It’s seeing the tall, dark, and dangerously sexy man she vowed to love forever that has her running for cover.

Former U.S. Special Operative, Quinn Hamilton, left the world of covert operations after the love of his life died in his arms during a black op. Three years later, he still loses sleep wondering if maybe he could have done something more to save her – until Alandra shows up on his doorstep. With her lies and betrayal, he wants nothing to do with her, yet, his heart won’t cooperate. It’s not until unknown enemies come after her that he must decide if he can leave the past behind and protect the woman he’ll always love. Will they survive this last mission and rekindle the love and passion they once shared?


Quinn stood in Wiz’s office facing a fifty-inch, wall-mounted computer monitor staring at Alandra’s CIA identification photo. This was the woman he remembered – wild curly brown hair, skin the color of bronze, expressive light-brown eyes and those luscious pouty lips. God he missed her. There was a time he couldn’t imagine living without her. Regardless of their unconventional careers, they took advantage of every moment they had together. Meeting up in various places around the world, they did everything they could to keep their love alive. This was why he couldn’t understand how she could be alive for the past three years and not seek him out.

“Can I just say, without you jumping over the desk and choking me, that you have a fine-ass wife? I can’t believe you never told me and Malik you were married. What’s up with that?”

Quinn turned to Wiz, not in the mood to answer the same questions his friends had posed the night before. It took years for him to move on and rebuild his life after Alandra, yet, in less than twenty-four hours it was as if he was reliving the nightmare.

“Like I told you guys last night, answering questions about Alandra after I thought she was dead would’ve sparked more questions that I’m still not willing to answer.”

Wiz held his gaze for a moment. “Well, alright then. No more questions.” He resumed typing on his keyboard and seconds later the printer spit out numerous sheets of paper.

“Actually, I have a question for you,” Quinn said. “What made you continue digging for information after I said I wanted nothing to do with her?”

Unfazed by Quinn’s jacked-up attitude, Wiz grabbed the papers from his printer and a remote that controlled the monitor. “Curiosity and this.” He handed Quinn the documents and pointed the remote at the screen. “I researched both Alandra Pargas and Velvet Aguilar. She started going by Velvet two years ago while living in California. Prior to that, it was like she didn’t exist. There is no activity of any sort under either name.”

Quinn sat on the edge of Wiz’s desk, arms folded across his chest, and the papers Wiz had given him gripped in his hand. “How long has she been in Chicago?”

“Off and on for the past few months. It looks like she came here earlier in the year, when her mother was on her deathbed, but only stayed a couple of weeks that time. Prior to relocating to Chicago eight months ago, she lived in L.A,” Wiz continued. “Initially, she lived in Wicker Park, but a few weeks ago she moved to the Southside of Chicago. You’re holding a dossier of all relevant information.”

Quinn had always been amazed at the information Wiz could dig up on a person. Reluctantly, he skimmed the documents in his hand. A classified internal memo that accused Alandra of selling government secrets, as well as bank statements and several government documents Quinn wasn’t sure he wanted to read. There was a part of him that wanted to know what the last three years had been like for her. How she survived a gunshot wound to the chest and who consoled her during her recovery. But the other part of him couldn’t let go of the fact that she allowed him to believe she was dead for all those years. That he couldn’t forgive.

“So she’s the reason you got out of Special Ops?”

“Why continue protecting my country when I couldn’t even protect my woman,” Quinn said, his eyes locked on the documents in front of him.

Wiz placed the remote on his desk and took a seat on the leather sofa, his legs propped up on the coffee table. “So now what? You gon’ act like she doesn’t exist, even if it means she might be in danger?”

Quinn pushed away from the desk and dropped the papers on the sofa near Wiz. “I’ve seen her, but I still can’t believe she’s alive.” Instead of a weight being lifted from his heart, it felt as if he were trapped under a bolder. For the past few months he’d had a nagging feeling Alandra was alive, but nothing could have prepared him for seeing her again. He’ll never be able to forgive her for tossing what they had because of her job. “I’m out of here, Wiz. I have a business meeting in thirty minutes.”

“Hold up, man.” Wiz bolted from the sofa. “Right before she showed up in Tzbekystan, someone tried to frame her by leaking to the media that she was a double agent, selling government secrets to North Korea.”

“Who’s to say she wasn’t?” Quinn said flatly. “Alandra was, or is a spy. She will always be a spy, and a professional liar. Wiz, she’s part of a past that I’ve tried like hell to forget. Whatever shit she’s involved in, is on her.”

Wiz shoved him. “No matter what she is or what she’s involved in, I would think you’d want to get over yourself and find your wife! We’re not the only ones digging into her background and for all we know, she might be in some deep shit, and need your help. And if that’s not enough, maybe this next piece of information will get you off your sorry ass.” He leaned against the doorjamb. “Alandra might have died the first time protecting someone.”

Quinn stood straighter. “Who?”



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Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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  1. Is there an hope for it to be free on smashword too? ( at least one day for those who needs pdf?)
    i really enjoyed the prequel/novella

    thank you a lot for the opportunity to continue the adventure

    Comment by miki | October 19, 2013

    • Hi Miki, I’m glad you enjoyed Secret Rendezvous. Unfortunately, Rendezvous with Danger won’t be available on Smashwords until the end of January 2014. My sincere apologies for the inconvenience. Thank you for stopping by and I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on when Rendezvous with Danger will be available at other online retailers. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

      Comment by sharonccooper | October 19, 2013

      • Thank you a lot for letting me know.

        i will tell my friends about this Weekend so they can enjoy it since for them kindle is perfect^^)

        Comment by miki | October 19, 2013

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