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Chapters Book Club – Rocks!

Chapters Book Club - groupThis past Sunday, my editor and I took a trip to Columbia, South Carolina and hung out with the women of Chapters Book Club. Let me just say – I had a BLAST! They treated us as if we were old friends. The atmosphere was so warm and inviting and I honestly felt at home!

As a fairly new author (yes author Delaney Diamond – I still feel like I’m new at this), I was absolutely flattered and honored that they contacted me and told me that they were reading Best Woman for the Job and Still the Best Woman for the Job for their November book(s). There are millions of books they could have chosen, but the fact that they chose a couple of my stories to read … was humbling. Of course, when they invited me to the meeting, I had to attend!

Best Woman - 2 covers

As an avid reader, I’m a huge fan of book clubs and have always enjoyed discussing books (good or bad ones). So to be a part of a discussion where my work was discussed – what an awesome, awesome experience! I found out that most of the women in the group are not big romance novel readers (so I’m really glad that my contemporary romances are a cross between romance and women’s fiction). At any rate, it was wild to watch and hear them discuss my work. It was as if they were personal friends with the characters! I loved it! As a writer, when you’re putting words on paper, becoming one with your characters, you just hope that readers will feel what you feel when you’re creating a certain scene or that they understand where your characters are coming from. And this group – got-it! Though Toni (heroine) worked some of their nerves, they understood her (mainly because she’s young). They totally embraced the family/patriarch theme of the Jenkins Family Series that I aimed to set up for books to come (loving Steven Jenkins’ strength and love for his family). I also appreciated that they had their own opinions about how certain scenes played out – like the hotel scene between Craig and Patricia. The passionate conversation between the ladies had me rolling laughing! Did I mention that this was an awesome experience?

Me, being me, I went with some questions to ask them – but the conversation flowed so freely that I didn’t get to ask a question until the end (which was totally fine with me). They had some great questions! I have to laugh, because I think the first question they asked me had something to do with Toni’s fear of rodents. I came clean and told them that I too am deathly afraid of rodents (especially mice). What really tripped them out though, is that I was a sheet metal worker for over ten years…and was afraid of mice. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. How can someone who worked in basements, attics and dark, creepy spaces be afraid of mice? Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s possible!

So I’m closing with a huge whoop, whoop (fist pumping in the air) to all of the wonderful book clubs out there – especially Chapters of Columbia, South Carolina!

Chapters Book Club

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