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Tequila Sunrise – Breaking the Rules

Isn’t this a COOL book cover!? I’m honored to have fellow author Terry Poca stop by my blog today! Terry is telling us about her novel -Tequila Sunrise: Breaking the Rules. Check it out!

Sunrise 300x200

Learning the Rules

Becca Sanders hasn’t dated since her ex-fiancée dumped her the night before their wedding.  In fact, she’s spent an entire year ignoring her libido quite nicely. When her three best friends challenge her to indulge in a one-night stand, Becca goes for it. But she regrets following the one-night stand rules when she can’t forget the hot sizzling night she spent with the handsome, sweet stranger.

Until the day she comes face to face with the biggest dare of her life …

Breaking the Rules

Marcus Blake spent the last ten years as a New York advertising executive and is ready for a change of pace.  After a memorable evening with an enchanting blonde, he awakens alone with only her first name to track her down.

When he resigns himself he’ll never see her again, he runs into the woman who haunts his dreams.

Feisty best friends, an advertising executive’s dream account, and the quest for true love, all collide to fashion a sassy, roller-coaster romance.


“The time has come for you to get laid.” Trudi took a sip of her frozen margarita. “And soon.”

“What?” Becca fidgeted in her seat and glanced around the crowded bar to make sure no one had overheard. The proclamation caused her ears to burn. She wasn’t particularly comfortable discussing her nonexistent sex life with her three best friends, much less in a packed pub full of strangers revving up for the infamous Georgia-Florida game weekend.

“Trudi’s right.” Celeste nodded her agreement, pushed a wayward brown curl behind her ear, and waved down the passing waiter. “We’ll take a round of tequila shooters please.” She flashed her megawatt smile, the same one she used when reporting the six o’clock breaking news from the side of the road for Atlanta AM.

He acknowledged the order with a wink and a nod of his head. He scooped up an empty beer mug and weaved his way through the Friday afternoon crowd. All four of them watched his retreating butt. Trudi took a deep breath causing her ample cleavage to swell and then surrender in a sigh, her earlier declaration forgotten in a shared moment of male admiration. Patrice broke their trance.

“The time has come to end the drought,” she said in her soft voice. Patrice downed her beer, a feat for someone so petite, and lowered the mug on the table with a thud. “What better way to get geared up for the big game tomorrow? That’s why we chose tonight.” She stared at Becca with doe eyes, her pixie-like innocence a sharp contrast to her words.

“Tonight?” Becca scrunched her face and cringed. She was so not ready to troll, but they were right. With her thirtieth birthday looming around the corner, fourteen months was a long time to go without one date. All work and no play made for a boring existence, which Becca knew firsthand.

“Yes, tonight. Harold Houdini dumped you over a year ago,” Trudi said, her features drawn into a stern, no-nonsense expression. Her pit-bull, defense attorney personality matched her fiery hair. She didn’t sugarcoat things. Ever. Becca respected her honesty most of the time, but she sometimes wished Trudi would go by the rule “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

“Don’t use dumped,” Patrice said. “The word seems so…harsh.”

“Okay then.” Trudi softened her tone. “The night he disappeared at the altar.” She squinted her eyes and glared from Patrice to Celeste to Becca. “Better?”

“You’re not being fair. He called off our engagement the day before the wedding. He didn’t actually leave me standing at the altar,” Becca said. Her defense of Harold sounded lame even to her. No excuse existed; he was an asshole.

“Like I said, dumped,” Trudi repeated.

“Don’t be insensitive.” Patrice reached over and patted Becca on the hand. “Harold wasn’t the guy for you anyway. Isn’t that right?”

No truer statement had ever been spoken, and no one, not even Becca, argued with her.

“We love you,” Celeste said.

“Yes, we do love you, and we don’t want you to put your life on hold. Harold was a good-for‑nothing jerk who didn’t deserve you to begin with.” Patrice smiled.

Becca knew the girls wanted the best for her. They’d been friends since middle school and were more like sisters than girlfriends. They stood by each other through the good times and the bad ones, and they were all by her side when Harold decided at the last minute marriage wasn’t for him. And Patrice was right. Harold hadn’t been her knight in shining armor.


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About the Author:

Terry Poca

Terry Poca graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Education, Secondary English. When not writing and brainstorming the remainder of The Tequila Series, she reads her favorite authors, watches movies and her favorite television series, and hangs out enjoying life with her one true hero a.k.a. her husband. Terry is currently contemplating cross-bow lessons in preparation of the zombie apocalypse.

She lives in metro Atlanta with her husband and two spoiled Plott hounds and one bossy, alpha Pomeranian.

Find Terry online:  Website   Facebook


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  1. Sharon: Thank you for featuring Tequila Sunrise ~ Breaking the Rules on your blog today. I appreciate your gracious pay it forward. Hugs and happy writing ! Terry

    Comment by Terry Poca | March 26, 2014

  2. My pleasure Terry! All the best to you with your writing journey!

    Comment by sharonccooper | March 26, 2014

  3. You’re right, I do love this cover. This sounds like the beginning to a fun series!

    Comment by Delaney Diamond | March 26, 2014

    • Thanks so much, Delaney… I want to thank you for your encouraging workshop last year, and I’m glad you love the cover … wait until you see the cover for the second book in the series. Tequila Straight up ~ Remembering the Rules!! Fun stuff!

      Comment by Terry Poca | March 27, 2014

  4. Thanks for the nice post, Ladies. I love the cover of Terry’s book, and the sample reading peeked my interest–big time. 🙂

    Comment by Jackie Rod | March 26, 2014

    • Thanks so much, Delaney… I want to thank you for your encouraging workshop last year, and I’m glad you love the cover … wait until you see the cover for the second book in the series. Tequila Straight up ~ Remembering the Rules!! Fun stuff!

      Comment by Terry Poca | March 27, 2014

    • Jackie!! Here’s a great big HUG for you! Thanks for stopping by …

      Comment by Terry Poca | March 27, 2014

  5. This sounds like a fun read!

    Comment by mmarciassa | March 26, 2014

    • Missy, thank you for stopping by.

      Comment by Terry Poca | March 27, 2014

  6. That bossy Pomeranian needs to show up in a book!

    Comment by Mark All | March 26, 2014

    • Mr. All!! Where have you been? I miss you … thanks for stopping by, and the bossy Pomeranian deserves a series of her own. If you met her, you’d know why. Hugs to you my friend.

      Comment by Terry Poca | March 27, 2014

  7. Terrific book and I can’t wait for the next in the Tequila series! What a great cover too. Tweeted !

    Comment by pamelavmason | March 26, 2014

    • Pamela, thank you for stopping by and for your support. And thanks for Tweeting about Tequila. You are awesome. Hugs!

      Comment by Terry Poca | March 27, 2014

  8. You had me at “preparing for the zombie apocalypse” but the book also sounds like a lot of fun. 🙂 Thank you, Sharon, for hosting Terry. Thank you, Terry for sharing your stories with us! Best wishes.

    Comment by nickisalcedo | March 26, 2014

    • Nicki, thanks for visiting today. I’m serious about preparing for the zombie apocalypse by taking crossbow lessons, but I’m also thinking I need to practice sword wielding as well. Thoughts? Hugs and happy writing!

      Comment by Terry Poca | March 27, 2014

  9. Terry, this promises to be a fun read! Congrats on your new release. All the best!

    Comment by Carol Burnside / Annie Rayburn | March 26, 2014

    • Hi Carol! I appreciate you taking time to stop by and thanks for the congrats. Happy writing to you! Hugs.

      Comment by Terry Poca | March 27, 2014

  10. Great cover and love the excerpt…sounds like a fun book.

    Comment by nancygoldberglevine | March 26, 2014

    • Hi Nancy: I’m glad you like the cover; the designer is Noelle Pierce. I hope you enjoy Tequila Sunrise and Becca and Marcus’s story. Thanks for stopping by.

      Comment by Terry Poca | March 27, 2014

  11. The cover is tantalizing but the excerpt from the book is totally intriguing and draws you in immediately. It is a great read and I can’t wait for the rest of the series and the other girls’

    Comment by Jean Stone | March 27, 2014

    • Hi Jeanie! I’m so glad you were able to stop by, and I’m glad you enjoyed Tequila Sunrise. The second book should be out in the next six weeks. I’ll keep you posted. Hugs and love!

      Comment by Terry Poca | March 27, 2014

  12. I want to thank Sharon for spotlighting Tequila Sunrise. Thank you, thank you. Thank you.

    And a big thank you and hug to everyone who stopped by. I appreciate all of you.

    Comment by Terry Poca | March 27, 2014

    • My pleasure Terry! You’re welcome anytime!

      Comment by sharonccooper | March 27, 2014

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