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Pull Me Closer by Lauren H. Kelley

It is with great pleasure that I welcome fellow author, Lauren H. Kelley to my blog today!  Lauren is introducing us to her novel, Pull Me Closer. Check it out!

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Following the advice of a spastic inspirational speaker, jet-setting advertising executive Kerrigan Mulls decides its time to trade in her chaotic lifestyle for the one she really wants. Relocation to Atlanta is just the opportunity she needs.

Axel Christensen, the ad agency owner of an Atlanta firm, is looking for talent who can help his business expand. When Kerrigan interviews with the insanely hot agency owner, her underactive libido goes into overdrive and the feeling is mutual.

A year and kidnapping later, Axel learns that catching Kerrigan isn’t easy, but keeping her next to impossible. His controversial past and trust issues create the perfect storm, leading to betrayal and heartbreak.


He was already seated when Kerrigan strolled in and found him at the rear of the restaurant. Lunch with her was fun. He always enjoyed the time they spent together, and she seemed to enjoy his company too, although she kept her guard up.

She picked up her fork and poked at her salad. “Exactly why do I need to cancel my plans next Saturday? What’s going on?” she asked.

He thought for a minute before responding. In that instant, he could have lain out his heart and told her how he had been feeling and how much he liked her. How for months, he watched and yearned to be close to her—how much more he liked her now that he was getting to know her better—how much he admired her intelligence and delighted in her beauty. Instead …

“I’ll be out of town all next week for business. I leave this Sunday, and I get back late Friday evening. We’ll need to catch up immediately.”

“Oh? And we can’t catch up the following week?” she asked.

He shook his head. “No. I’m not available that week until Friday.”

Clearing her throat, she brought the glass of water to her lips and sipped. “So this is related to business?

He leaned in close, glancing around at the restaurant’s patrons as his eyes steadied and met hers. “Yes. Well, no.” Everything around them faded away, including baldy, a businessman who was sitting alone at the next table eavesdropping and ogling at Kerrigan.

Her glass dropped to the clothed table with a loud thud, and she swallowed hard. Kerrigan’s eyes shifted around the room. A waiter, whose mullet was straight out of a 1980’s rock video, stood at the back of the restaurant gawking at them. Kerrigan jerked her hand away and sent the glass into a teeter. Axel’s quick aim landed his hand on hers, and their entwined fingers held the glass steady. Her fingers struggled to break away from the slick, wet cylinder, but his firm grasp held her hand in place. Slowly, she lifted wide nervous eyes to his, and he released her hand.

“Kerrigan, I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a personal angle. I enjoy spending time with you. You’re good company, and we have fun together. Isn’t that what friends do?” The desperation in his voice spoke loudly.

“You’re going to miss me.” She teased boldly.

The dim light from the pendant hanging overhead danced off her angelic face and highlighted the brown and golden tones in Kerrigan’s wavy hair that flowed over her shoulder, gently caressing her right cheek.

His pulse quickened. “Yes, I’m going to miss you, very much.” Her darting eyes stilled, fixed to his, and she froze. “And I know you’re going to miss me too.” A hard lump formed in his throat and his chest tightened, waiting for her reply.

He held her gaze. Beauty radiated from her frigid face. Melting the ice, the corners of her mouth curled into a warm smile. “Then I suppose I can make an exception just this once. May I ask about your trip? Where are you going?”

Tense shoulders relaxing, he swallowed hard and then exhaled. “Yes, of course. I’m going to meet some clients in Denver. They want to discuss a new national campaign for their ski resort.” Wiping his mouth with his napkin as he glanced around, the background came into view again. “I thought I’d invite you along, but I know the kind of rumors that would stir.”

“I think you’re right about the rumors. I wouldn’t have gone anyway,” she said.

If she had gone with him, he would have made sure that the rumors held merit.

When lunch ended, they walked to the restaurant’s waiting area. He guided them to a private corner, surrounded by greenery, to finish their conversation.

Standing close, “While I’m gone, can you gather research on McBride’s markets?” he asked softly.

“Sure. I’ll have the data ready in time for our next meeting.”

“Great. Thank you.” He paused and glimpsed around, discovering they were isolated. “I think we should say our goodbyes here. I know how nervous you are about rumors.”

She extended her arm for a handshake.

Forehead wrinkling, a glint of a smile crossed his lips. He stepped forward, no more than an inch between them. She didn’t move. “I think we can do better than that,” he said.

Intensely focused on nothing but her, for a brief moment, he and Kerrigan were the only two people in the room. With a quick motion, he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist, pulled her close to him until her tender breasts pressed into his chest.

Kerrigan’s small hands landed on his biceps, her fingers digging into his arms through his shirtsleeves.

“What are you doing?” She whispered into his chest, her head hung down forestalling his gaze.

“Saying goodbye.” Leaning down, he nuzzled his head in the crook of her neck, inhaling the sweet fragrance that was uniquely hers.

“Umm.” He released a low guttural groan and closed his eyes, succumbing to the serenity that settled over him with her nestled in his arms. Her head tilted to the side, giving him greater access. Softly, his lips brushed the throbbing vein in her neck.

A small gasp escaped her.


Find out what happens next! Buy your copy today! | Barnes and Noble

About Lauren H. Kelley
Lauren began writing short stories in high school, but abandoned her first love to pursue a business degree and career in corporate America. A late bloomer to her true calling and craft, she finally figured out what she wanted to do with her life—write! Growing up in a multicultural family, she was exposed to diversity from an early age. She has always had an appreciation and respect for multicultural romance and aims to bridge the racial divide through her novels and short stories. She currently resides in the Southeast.



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  1. I enjoyed the excerpt. It’s nice to meet you, Lauren.

    Comment by Maya | April 3, 2014

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    • Thanks, Maya! Glad you enjoyed the excerpt.

      Comment by laurenhkelley | April 3, 2014

  2. Best wishes for much success, Lauren!

    Comment by Delaney Diamond | April 3, 2014

    • Thanks for stopping by, Delaney!

      Comment by sharonccooper | April 3, 2014

    • Thanks, Delaney!

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