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The Power of Words

wordsIf you follow my blog on a regular, you know that every now and then I have these Just Thinking moments. This month has felt busier than usual, especially since I’ve been trying to scratch some things off my master to-do-list. As I worked on one of my many projects, I started thinking about the genres that I write: romantic suspense, contemporary romance, and I’ve dabbled in a cross between sweet romance and women’s fiction. During this Just Thinking moment, I thought about the number of times people have asked – Which genre do you prefer writing? I’m not sure if I’ve ever given a solid answer…though in my mind I think I know which I prefer. But what I realize is – the genre I choose to write, is not as important as writing the story that’s in my head, and writing it well.

So during this Just Thinking moment, I’ve decided that it’s not so much about my preferred genre to write. My focus is (and should be) on writing an enjoyable story. A story that provides readers an opportunity to step away from their day-to-day obligations and snuggle up with a good book that provides them entertainment. I love that we as writers have the ability to string a few words together, connect some sentences, and create paragraphs that ultimately turn into novels.

*She puts elbows on the desk and releases a contented sigh*

Oh and for those of you who have asked me which genre I prefer writing…well, it depends on the day. Some days I feel like stirring up drama, blowing up stuff, or killing someone off (of course only on paper). Other days I slip on my rose colored glasses and write fluffy, eye-rolling, and yeah-right over the top romances. Either way – I enjoy what I do – deadlines and all.

All right, enough about my Just Thinking moment…back to writing.

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  1. Love this post, Sharon! I totally agree.

    Comment by twtrifles | June 12, 2014

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