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Book Spotlight – A Temporary Woman

Join me in welcoming fellow author, Libra Rajani, to my blog today! Libra is introducing us to her latest release, A TEMPORARY WOMAN. Check it out!

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Staff Assistant of Chicago Midtown Shelter, Giselle Warner, didn’t have an ideal childhood, but she worked hard, she beat the odds, and she is next in line to get a promotion. Thanks to Columbus, she’s on the right track to open a shelter of her own. That is until the morning she finds out that Gina, her impressionable sister, may be adopted by the wealthy couple who raised her. In a panic, and in order to halt the couple’s efforts, Giselle calls the Queen of the South, Alberta Warner, and works for her as an escort. While doing so, Giselle gets caught up in a downward spiral of deception, risking her steamy relationship with Columbus Dunbar, and the self-respect she cherishes.

Firing Giselle was a difficult decision to make, but Giselle has problems she won’t reveal. What was Columbus supposed to do? He’s a Dunbar, and he will do anything to protect his family and maintain the reputation of the family name. It is expected. What he doesn’t expect, is his attraction to Giselle to turn into a steamy relationship that he craves. Her persona is an enigma at best, but it doesn’t deter him, He only craves her more… until he discovers her secret identity, Missy. Will Columbus protect the reputation of his family or will he throw his pride to the wind and give into his desires for Giselle?



Missy walked to the small table in the center of the room and picked up a single rose. She inhaled the fragrance. It had been two weeks since she left Darrell in the hotel, and her life had quickly changed for the better.

John, the man who presently commanded her attention, assumed that roses were her favorite, but they weren’t. Lilacs were. That personal fact and everything else she considered sacred remained confidential. It had to be. Otherwise, her alter ego would smash right into Giselle and the consequences would be devastating.

She smiled and lifted the cup of coffee to her lips as she stood in front of the window of her private bedroom. She looked out on to the grounds of John’s estate and shook her head in amazement. She’d seen beautiful homes such as this one in magazines and on television, but his was unlike any she’d ever perceived.

John’s large estate rested on Peach Tree Road, sat on five acres in Barrington Hills, a posh suburb of Chicago, and included a tennis court and a horse ranch. The home featured six luxurious bedrooms, eight bathrooms and anything else a woman such as her desired.

Her bedroom, which was white and powder blue, had a king sized bed and a small sectional that sat in front of oversized windows. She raised the cup again and frowned when she realized it was empty. Like a queen, she strolled down the staircase into a copper and brown chef’s kitchen that was off to the right. She refilled her cup with the dark sweet liquid and her lips widened into a sinful smile when she felt him approach her.

He kissed the side of her neck. “Did I tell you how beautiful you look in this gown?”

The gown was black, sheer, and barely covered the curve of her ass. “You did, and even though you made sure that there wasn’t much of it, I love it.”

He nuzzled his nose into her neck, kissed it, and gave her a little tickle.

Missy giggled and thought about the previous night. It was their first intimate time together. After he meticulously undressed her, he led her to his candle lit bathroom that featured an oval-shaped Jacuzzi tub. He filled it with bubbles and those rose petals.

He chuckled along with her. “Umm, your body still smells of those expensive roses I bought. Did you enjoy the bath?”

She blushed. “Yes, and you increased my pleasure when you joined me.”

He pulled her closer, and she guided his erection between the cheeks of her ass. He slid his hands beneath her gown. The tips of his fingers felt cool and they refreshed her as he fingered his way between the moist folds of skin nestled between her legs. She tilted her head and released a soft moan.

He chuckled. “Still swollen.”

Their sexual rendezvous, which ended only two hours before, had been enjoyable enough, but now, even the smallest task of walking down the stairs caused her discomfort. Painful sex became a nuisance, but it was something else that required an adjustment. “Yes, and you like that, don’t you, John?”

“Indeed I do. It means I’ve done my job.”

Missy grinned. John was another client who preferred The Girlfriend Experience. So that there was no further misunderstanding, Missy had asked Queen to give her a detailed explanation. Instead, Queen handed her the Spicy Temp Handbook.

It read that while a temp was with a client, and for as long as the client wanted, Missy, at the specified price, was the girlfriend he desired. She provided intellectual conversations, cuddled, took long walks, had protected intercourse, and she wouldn’t leave the minute it was over. Missy made the client feel desired, as if, he were the only man in the world.


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  1. I’ happy to be featured on your blog today. Thanks for having me Sharon!

    Comment by librarajani | June 25, 2014

  2. Libra,

    you are amazing! Your story lines just keep getting better and better. Keep up the great work and I look forward to your next release.


    Comment by RLM | June 25, 2014

  3. Thank you for the continued support, Robert!

    Comment by libra | June 25, 2014

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