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A New Look and More On The Jenkins Family

As I slowly gear up for the release of ALL YOU’LL EVER NEED, book 2 of the Jenkins Family Series, I figured I’d introduce to some and remind others about the Jenkins Family. But first, have you seen the new book cover for BEST WOMAN FOR THE JOB (short story prequel to STILL THE BEST WOMAN FOR THE JOB)? If not, here it is!

Best Woman 300x200

Like the last four books of the Jenkins Family Series, this book cover was created by Noelle at Selestiele Designs. So if you’re in need of a book cover designer, I highly recommend her! She’s fun to work with!

Now, let’s talk about the Jenkins Family Series.

Many of you know, but some might not, that in my other life (many, many years ago), I was a sheet metal worker. I worked in the trades (construction) for over ten years, and though it was an exciting line of work, where I learned a lot and work with some wonderful men, there were definitely some challenges of being a woman in a male dominate field. So I decided to bring out some of those challenges (and laughs) in the Jenkins Family Series.

Also in my other life (numerous years ago), I ran our family business (one of my brothers oversees it now). Our family is not as large as the Jenkins Family, but we grew up with strong family values, understanding the importance of loyalty not only to the family, but to the family business. And like you’ll see in the Jenkins Family Series, maintaining those values are not always easy – but the love of a strong family will get you through some tough times. As you’ll see in the Jenkins Family Series.

Here’s a little backstory about the Jenkins:

Steven Jenkins, the patriarch of the Jenkins Family, and founder of Jenkins and Sons Construction wants what every entrepreneur head of the family wants – for his children to continue to run the family business long after he’s dead and gone. None of his four sons and three daughters are interested in taking over the reins. It’s not until his oldest granddaughter, Peyton Jenkins, shows an interest that his hope is renewed.

Now its 16 years later, Steven is happily retired, and business is better than ever – thanks to five of his amazing granddaughters. Sweet, levelheaded PEYTON (PJ) JENKINS is an electrician, and the senior construction manager for Jenkins and Sons Construction; and MARTINA (MJ) JENKINS, is a carpenter and Steven’s most challenging grandchild. TONI (TJ) JENKINS, a master plumber, is his favorite granddaughter – though he’ll never admit it; and then there’s CHRISTINA (CJ) JENKINS, the shy one in the group who is a painter, but refers to herself as an artist. Last, but not least, is JADA (JJ) JENKINS the youngest and the most spirited of the bunch. Steven still hasn’t been able to figure her out, but he has to admit, she’s a darn good sheet metal worker.

Now is a great time to get caught up in the series, if you’re not already!

BEST WOMAN FOR THE JOB (short story) – Toni Jenkins (TJ) – Available NowAmazon  |  Barnes and Noble  |  Kobo  | Smashwords

STILL THE BEST WOMAN FOR THE JOB (novel) – Toni Jenkins (TJ) – Available NowAmazon  |  Barnes and Noble  |  Kobo  | Smashwords

ALL YOU’LL EVER NEED – Jada Jenkins (JJ) – Available Late August 2014

TEMPTING THE ARTIST – Christina Jenkins (CJ) – Available November 2014

NEGOTIATING FOR LOVE – Martina Jenkins (MJ) – Available 2015

SEDUCING THE BOSS LADY – Peyton Jenkins (PJ) – Available 2015


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Just One Kiss by Té Russ

Hi All! Please join me in welcoming author Té Russ to my blog! Té is introducing us to her new release, JUST ONE KISS. Let’s check it out!

Just One Kiss Cover Art 2

Award-winning investigative reporter Cassandra McAllister is finally taking a break. Especially after her latest exposé. Now all she wants is to enjoy her time soaking up the sun on the beach, steps away from her private Jamaican villa. Her mysterious, yet extremely sexy neighbor is a great distraction, and she plans to make him one of her methods of relaxation.

RJ Campbell’s attraction to Cassandra is strong from the first moment he lays eyes on her. But when their lips touch for the first time, he knows he’s a goner. But RJ is harboring a secret that once it’s revealed, could potentially destroy the feelings growing between him and Cassandra.

Can these two overcome the secrets and issues they have and build a lasting relationship? Or will their time together be nothing more than an island rendezvous?


RJ realized he’d greatly underestimated how hard it would be to sit while Cassandra tried on dresses. At first when he waited for her to come out in the first dress, he figured it would be boring just sitting there waiting for her to come out in dress after dress.

When she came out in the first dress, he felt his throat dry and his body stiffen. He sat there watching her as she looked at herself in the mirror, turning this way and that before turning to him.

“Well,” she said, twirling around, “what do you think?”

“I think you look amazing.”

“It is a nice dress,” she said as she turned to look in the mirror again.

“Maybe you try on some more to see if there is something you like better.”

She turned and looked at the rack. “There are so many, but I think you’re right. I’ll try on a few more.”

Then he found himself becoming more and more eager to see her in each dress.

Each dress looked better than the last, and they all fit her amazing figure to perfection. Soon he was thinking more about getting her out of each dress. He looked over his shoulder. Gwen hadn’t come back yet and he figured she wouldn’t be back unless one of them called her. The dressing area was in the back and around the corner.

It would be so easy for him to slip in the dressing room with her.

Before his next thought, he was up and over to the dressing room in a couple of quick strides. He whipped the curtain open, causing Cassandra to jump.

His eyes darkened immediately at seeing Cassandra in only her underwear.

“RJ!” she whispered, trying to cover herself and close the curtain at the same time. “You’re not supposed to be in here.”

“Don’t worry,” he said with a wolfish grin. “No one else is here, remember?”

“What about Gwen?”

“I doubt she’ll be coming back here anytime soon.”

He stepped in and closed the curtain.

Cassandra took a step back and found she was up against the wall. His large body nearly took up the entire dressing room. She shook her head nervously, but she had a shy smile on her face. “RJ, I don’t think we should do this here.”

He smiled back at her and skimmed the back of his fingers down her throat to the top of her breasts, and continued down her stomach until he reached the top edge of her panties. “Come on Cassy, I thought you were the type who liked living a little dangerously.”

Never one to turn down a challenge, she slid her hand around his neck, stood on tiptoe and kissed with so him much heat they could have burned down the whole dress shop.

RJ lifted her up and wrapped her legs around his waist and began to kiss her neck. He rocked his hips against her center and she moaned at the movement. His hand slid up her back to her bra and he was just about to unhook it, when his phone rang.


See what happens next! Get your copy today!  Amazon

About the Author:

Growing up an introvert, Té Russ found solace in literary arts at an early age. She found reading to be a vehicle to broader horizons and writing a form of self-expression. She began writing love stories in her adolescent years as a way to expel her youthful thoughts of love into words. Since then she has gone from writing stories and thoughts of love in journals to attending college for journalism and falling in love, which has allowed those youthful words of love to blossom into a series of stories in her romance novels. Though she has an immense appreciation for the sheer smell that books collectively exert, she also has found balance to her introverted nature with adrenaline inducing activities. So if she does not have her nose pressed deeply into a book or her pen ticking through a pad, you may also find this mother of three jumping out of airplanes, cheering her husband on at the top of her lungs at MMA fights, buzzing down the interstate on the back of motorcycles, or kayaking.

To keep up with her writings and other things going on check out her pages:
Twitter: @TeRussNovels

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All You’ll Ever Need – Sneak Peek

Hi all! Since I’ve received a number of emails lately from readers asking what’s next for me. I decided I should check in. It’s been awhile.

Though I have a number of projects going on, in regards to my next book release, I’m working on ALL YOU’LL EVER NEED, book 2 of the Jenkins Family Series. I didn’t do an official cover reveal, but I have to say that I absolutely LOVE this book cover! It was created by Noelle at Selestiele Design, who I HIGHLY recommend for your next book cover or promotional items project! Her work is amazing and she has been great to work with! Isnt the cover gorgeous!


AllYou'llEverNeed 300x200


Though the blurb for ALL YOU’LL EVER NEED is not totally fleshed out, let me tell you a little about Jada Jenkins, also known as JJ. If you’ve read STILL THE BEST WOMAN FOR THE JOB, you already know Jada is … a trip! She has an ego the size of Texas; she says what’s on her mind; and she’s a sheet metal worker at Jenkins and Sons Construction – the family business- where she’s ready to quit her job and marry rich.

All I have to say is the man that finally lands Ms. Jada JJ Jenkins will have his hands full! Well, Zack Anderson is interested. Actually he’s more than interested, only Jada is not the woman he thinks she is.

***Hahahahaha I laugh in my most wicked voice, rubbing my hands together! I can’t wait until you guys get to read the whole story!***

In the meantime – here’s a sneak peek:

Jada nodded and then turned to Toni. “Okay, answer this, what do I have to do to get a man as fine as yours, one who worships the ground I walk on, but someone who is crazy wealthy?” She rolled her neck and slapped her hand down on the table. “I’m talkin’ stinkin’ rich as in lunch on the French Riviera and dinner at La Vague d’Or in Saint Tropez.”

Toni shook her head, and a wide grin tilted the corners of her rose-colored lips. “I know suggesting that you lower your standard is out of the question. So I won’t bother. I will say though, when the right man comes along, it’s not going to matter if he’s downright fine and stinkin’ rich. All that’s going to matter, or should matter is that he treats you right and loves you unconditionally.”

“Uh, well, yeah, it is going to matter if he’s fine and rich because if he isn’t he won’t be able to hang with me.” Jada ignored the way Toni’s perfectly arched eyebrows slanted in a frown. “Now what’s the scoop on the hunks that just walked up to your new hubby? The one on the far right looks as if he could carry a small car on his back.”

“Those are the guys he grew up with. Actually, today might be your lucky day.” Toni perked up, a mischievous glint shined in her eyes as she adjusted the hem of her beaded lace wedding gown. “Craig’s bringing Zack over.”

“How does that make it my lucky day?”

“Because he’s single and he’s gawking at you.”

Jada sized him up as he approached. At least six-one, broad shoulders that tapered down to a narrow waist, dark, spiked hair, and a powerful stride – he was a walking billboard for everything masculine. “Mmm, I don’t think so. He’s definitely a cutie in that Channing Tatum kind of way. But I like my men like I like my chocolate – dark and exceedingly rich.”

“Is that right?” Toni placed her soda on the table and sat forward in her chair, her elbow on the table and amusement danced in her eyes. “Well, did I happen to mention that he’s a professional football player who plays for the Cincinnati Cougars and has just renewed his contract for nine-point-five-million?”

Jada’s mouth dropped wide open.

“Oh, and that’s only for one year.”

Damn!” Jada smoothed down the front of her bridesmaid dress that stopped just above her knees and ran her fingers through her long auburn streaked curls. She quickly pulled a tube of lipstick from her strapless bra and ran the Coral Berry over her lips, and then took another glance at Craig’s friend. “It’s a good thing I’m switching over. I hear white chocolate, like milk, does a body good.”

“What?” Toni narrowed her eyes. “I’ve never heard that before.”

“Oh, hush up and tell me if I have any food in my teeth.”

Toni shook her head and laughed. “Girl, you’re a mess!”

“Hey, baby, are you feeling better?” Craig bent slightly and brushed Toni’s bangs away from her forehead. “Did the soda help?” He extended his hand to help her to her feet and rubbed his large palm over her barely-there baby bump.

“Between the soda and the crackers you hunted down for me earlier, I’m feeling much better. You take such good care of me,” Toni said in a baby-like voice.

“That’s my job. I plan to spend the rest of my life taking very good care of you, Mrs. Logan.” Craig lowered his head and his lips brushed against Toni’s.

Jada rolled her eyes when the newlywed’s lip-lock grew more intense and Toni’s arms snaked around her husband’s neck.

“You guys have a lifetime to play kissy-face.” She turned her gaze to the man standing next to her cousin-in-law and had to admit he was even sexier up close, and then he smiled. Oh my God he has dimples. Her knees weakened and the once steady beat of her heart now pounded double-time. Her hand hovered over her chest as she struggled to fill her lungs with air. Okay, just breathe. She told herself over and over again.

“Are you all right?” the sexy gift from God asked, his hand at the small of her back sent a spark of desire shooting through her veins. “Can I get you something to drink?”

“Uh, no. No, I’m fine.” She definitely had to pull herself together. Never has a man seen her sweat and she sure as hell wasn’t going to let a cutie with a nine-point-five-million dollar contract see her off her game.

“Obviously we’re invisible,” Craig’s friend said and removed his hand from her back. His voice intoxicatingly deep sent an exciting shiver up her spine. “I’m Zack Anderson.”


Expected Release Date – Late August 2014

Stay tuned! More coming soon!

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