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A New Look and More On The Jenkins Family

As I slowly gear up for the release of ALL YOU’LL EVER NEED, book 2 of the Jenkins Family Series, I figured I’d introduce to some and remind others about the Jenkins Family. But first, have you seen the new book cover for BEST WOMAN FOR THE JOB (short story prequel to STILL THE BEST WOMAN FOR THE JOB)? If not, here it is!

Best Woman 300x200

Like the last four books of the Jenkins Family Series, this book cover was created by Noelle at Selestiele Designs. So if you’re in need of a book cover designer, I highly recommend her! She’s fun to work with!

Now, let’s talk about the Jenkins Family Series.

Many of you know, but some might not, that in my other life (many, many years ago), I was a sheet metal worker. I worked in the trades (construction) for over ten years, and though it was an exciting line of work, where I learned a lot and work with some wonderful men, there were definitely some challenges of being a woman in a male dominate field. So I decided to bring out some of those challenges (and laughs) in the Jenkins Family Series.

Also in my other life (numerous years ago), I ran our family business (one of my brothers oversees it now). Our family is not as large as the Jenkins Family, but we grew up with strong family values, understanding the importance of loyalty not only to the family, but to the family business. And like you’ll see in the Jenkins Family Series, maintaining those values are not always easy – but the love of a strong family will get you through some tough times. As you’ll see in the Jenkins Family Series.

Here’s a little backstory about the Jenkins:

Steven Jenkins, the patriarch of the Jenkins Family, and founder of Jenkins and Sons Construction wants what every entrepreneur head of the family wants – for his children to continue to run the family business long after he’s dead and gone. None of his four sons and three daughters are interested in taking over the reins. It’s not until his oldest granddaughter, Peyton Jenkins, shows an interest that his hope is renewed.

Now its 16 years later, Steven is happily retired, and business is better than ever – thanks to five of his amazing granddaughters. Sweet, levelheaded PEYTON (PJ) JENKINS is an electrician, and the senior construction manager for Jenkins and Sons Construction; and MARTINA (MJ) JENKINS, is a carpenter and Steven’s most challenging grandchild. TONI (TJ) JENKINS, a master plumber, is his favorite granddaughter – though he’ll never admit it; and then there’s CHRISTINA (CJ) JENKINS, the shy one in the group who is a painter, but refers to herself as an artist. Last, but not least, is JADA (JJ) JENKINS the youngest and the most spirited of the bunch. Steven still hasn’t been able to figure her out, but he has to admit, she’s a darn good sheet metal worker.

Now is a great time to get caught up in the series, if you’re not already!

BEST WOMAN FOR THE JOB (short story) – Toni Jenkins (TJ) – Available NowAmazon  |  Barnes and Noble  |  Kobo  | Smashwords

STILL THE BEST WOMAN FOR THE JOB (novel) – Toni Jenkins (TJ) – Available NowAmazon  |  Barnes and Noble  |  Kobo  | Smashwords

ALL YOU’LL EVER NEED – Jada Jenkins (JJ) – Available Late August 2014

TEMPTING THE ARTIST – Christina Jenkins (CJ) – Available November 2014

NEGOTIATING FOR LOVE – Martina Jenkins (MJ) – Available 2015

SEDUCING THE BOSS LADY – Peyton Jenkins (PJ) – Available 2015


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  1. Love the cover to the prequel, Sharon!

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  3. A lovely cover, Sharon. 🙂

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