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I love, love, love receiving emails and inbox messages (Facebook) from readers! Almost three years ago, I published my first book and I never imagined how rewarding it would be to receive messages from readers … my fans! It’s an AWESOME feeling and I absolutely love them (the readers and the messages)!

Lately, I have been receiving some of the same questions from different readers. So I figured, I’d answer these questions on a larger platform. Not only are some of the questions answered below, but I’ve added some book covers that you might not have seen yet.

So here we go:


Sin City Temptation Cover - Final

Question: “Is Maxwell, Trinity’s brother, going to get his own story?”

Answer: As of right now, I don’t have anything planned for Maxwell. BUT I’ve learned to never say never.

Question(s): “Do you know how to play poker?” “Have you ever attended the WSOP?” “How did you come up with the idea of having a professional poker player in the story?”

Answer: Good questions!

  1. My husband taught me how to play Five-card Draw years ago. While researching the book, I had to be re-taught – which was fun. He also taught me the basics of Texas Holdem. There are a couple of scenes in the book where Gunner is playing Texas Holdem because in real life, Texas Holdem is the game of choice in professional poker tournaments.
  2. In regards to whether I have attended WSOP (World Series of Poker), I have not – but I would love to! I just happened to be writing the story during the WPT (World Poker Tour) and watched some of the tournaments on television. Fascinating!
  3. Oh, and my husband is the one who tossed out the idea about writing about a professional poker player. Hmm…looks like he played a hand in getting this story done.

Book & Series: TEMPTING THE ARTIST (Jenkins Family Series)

TemptingArtist 300x200

Question: “When can we expect CJ’s story?”

Answer: MANY have asked and the official release date for Christina “CJ” Jenkins’ story is March 27, 2015. Tempting the Artist is book 3 of the Jenkins Family Series.

Question: “Will MJ and PJ get their own story?”

Answer: Yes, Martina “MJ” Jenkins and Peyton “PJ” Jenkins will get their own stories. As of now, I’m not sure of the exact release dates, but stay tuned to my blog or website for updates.

The Reunited Series

Midnight 800x533

Question(s): “Are there more books coming in the Reunited Series?”, “Is Wiz going to get a story?”, “Is Stan & Layla getting their own story?”

Answer: First, let me apologize for the delay re: the Reunited Series. I had initially planned to release book 4 of the Reunited Series at the end of 2014. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. But to answer some of the questions:

  1. As of right now, there are a total of 5 books in the Reunited Series.
  2. Wiz is definitely getting his own story! The title of his book: OPERATION MIDNIGHT, book 4 of the Reunited Series. As of right now, Wiz’s story is scheduled to be released this summer (2015).
  3. Stan & Layla – As of right now, I don’t have a story for Stan & Layla. But as I mentioned earlier, I won’t say never. Oh and a HUGE shout out to the reader who gave me some ideas for Stan & Layla’s story. Lol! (Loved them!)
  4. Book 5 of the Reunited Series is Hunter’s story (Malik’s brother -pro basketball player). I’ll reveal that book cover at a later date.


Book cover - A dose of passion

Question: “Will Iris’s sisters get their own book?”

Answer: The first time I received this question (like the day after LEGAL SEDUCTION was released), I didn’t have a story (or any plans) for Macy Carter (the pediatrician) or Janna Morgan (the supermodel). Since then, I have received this question numerous times. I’m glad I didn’t say “No” they would never get a book because they are both getting their own story!

  1. Macy’s story – A DOSE OF PASSION, will be released October 1, 2015 AND for you Jenkins Family fans (and fans of their friends), Macy’s love interest is Derek Logan. Remember him? Craig’s brother who has the cute little son name Jason? At any rate, they’re hooking up! More on that story in the coming months.
  2. Janna’s story is in the works and will be released early in 2016.

To those of you who shoot me emails or messages telling me how much you enjoy my work, or ask questions regarding what’s coming next – THANK YOU! The emails and the wonderful questions/comments make me want to keep writing! Keep the messages coming!

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  1. I love these covers, Sharon, and your answers to all the questions.

    Comment by nancygoldberglevine | March 13, 2015


    Comment by Denise | March 13, 2015

    • LOL, Denise! Thanks for stopping by!

      Comment by sharonccooper | March 13, 2015

  3. Hi Ms. Sharon
    Love the questions and answers. The covers are excellent…. Love all your books and series, but the Reunited Series is my all time favorite. Blue Roses was my first read from you, and I’ve been a fan since then….

    Comment by stephaniebartley1 | March 14, 2015

    • Thank you, Stephanie for your continued support! I’m glad you’re enjoying the Reunited Series. Stay tuned for more on Wiz’s story. Thanks for stopping by!

      Comment by sharonccooper | March 14, 2015

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