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Soulmate by Deatri King-Bey

I’m pleased to welcome back author Deatri King-Bey to my blog! She’s touring blogs, introducing her latest release – SOULMATE. Check it out!


The heart of the Precious Jewels Security Agency, Pearl Nicolas’s life has become one undercover assignment after the next. Happy, yet jealous, that her sisters are finding their soulmates, Pearl reluctantly accepts there is no soulmate out there for her… Or is there?

Tariq Suárez Anzar’s life changed when he became a single father of a teen. When a possible drug ring is suspected on his daughter’s prep school campus, the Precious Jewels are called in to find out exactly what is going on. But Tariq discovers so much more—Pearl. From the first moment they met, everything within him screamed, “She is your soulmate!”

Timing would be perfect for Tariq to go after his soulmate except one tiny thing—his daughter is Pearl’s only lead in the case. Patient as much as he is determined, he will not let this once in a lifetime chance slip by to have the family he wants.



Amber had never been more right in her life! Pearl continued staring at the headshot of Tariq Suárez Aznar in the Newton Academy’s staff gallery on the school’s website via her iPad. Teachers were not supposed to look like this. Had Professor Suárez been her math instructor, she wouldn’t have learned a thing from dreaming about him all day.

Sincere hazel eyes to gaze into, strong facial features to admire, lips plump enough for kissing, short wavy hair to run her fingers over—if his body were half as nice, she’d never solve the case from drooling over the man.

Resisting the urge to conduct a background check on him, she turned off her tablet and put it away. He’d hired them and deserved his privacy. This was business. Plus a man like him had to be married. Then again, what would she do with a boring teacher anyway? Good looks be damned, she needed a man who could keep up with her. One whose lifestyle matched hers enough that they wanted to share their lives together. She wanted someone who didn’t exist—her soulmate.

Disheartened, she walked from the bench in the main office over to the bulletin board. Pep rally, fundraiser, Halloween party, volleyball game schedule, football game schedule, math club meetings, science club meeting… nothing out of the ordinary.

“Excuse me, Ms. Nicholas?”

That soft, sexy voice had to belong to the new star of her fantasies. Much calmer than she felt, she turned and smiled politely. “Yes. Oh, Mr. Suárez.” Following Spanish tradition, she said his middle name, which was his father’s family name.

Appreciation burned in his bright eyes as he took her in from head to toe. She knew when a man was attracted to her, and Mr. Suárez definitely was.


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Paperback – Coming soon!


To find other books by Deatri King-Bey visit:


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A Dose of Passion – Gift Card Giveaway!

In celebration of my soon-to-be-officially-released novel (that was a mouth full) -A DOSE OF PASSION – I’m doing a giveaway!! But first, special thanks to my author friend Candace Shaw for reminding me! I know, I know it’s a shame I had to be reminded, but I’m knee deep in edits and my mind is on Wiz & Olivia (Operation Midnight- Reunited Series) as well as Janna and Austin (Model Attraction -Harlequin Kimani). Whew!

Okay, about the giveaway (open to U.S. entrants only):


1st prize – A special gift that includes: A $25 Starbucks gift card, An autographed copy of all of my current Harlequin Kimani books (A Dose of Passion, Sin City Temptation and Legal Seduction), Dark Chocolate Truffles, A scented candle, A coffee mug and a few more treats.

A Dose of Passion giveaway

NOTE: You must be a subscriber to my email mailing list, blog OR my Facebook fan page in order to win 1st prize.

2nd prize – A $5 Amazon egift card and an autographed copy of either of my Harlequin Kimani books (winners choice).

How to Enter: Leave a comment below answering the following question: Out of all of my books, who is your favorite couple and why? (Thanks author Sheryl Lister!)

Deadline to Enter: Thursday, September 24, 2015 11:59pm. Winners will be chosen randomly and announced on this post, as well as on my FB Fan Page and posted on my website. NOTE: winners will be notified via email prior to the announcement.

By the way, do you know about the other giveaway that I have going on? If not, click here for details for another chance to win an autographed copy of A DOSE OF PASSION!

Good luck!

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SAMPLE SUNDAY – Operation Midnight

Since I had a few minutes to kill, I figured I’d share a sneak peek of OPERATION MIDNIGHT, book 4 of the Reunited Series (romantic suspense).

Midnight 800x533

Blurb (unedited):

No bad deed goes unpunished

Former Navy SEAL turned private investigator, Cameron “Wiz” Miller, has loved only one woman, his ex-wife, Olivia. She’s beautiful, talented and the sweetest person he knows. With plans to remarry her, there is nothing she could ask of him that he wouldn’t do … except find her twin sister.

Olivia has loved Wiz since high school. He’s her hero. Her protector. She understands his hesitation to search for her sister … the one who left Olivia for dead. Forgiveness has been a long time coming, but Olivia needs to make amends with her last living relative.

But the sins of her sister have come back to haunt Olivia and Wiz must tap into his military training and every alliance he’s formed over the years to save her. But will it be too late? Will he and Olivia ever get that happily-ever-after?

Excerpt (unedited):

“I want her dead.”

Wiz paced the length of the small, musty cellar, his pulse pounding in his ears. He wished the steady drumming would drown out the anger seeping into his soul. Wound tighter than a man staring down the barrel of a semi-automatic gun, he took a few cleansing breaths to release the anxiety roaring through his veins. It wasn’t working. Nothing was working.

He kept moving. Except for his combat boots stomping against the dusty concrete floor and the low hum of a nearby furnace, the space was quiet. Gagged and bound, flanked by his two best friends, the woman who had slithered into his life and almost destroyed everything he held dear, sat glaring at him. She wiggled in the hard wooden chair trying to free herself to no avail. Her eyes, cold and unyielding followed his every move, making him hate her that much more.

He stopped and stood before her, feeling nothing but disgust. Red, glassy eyes and the slight shakes, confirmed she was high. Hell, considering her condition, she wouldn’t even feel the torture he intended to inflict on her, but it would help him. It would help him try to piece his life back together. It would help him feel less guilt for not being on American soil to protect his wife. It would help him get retribution for the life this bitch had taken.

A life for a life.


Coming – October 16, 2015

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Best in Romance!

Hi all, I have some exciting news! I recently found out that one of my books – TEMPTING THE ARTIST – has been nominated for Best in Romance by African American Literature Awards Show (AALAS)! I’m one of five authors whose book was nominated in this category.

TemptingArtist 1200x800

I’m super excited! From what I understand, nominations are made by book clubs and avid readers. Considering there are millions of books that could have been chosen, I am truly honored to be a nominee! What’s even more amazing is to be amongst some of the most beloved romance authors in the business – who were also nominated in this category.

Now, this is where you come in – I NEED YOUR VOTE!

Please vote for TEMPTING THE ARTIST (under “Romance”) by clicking here.  Though voting is open until Monday, September 21, 2015 – VOTE TODAY!

Also, congratulations to the other authors who were nominated for Best in Romance (this is the complete list):

Sharon C Cooper – Tempting the Artist

Brenda Jackson – The Secret Affair

Beverly Jenkins – Destiny’s Captive

Rochelle Alers – Cherry Lane

Donna Hill – For You I Will

Don’t forget – VOTE TODAY – here! Thanks in advance for your vote!

African American Literary Awards Show –

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