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Empowering Women to Succeed

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It is with great pleasure that I host my dear friend Carmen Ray on my blog today! Carmen is a contributing author in the newly released – EMPOWERING WOMEN TO SUCCEED: TURNING TRAGEDY INTO TRIUMPH. Here’s a sneak peek:



Empowering Women to Succeed: Turning Tragedy into Triumph, is a book full of amazing stories of powerful personal transformation in the face of life-altering events of 18 women.  It is powerful, engaging, and inspirational.  It reveals how successful women have faced huge, life-changing transitions in the area of health, divorce, loss of loved ones and more.  The book encourages and inspires women to have faith in starting over and overcoming tragedy by turning it into triumph.  Every woman deserves a second chance to live her best life. No matter what her past has been. It is time to face the future as a victor rather than victim. The stories will inspire you to step out of toxic relationships, avoid abuse and start living a joyous life.

The key message is about how a woman’s mindset determines her outcome in life, business and relationships.


January 27, 2014 my plan was to take a break from Wisconsin, my birth place and home for my whole life.  I needed a break from the heaviness of Wisconsin winters and from the harsh reality of my current circumstances.  Yes, I thought let me just get a little of that Arizona Sun that I’ve seen from watching “Waiting to Exhale” every few years. I along with many women were mesmerized at the thought of hanging with our sister circles and the beautiful Arizona mountains and sunset displayed on the big screen. Whitney Houston, Angel Bassett, Loretta Devine and Lela Rochon all carried a little of our story during that movie.

During my planned 4-day vacation in Arizona, I decided to reinvent my life. I need to heal from the burden of supporting 5 immediate family members who were faced with incarceration. I needed a break from being a care-giver for my father as he struggled to recover from 2 strokes. I needed a break from managing the self-sufficiency department from the largest domestic violence agency in the state of Wisconsin.  It was all way too much to navigate all while working out the details of my 2nd divorce and bankruptcy.

Stay with me now.  Remember I was coming to Arizona just for a 4-day visit and all I had with me was 2 pieces of luggage, one was a small bag for my personal care items and $200. Please note the $200 wasn’t just for the 4-day vacation, the $200 was all I had to my name.  Having only $200 alone at 52 was a bitter pill to swallow considering I came from years of a six-figure household income. “How did I get here?” I asked internally.

Read more of Carmen’s story.

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About the contributing author – Carmen C. Ray

I began my career in the field of human services.  For over 25 years, I worked both in direct services and administration.  Among my proudest achievements includes work in helping to establish grassroots childcare centers, facilitating rehabilitation education for men charged with domestic violence, and creating innovative nurturing programs for women who experienced domestic violence.  During my journey as a human services professional, I dared greatly to become a social entrepreneur by providing national consulting and professional development training in parental nurturing, domestic violence prevention, and women’s empowerment.  These years of experience deeply inspired me to make the work of women and family empowerment my life’s work.

Currently, I’m devoting much of my time to the support the growth and programming of the Sisterhood Extravaganza, a non-profit organization committed to helping women and girls succeed. Check out The Sisterhood Extravaganza’s website

My background includes 8 years experience as an Executive Marketing Director of Soul Purpose, a self-care and wellness company founded by Nadine A. Thompson.   My Be Well Network/Soul Purpose Network of over 400 members includes both business associates and customers.  Be Well Network provides one-on-one coaching, mastermind groups, facilitator training and special retreats.

Participants in our programs and events find growth in their self-awareness, existing assets, encouragement, creativity coaching and overall well-being.  I hope to see you at one of our  rapidly expanding projects, the Be Well Networking and Empowerment Events and Sisterhood Extravaganza Sister Circle. All events are designed for us all to Be Well Connected, Informed and Inspired.

In addition to my professional responsibilities, I’m also a dedicated mother, grandmother, daughter and family enthusiast, committed to the on-going growing and evolution of myself, my family and my community.

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