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Color of Love Blog Hop and Giveaways!

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It’s that time of the year again for the Color of Love Blog Hop where we celebrate our love for characters of color in romance novels. From November 25th thru December 4th, you’ll have an opportunity to meet some great writers and win a ton of books and prizes (over $100 in prizes)! First, let me tell you about my Color of Love featured novel.



Carolyn Jenkins has never had a problem getting a man, but keeping one is another story. After two failed marriages and numerous short-term relationships, she’s ready to wave the white flag and give up on love. Yet, with Christmas quickly approaching, she dreads spending the holiday alone. Will a chance encounter with a handsome stranger make all of her Christmas wishes come true?

After thirty years of a nearly perfect marriage, widower Lincoln Richwood struggles to move on with his life. The idea of dating at his age seems daunting … until he meets the vivacious Carolyn Jenkins. Normally a straitlaced kind of guy, there’s just something about the woman that tempts him to walk on the wild side.

Opposites attract, but will their differences derail their relationship and keep them from embracing the love they both desire?


Carolyn took a sip of her hot tea that the server had delivered moments before. “So why did you ask Paul for my telephone number?” she inquired, unable to contain her curiosity since he’d mentioned it at the gym.

“This might sound cliché, but the first time I saw you standing behind the bar at Paul’s restaurant, I felt a connection.” Lincoln took a sip from his water glass and set it back down, his dark eyes sparkling with interest. “That feeling only intensified when you walked into his office a short while later.”

Carolyn studied him. She had never been one for holding back what she thought or felt, and had no intention of starting now. “I felt the same way. But when I spotted your wedding band, it was like having a bucket of ice water dumped over my head. I was pissed. Partly at you for showing an interest in me when you knew you were married. Or at least when I thought you were married. I was also ticked at myself for not being able to stop thinking about you.”

“Your comment about removing the ring before calling you was the push I needed. For the past couple of years, I wore the ring as a way to remember my wife and ward off women.” Smiling, Lincoln shrugged. He lowered his gaze and fingered the condensation rolling down the side of his water glass before returning his attention to her. “You’re the first woman I’ve met who made me want to remove the ring and start anew.”

Carolyn wasn’t sure how to respond. For her sake, she was glad not to see the wedding band, but she hoped he hadn’t taken it off before he was really ready.

The server returned and Carolyn’s stomach rumbled when the elegantly plated dishes were set in front of them.

“You’re really going to eat all of that?” Lincoln smiled, eying the two entrées she’d ordered.

The smell of the North Atlantic cod surrounded by tomatoes, basil, olives, and zucchini made her mouth water. The Beef Wellington was just as appetizing. “I plan to eat every single bite.” Carolyn loaded her fork, then wrapped her lips around it. Her eyes drifted shut as she savored the enticing flavors. She loved French food. Hell, she loved food period. She wasn’t one of those petite women who ate only salads. No, she absolutely enjoyed food and could out eat anyone she knew, except for maybe her daughter, Martina.

She moaned with every bite until Lincoln cleared his throat and her eyes popped open.

“You’re killing me here,” he mumbled leaning close, desire radiating in his eyes. “I have been around a long time and have never seen a person enjoy food like that before.”

Carolyn wiped her mouth and grinned. “I’m a foodie with a huge appetite, but I’ll try to behave.”

“Don’t stop moaning on my account,” he whispered, shifting in his seat. “If that’s how you behave with every meal, I plan to keep a plate of food in front of you.”

Copyright © November 2016 by Sharon C. Cooper


Release day: Friday, December 2, 2016

Preorder your copy today. $1.99 for a limited time!  Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble


**About thGIVEAWAYS**

First – here’s what I’m giving away:

1st Prize – A $20 Amazon gift card (you must be on my email mailing list to be eligible for this prize). If you’re not on my mailing list, it’s not too late! To join, just click here.  *See below for how to enter the giveaways*

2nd Prize – A $5 Amazon gift card and an ecopy of NEGOTIATING FOR LOVE, book 4 of the Jenkins Family Series. *Carolyn Jenkins is first introduced in this story*

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In the comment section below, answer the following questions: What do you enjoy most about IR/Multicultural romance novels? NOTE: Don’t forget to leave your response in the comment section below. You do not have to leave your email address. 

***Deadline for this giveaway: December 4, 2015, 11:59 EST. Winners for my giveaway will be randomly chosen and their names listed in the comments section below on Tuesday, December 6, 2016. NOTE: I will notify winners via email prior to posting their names.

NOW for the Grand Prizes!

This is how the blog hop giveaways work. Each blog stop (over 40 blogs) is giving away prizes AND the blog hop has SIX (6) grand prizes as well! So stop by EACH blog stop, enter to win their giveaway AND you can enter to win the grand prizes!

1st Prize          $75 giftcard  & 7 ebooks (from various authors)

2nd Prize         $50 giftcard  & 7 ebooks (from various authors)

3rd Prize         $30 giftcard  & 7 ebooks (from various authors)

4th Prize         $15 giftcard  & 7 ebooks (from various authors)

5th Prize         $10 giftcard  & 7 ebooks (from various authors)

6th Prize         $ 5  giftcard  & 7 ebooks (from various authors)


For the Grand Prizes, here’s how to enterRafflecopter

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  1. The major reason I enjoy reading IR/Multicultural novels is discovering whether or not the characters allow race or culture to effect or decimate their love/relationship. That is what motivates me to keep turning those pages!

    Comment by Connie W | November 25, 2016

  2. I love reading about diverse characters of all nationalities. But also because I get to read about heroes and heroines who look like me ^_^

    Comment by angelbookwhisperer | November 25, 2016

  3. Reblogged this on Woman@Heart.

    Comment by Woman@Heart | November 25, 2016

  4. Love how the cultural differences with the couples, family and friends may dislike that they are with certain nationalities the couples don’t let that interfere with their love for each other and they continue to see each and married have children and everything turns out well for all. Keep them coming ladies enjoy them all.

    Comment by Joyce M. Hudson | November 25, 2016

  5. Love at Last sounds like a lovely Christmas story. Thanks for participating in the Color of Love Blog Hop.

    Comment by Nana Prah | November 26, 2016

  6. I love how this genre challenges each character’s knowledge of self. I love a well written IR/Multicultural story because it causes all of us to dig deep and find out what do we really feel about the differences. Do we really appreciate and incorporate the differences or do we really harbor prejudices that we didn’t know existed or didn’t want to acknowledge that they existed? But most of all, I admire the strength of the characters that persevere recognizing that love is the ultimate survivor and example of all that has happened before.

    Comment by Vicki W. | November 27, 2016

  7. What I love most about IR novels is that most often, the main characters don’t just fall for each other, they learn to trust one another. Most times, the male has to work to earn the respect, love and trust of the female they have fallen hard for as well as being sure that they can honestly be true to themselves and know that they have earned the right to be the one in that particular person’s life for now and always.

    Comment by Virginia A wililams | November 29, 2016

  8. I enjoy IR/Multicultural romance novels because I like the cultural differences. Also, that race doesn’t seem to play a huge role on who you love.

    Comment by Shamae Crosswhite | November 29, 2016

  9. I just love a good love story regardless of the race.

    Comment by Sherry Williams | November 29, 2016

  10. Love at last sounds delicious! Thanks for the excerpt and thanks for being a part of the hop

    Comment by Empi | December 1, 2016

  11. I love a good love story, no matter the race.

    Comment by Tanja | December 2, 2016

  12. I love how the different cultures play into the romance.

    Comment by Sarah Ulfers | December 2, 2016

  13. I enjoy feeling that love ultimately makes issues of age, race, family/friend bias seem unimportant.

    Comment by Beverly Johnson | December 2, 2016

  14. Regardless of race or inclination I enjoy great stories.

    Comment by Mary Preston | December 2, 2016

  15. I Love a great story. i resonate with the characters more when the Heroine looks like me or multicultural. I like when the couple learns more about each others culture during the dating process.

    Comment by Cheryl | December 3, 2016

  16. I love reading IR romances because love always proves that race doesn’t matter. Love doesn’t discriminate.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

    Comment by VeronikaDream | December 4, 2016

  17. Love at Last sounds awesome. So bumping it up my TBR list
    Thank you for being a part of this event, Sharon. xx

    Comment by Kiru Taye | December 4, 2016

  18. Thank you all for participating in the blog hop this year! Congratulations, Sarah U. for being my 1st place winner and Joyce H., my 2nd. place winner! Grand prize winners will be announced soon.

    Comment by sharonccooper | December 7, 2016

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