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What’s Happening? A sale! #amreading #sale


I’m sure you’ve heard this a lot lately, but can you believe it’s JUNE already!?! I feel like I’ve missed a few months! 

At any rate, I hope life is treating you well. If not…I’m sending you (((HUGS)))!  And if you’re up for doing a little reading and haven’t read VINDICATED (Atlanta’s Finest) yet, I have good knews. It’s on sale!! See details below.

VINDICATED (Atlanta’s Finest Series)

Only 99 cents! *VERY Limited Time*

About the Story:

She’s a distraction he can’t resist…

A spark ignites the moment security specialist, Hamilton Crosby, meets stuntwoman, Dakota Sherrod. She’s like no other woman he’s ever met. But Hamilton never ignores his gut, and his gut tells him to stay clear of the enticing beauty.

Dakota is an adrenaline junkie. Leaping off buildings and running through fire is just another day at the job. Hence when she sets her sights on Hamilton, she goes after him full-force. Their attraction is fierce, but he thwarts her advances at every turn. He’s the strong, silent type who operates by a set of rules, but he’ll soon realize she rarely follows rules.

Falling for Dakota catches Hamilton off guard. So does the fact that she’s attached to part of his past. A past that indicted him with shame and loss. But when Dakota becomes the target of an unknown enemy, Hamilton stops at nothing to protect her. In turn, vindication is his reward, except it comes with complications.

Get your copy for 99 cents! *LIMITED TIME* (EBOOK)

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