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Zip Lining in Denver!

Okay, I figured I should blog about my latest adventure, since I survived it. I think I’ve mentioned having an adventurous friend (Tanya) who will try anything once like – riding her bike from Minnesota to Chicago, skydiving, a few marathons and the list goes on and on. So every now and then, she’ll rope me into one her bright ideas like walking 60 miles from Kenosha, Wisconsin to downtown Chicago (we did this a few years ago) or visiting a restaurant and trying a new cuisine (mind you, I’m not a foodie and don’t have it in me to eat just anything). I think the last time Tanya ended up in one of my blog posts is when she was in Atlanta and insisted on eating at Ann’s Snack Bar, which was an…experience (for lack of a better description). I had a ghetto burger that was actually pretty good…but…anyway, to read more about that experience click here.

IMG-20131103-00091So Tanya got me again. This time it was zip lining in Denver! When Tanya first suggested that we give it a try, I shot the idea down real quick. My first thought was, what sane person leaps off a platform and flies through the air, between trees, around mountains and thousands of feet off the ground? But then I thought, it has been a while since we’ve had a big adventure. So after tossing the pros and cons around in my head – I eventually agreed. Besides, in addition to wanting to visit one of my dearest friends in Denver, I was also there doing research for a future novel.

Despite my happy thoughts about using this zip line adventure in one of my novels, I silently changed my mind at least a hundred times prior to arriving at the site. But Roger, TJ and Luke – our guides at Denver Adventures- were really cool and made zip lining sound like a lot of fun. So we started out with about a 10 minute hike (uphill) to get to the first zip line. There were a total of 6 zip lines (that we HAD to do), the shortest being 850 ft. long and the longest being over 1900 ft. long.

BTW, doesn’t the photo of Tanya and I with our zip lining gear on remind you of the minions in the movie -Despicable Me? Lol!

So getting back to the first leg of our hike – did I mention that it was all uphill? Prior to this experience, I considered myself to be in fairly good shape – working out 4-5 times a week and figured the hiking in between getting to the zip lines wouldn’t be that bad. The guides called it a “healthy nature hike”. To get to the first zip line, I thought the hike was a little intense, but I figured the exhaustion had something to do with the fear soaring through my veins. But then there was the steep, 15 minute hike between the first and the second zip lines and I promise you – I thought I was going to die! Not because I was thousands of feet up in the air and could easily fall to my death, no, it was because it felt like an elephant was standing on my chest! So much for breathing in healthy air – I could barely breathe! One of the guides asked me where I was from because it was clear that I didn’t live in Colorado and wasn’t used to hiking 8000 feet above sea level. I stopped and looked at him. I think I said something like – Are you kidding me? 8000 feet above sea level?!? I was thinking to myself – it’s no wonder I can barely breathe – there’s no oxygen this high up in the air! I’ve often heard people talk about the elevation in Colorado and how it can be a little rough breathing. Well, I was able to experience it for myself. Not good. Just driving to the site I felt my breathing changing and then to hike miles in order to go zip lining – whew! It was no joke!

IMG-20131103-00093Zip lining was a little scary…no wait, it was CRAZY scary! I just knew I was going to smack into one of those huge pine trees or dive head first into one of the bear dens that we zipped over. Oh, and yes, you heard be correctly, there were bears out there! I had to sign a waiver beforehand, promising not to sue them if I got attacked by any of the wild life! So not only did I have to worry about having a heart attack, falling thousands of feet to the ground or dying from lack of oxygen, but I also had to worry about being chased and eaten by a bear!

Okay, getting back to the zip lining. We were zooming down the cables from anywhere between 35 mph to 65 mph and I have to admit – it was an amazing experience. Imagine flying through the air, between trees at 65 miles per hour! What a rush!

I will say this – even though zip lining was an AWESOME experience, I’m not doing it again – at least not in Colorado. And do you know Tanya had the nerve to say, “So what are we going to do next year? How about parasailing?” You can pretty much imagine my response.

Oh, and before you ask, yes, you will definitely see this experience in one of my future novels! I just have to decide which character will have the pleasure of zip lining!

Stay tuned…I’m sure there will be more adventures to come…all in the name of research of course!



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