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Hi All!

I have some exciting news! I am collaborating with authors Sheryl Lister and Delaney Diamond to bring you the enticing and sexy Irresistible Husband Series! Coming, September 10, 2020! You don’t want to miss this series! Preorder today!

About the stories:

SHOW ME – Sharon C. Cooper

Just when he thought finding a wife was out of his reach

Colton “Cole” Eubanks is laser focused on building wealth and settling down with a special woman before he turns forty. Accomplishing one out of two isn’t bad. Unfortunately, there’s no ‘love of his life’ on the horizon, unless he counts the one woman who’s been starring in his nightly dreams—Malaya Radcliff.

After being dependent on one person after another for years, Malaya has finally learned to stand on her own. There’s only one thing she hasn’t been able to accomplish—gain full custody of her daughter. Her ex-husband never fights fair. His wealth always wins. This time Malaya’s determined to come out on top.

So when Cole, the man she’s been secretly in lust with for over a year, makes her an offer she’d be crazy to refuse, Malaya wants to say yes. But that means sacrificing her newfound independence. Yet, his enticing proposal has her thinking—why not?

Preorder your copy today!

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DO ME – Sheryl Lister

Staring forty in the face, Braxton Harper is accustomed to having everything in his life fall into its precise place. Only he hasn’t found that special one and he refuses to settle for anything less than a woman who is his perfect match. The moment Londyn Grant dances into his life, Braxton is convinced he’s found her. Kiss by sizzling kiss, the sexy doctor slowly lets her guard down. Now, if she’d only let him into her heart…

Londyn knows heartbreak. By day, the psychologist counsels others, but she has yet to find a way to heal her own heart. The last thing she wants is another relationship. However, sensual and sensitive Braxton tempts her to open up and, for the first time in her life, she’s letting passion rule. But it’s going to take a little therapeutic intervention—in and out of the bedroom—to get Londyn to see that this time she’s found the real thing.

Preorder your copy today!

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Find Sheryl online at:


LOVE ME – Delaney Diamond

Hard-working corporate attorney Axel Becker has tried settling down in the past, but when the relationship didn’t work out, he focused on his career to the exclusion of everything else. Enter, Naphressa St. James. The sexy project manager is a former lover and reminds him of what his life could be—fun, exciting. She’s just the woman he might need to shake him out of a rut, but convincing her they belong together will be a lot harder than he expected.

Naphressa admits she and Axel have chemistry, but she’s not looking for marriage—again. Been there, done that. Except the more time she spends with Axel, the more she finds the idea of settling down with him to be downright…irresistible.

Preorder your copy today!

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Find Delaney online at:


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HonMagPR is Here!

Hi All,

Exciting news! If you’re an author, blogger, reviewer & a book lover, you definitely want to know about HonMagPR (Honey Magnolia PR)!

Who are they? HonMagPR is a boutique agency that offers authors marketing services and is committed to promoting diverse books. Check out their website for more information:

Also, authors, ready to take your marketing to the next level? Sign up during the month of September & receive a $10 discount on any service. Use coupon code SEPT10. #HONMAGPR

Spread the word!

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Soulmate by Deatri King-Bey

I’m pleased to welcome back author Deatri King-Bey to my blog! She’s touring blogs, introducing her latest release – SOULMATE. Check it out!


The heart of the Precious Jewels Security Agency, Pearl Nicolas’s life has become one undercover assignment after the next. Happy, yet jealous, that her sisters are finding their soulmates, Pearl reluctantly accepts there is no soulmate out there for her… Or is there?

Tariq Suárez Anzar’s life changed when he became a single father of a teen. When a possible drug ring is suspected on his daughter’s prep school campus, the Precious Jewels are called in to find out exactly what is going on. But Tariq discovers so much more—Pearl. From the first moment they met, everything within him screamed, “She is your soulmate!”

Timing would be perfect for Tariq to go after his soulmate except one tiny thing—his daughter is Pearl’s only lead in the case. Patient as much as he is determined, he will not let this once in a lifetime chance slip by to have the family he wants.



Amber had never been more right in her life! Pearl continued staring at the headshot of Tariq Suárez Aznar in the Newton Academy’s staff gallery on the school’s website via her iPad. Teachers were not supposed to look like this. Had Professor Suárez been her math instructor, she wouldn’t have learned a thing from dreaming about him all day.

Sincere hazel eyes to gaze into, strong facial features to admire, lips plump enough for kissing, short wavy hair to run her fingers over—if his body were half as nice, she’d never solve the case from drooling over the man.

Resisting the urge to conduct a background check on him, she turned off her tablet and put it away. He’d hired them and deserved his privacy. This was business. Plus a man like him had to be married. Then again, what would she do with a boring teacher anyway? Good looks be damned, she needed a man who could keep up with her. One whose lifestyle matched hers enough that they wanted to share their lives together. She wanted someone who didn’t exist—her soulmate.

Disheartened, she walked from the bench in the main office over to the bulletin board. Pep rally, fundraiser, Halloween party, volleyball game schedule, football game schedule, math club meetings, science club meeting… nothing out of the ordinary.

“Excuse me, Ms. Nicholas?”

That soft, sexy voice had to belong to the new star of her fantasies. Much calmer than she felt, she turned and smiled politely. “Yes. Oh, Mr. Suárez.” Following Spanish tradition, she said his middle name, which was his father’s family name.

Appreciation burned in his bright eyes as he took her in from head to toe. She knew when a man was attracted to her, and Mr. Suárez definitely was.


Get your copy today!  Amazon  |  Barnes and Noble

Paperback – Coming soon!


To find other books by Deatri King-Bey visit:

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One Word – Commitment

I know I said one word, but let me add two more – Nia Forrester.

The other day, I read this book entitled: Commitment by Nia Forrester, and days later not only am I thinking about the story as a whole, but I’m missing Shawn and Riley (the main characters). I’m an avid reader and can I just say that it has been a very long time since I’ve read a book that I’ve enjoyed so much that I would consider reading it again tomorrow! And this was not a short story! I’m normally one of those readers who finishes one book and then the next day start another one. But after this one…I couldn’t do it. My fear was that I’d be too hard on the next author (or their story)– my expectations too great. Yes, Commitment was that good!


Have you ever read a story where days later you’re wondering what the characters are up to, reliving some of the scenes, and wanting to reread a few parts of the story in order to stay connected to the characters? If you haven’t, but want to have that experience or if you have had that experience and want to remember what it feels like – I recommend you read Commitment.

NOTE: This is not a review (though I plan to write one), this is me just thinking…about what an enjoyable read this was! I loved everything about it, from the theme (commitment and what it means) to the drama! Normally I’m a fast reader, but I felt like Ms. Forrester pulled me so deep into the story, forcing me to take my time – making me absorb every word, sentence, paragraph and scene. She made me become one with her characters –all of them. Heck, I feel like I’m one of them! I’ve been thinking about Shawn, Riley, Tracy, Brendan and Chris ever since I put the book down days ago.

Ms. Forrester has truly set the bar high for other books that I will read going forward, and don’t even get me started on how high the bar is set for me as a writer! Every author longs to create a story that a reader gets so absorbed in that they stay up to the wee hours of the morning, run late for work (because they’re reading), and ignore writing deadlines. Ms. Forrester is that author. She is a wonderful storyteller – one that I’d be willing to give 5 + stars to.

When I finished Commitment, I was reminded that it has been awhile since I’ve gone on and on about a book. I’m typically a romance reader. As for the genre of Commitment…I’m not sure what category it falls in, but it doesn’t matter. It was more than romance…it was a love story. It was more than fiction – because the story felt so real. And for you drama seekers – no worries – there was PLENTY of drama.

I’ll end with this – if you want to read a good (engaging) story that pulls you in and makes you one with the characters, I recommend you read Commitment by Nia Forrester.

Go ahead and get your copy. Amazon

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TBR – To Be Read

The other day I went through my e-reader specifically with the intent of better organizing my books. I already had folders created for some of my favorite authors (which include their titles), but I didn’t have a good system in place for some of the other books that I’ve read or books that are waiting to be read (and will be read).

So it got me to thinking. I wondered what you did about your TBR lists or piles -and what are some of the titles on your TBR list? How do you keep them separate from books that you’ve already read?

I’m an avid reader, but there are so many wonderful books out there that I can’t keep up. I seem to add books to my TBR list on a daily basis – but I can honestly say – I’m looking forward to reading each and every one of those books. Here are just a few of the titles on that list:

The Pick-Up Wife – W. Lynn Chantale

Deadly Deception – Alexa Grace

North Star – Angeline Bishop

A Family Affair – Mary Campisi

A Wish and a Prayer (A Blessings Novel) – Beverly Jenkins

In The Moment – Vallory Vance

Tease (Write Brothers) – Deatri King-Bey

Just One Look (Women of Substance) – Marilyn Lee

Okay, it’s your turn. What are some of the titles on your TBR list? Or what are you reading now?

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Special Guest – Deatri King-Bey

It is with great pleasure that I introduce my special guest – multi-published and award-winning author, Deatri King-Bey! Deatri is the author of the Write Brothers series, but before she tells us about the Write Brothers series and her latest title, let’s find out a little about her. So Deatri, let’s get started:

Tell us a little about yourself. I started in the publishing industry as a developmental editor at Third World Press, Inc. a little over a decade ago. Their focus was nonfiction, so I moved onto freelance editing for several publishing houses. I’m also an avid reader and multi-published, award winning author with fifteen full length novels under my belt. I write romance and women’s fiction under my name and dangerously-sexy suspense under the name L. L. Reaper. On a personal note, I have three fantastic daughters who have given me the three greatest grandchildren ever. I also married my hero over twenty-five years ago and look forward to when we can both retire and can be the annoying older couple in the grocery store fussing over which bottled water brand to purchase.

What is your favorite book, and why is it your favorite? My favorite book changes depending on my mood. Today my favorite book is the historical romance Indigo by Beverly Jenkins. How can you not fall for a man who has a life of privilege, yet continually places himself in danger to help others?

I know, right! Deatri, you probably didn’t know this, but I absolutely LOVE Beverly Jenkins! She’s one of my favorite authors! Okay, but I digress. Let me get back to my questions.

What genre do you write in the most, and what is it about the genre that attracts you? I write romance with a good dose of reality and danger the most. Though romance is fantasy, falling in love is not. Watching characters overcome the odds to fall in love is something I can never tire of reading and writing. I also like to throw realism in there because we all have issues in our lives and we with the serious issues deserve to find true love, too. Then there’s the danger. That’s the fun part.

Here’s a topic that my readers and I discussed recently – Is there such a thing as too much sex in a romance novel? What are your thoughts? Yes there can be. Sex in a novel should flow with the plot, not be there for the sake of being Hot. If you want to sell scenes of sex, that’s doable in this day of eBooks and you’d make a lot of money at it.

Do you have critique partners or beta readers? I have the best beta readers. They have no problem giving constructive feedback. I love them.

Do you have a favorite hero/heroine you’ve written? What makes them special?  Jeanette Mason from the Black Widow and the Sandman I wrote with a partner under the alias L. L. Reaper. That title is a dangerously-sexy suspense, so I wasn’t confined by the rules of romance and women’s fiction. Jeanette was able to be free. I loved it. I enjoy writing romance because I love the challenge of creating original stories that fit in a formula, but sometimes I need the freedom to just write without so many rules.

What inspired you to write your latest release? I like to give myself challenges. Determined to write traditional romance and a series, I decided to combine those two challenges together. I truly admire people who can write traditional series romance consistently. The idea for the overall plot for the Write Brothers series came to me when I was watching my grandson play with the puppy in the yard. I could see a grandmother watching her grandson, wishing her sons were married. Next thing you know. Gloria Write was on a mission to ensure her sons had their happily ever after. One of my favorite aspects of this series is I allowed the readers to determine the order the books were written in. We had a BALL.

Okay,  Deatri, so now tell us about your latest title, Tease, the final book of your Write Brothers series. Oh by the way, I have to tell you – I am straight up feelin’ this book cover!

Lol! Okay,  allow me to tell you a little about my latest title, Tease:

After Eva caught her fiancé in bed with her cousin, she swore she’d never be played for the fool again. Now the ultimate bed-hopper—Tyler Write, has set his sights on her and she’s having difficulty resisting him.

Tyler can have any woman except the one he truly wants—Eva Simpson. Smooth lines and sweet talk won’t work with her. To have a chance at Eva’s heart, he’ll have to show her who he really is.

This eBook is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $2.99 and will be available in print in a few weeks.

Also available is Sons 4 Sale, an eBox set of the entire Write Brothers series for only $7.99 at Amazon, as well as Barnes & Noble.

Sharon, I hope you and your readers enjoy reading about this family as much as I enjoyed writing about them.  I also wanted to take a second to thank you for allowing me to monopolize your blog site today. I appreciate it.

It’s my pleasure, Deatri. I’m glad you had a chance to stop by to tell us a little about yourself and what you’ve been up to. Now, where can readers find you online?

They can find me at:,,  and Twitter @deatrikingbey or @LLReaper

Sounds good. Thanks again, Deatri.

Okay readers, show Deatri some love by not only purchasing her books, but by leaving a comment below.

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The Versatile Blogger

Okay, so before I tell you about another cool award that I’ve won, let me first say that today I’ve been invited to hang out at Delaney Diamonds blog today This is REALLY cool, because I’m such a fan of hers – and she’s interviewing me! Stop by and check me out. Oh, AND make sure you leave a comment when you stop by for a chance to win a prize. First prize – $10 gift card and an e-copy of Something New, and second prize – an e-copy of Something New.  Double your chances by leaving a comment on my blog, as well as Delaney’s blog TODAY.


Okay, now for my award! A few days ago, Ms. Jordanna East over at nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award (Yay!). I never thought of myself as a versatile blogger – but I’m thrilled that I’m seen as one! As part of the nomination, I have to share seven facts about myself and nominate fifteen other bloggers. Now mind you, I’m still fairly new at this blogging stuff, so I don’t know if I can come up with fifteen blogs that I’m familiar with and enjoy – but of course I’ll try. But first, a few facts about me:

Fact 1: I was third runner-up in the Ms. Patricia Stevens pageant – like a hundred years ago!

Fact 2: I was a sheet metal worker for ten years, which is definitely going to play into my new book series coming out in 2013 – Jenkins Family Series (Note: my short story, Best Woman for the Job is a prequel to this series).

Fact 3: My all time favorite store is the Container Store (I hear angels whenever I walk through the doors).

Fact 4: I’ve been married for almost ten years to the most amazing man.

Fact 5: My second novel, Blue Roses, is scheduled for release at the end of June (yay!). Stay tuned for more details in the near future.

Fact 6: I’m still looking forward to being in an anthology (romance) with two of my favorite authors – Beverly Jenkins and Brenda Jackson. I picture my story being dead-smack in the middle of theirs.

Fact 7: I dream of being a secondary character in one of Delaney Diamond’s romance novels. I picture myself as a starving romance writer who moonlights at a five-star hotel as a maid. And to take it a little farther, I see myself being called to the main character’s room (one of Delaney’s gorgeous alpha male characters), and being asked to have dinner with him since he hates eating alone. …it could happen. And since I’m happily married, I’d introduce him to my cool (single) sister.

Okay, so my nominees for the Versatile Blogger award are (in no particular order):

Claire Fadden

Candace Shaw

Delaney Diamond

Jamila Gomez

Yawatta Hosby

M.J. Kane

Alicia McCalla

Chicki Brown

I know that’s only eight…but that’s all I could come up with off the top of my head.

DON’T FORGET I wanna to see you over at Delaney Diamond’s blog TODAY! – When you leave a comment on Delaney Diamonds blog AND my blog, you double your chances of winning! First prize – $10 gift card and an e-copy of Something New and second prize – an e-copy of Something New. Be sure to leave your comment before 7pm tonight (EST) and include your first name and last initial within the comment. The winners will be announced on my website tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, with instructions on how to claim prize(s). Sharon’s website:

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Guilty Pleasures

Dark chocolate, romance novels, and weekly date nights with my hubby (although without the guilt) are the first guilty pleasures that come to mind. Oh, and did I mention chocolate? According to Wikipedia, a guilty pleasure is something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt. And as far as I’m concern, they are also the things that make life all the more enjoyable.

How boring would life be if you couldn’t go to a shoe store and try on every shoe that the store had in your size? Or for those who enjoy sneaking off and having sex in unusual places (I’m sure that’s someone’s guilty pleasure), how monotonous would it be if they had to limit this activity to the bedroom? Oh, and what about those closet junk food eaters? You can’t tell me that life would be worth living if they couldn’t curl up in the corner of the sofa with a pack of chocolate chip cookies!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine not indulging in some of my guilty pleasures on a regular bases! I recently allowed myself a four-day staycation and filled up on one of my all-time guilty pleasures – romance novels. I’m telling you, I probably read more books in those few days than most people read in a month! I am such a sucker for happy endings – hence my addiction to romance novels!

But how much is too much? Is there such a thing as over doing it with your guilty pleasure? And what are some of your guilty pleasures?

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My First Writing Award (Lucky 7)!

I’m proud to announce that a fellow blogger Yawatta Hosby – gave me the Lucky 7 award! This award allows writers to showcase a little piece of their work and pass the award along to other novelists and writers. It can be from your published novel, short story, poem, or a work in progress – your choice.

As a winner, you’re asked to do the following (on your blog):

  • Go to page 77 of your manuscript (or any part of your written work)
  • Go to line 7
  • Copy next 7 lines, sentences, or paragraphs into your post
  • Give the award to 7 more writers

Can’t wait to see what everyone shares. Note: sorry if you’ve already won, but if you haven’t I hope you accept the award! Here are the writers I wish to give the Lucky 7 Award to:

Candace Shaw at

Delaney Diamond at

Alicia McCalla at

Jordanna East at

Claire Fadden at

Chicki Brown at

Jamila Gomez at

NOTE: I really want to give the award to another blogger as well …but it puts me at eight awards. So I’m sitting here thinking…”do I dare?” And my answer is YES! I feel like breaking a few rules today! Congratulations M.J. you are one of the recipients of the Lucky 7 award!

M.J. Kane at

Since the release date of Something New is quickly approaching, I figured I’d follow the instructions above (as close as I can) and share a brief excerpt of the story. NOTE: Unfortunately, this means my excerpt starts at the end of a scene, but here goes:

Tim shook his head in amusement. No way would he take sex advice from his brother, the self-proclaimed bachelor for life, who walked around as if he were God’s gift to women. Not only was his brother a successful businessman, but he was known for dating some of the most beautiful women in the city.

“Thanks for the advice, but I got this.”


“Tim, that was the best movie I’ve seen in a long time,” Simone said as they settled into the car.

“I agree, lots of action, just the way I like. I could watch all of Denzel’s movies over and over and enjoy them like it were my first time watching.”

“Yeah, me too.”

Traffic finally moved, and Tim steered the car onto Mayfair Road and toward Simone’s house. This friendship thing was too hard. Never had he ever wanted a woman as much as he wanted the one seated next to him. The kiss the other night still shook him like an unexpected earthquake. The attraction between them was strong. Throughout the movie, he’d sensed things changing between them, and though he liked it, he wasn’t sure how to proceed. When she’d snuggled close to him during one of the action scenes, he automatically put his arm around her, and it felt right. They definitely needed to talk.

He stopped at a red light and drummed his hands against the steering wheel in rhythm with the song on the radio.

“I’m not ready to go home yet,” Simone blurted out. Despite the grip of her seat belt, she turned in her seat to face him. “It’s been such a nice evening, and I don’t want it to end. I hope you don’t think I’m being too forward, but I had to get that off of my chest.”

With a raised eyebrow, Tim glanced at her. “Is there anything else you’d like to get off of your chest?”

She threw back her head and burst out laughing. She shook her head, still laughing, and said, “Nah, I think that’s it.”

Congratulations to all of the winners! I’ll be visiting your blogs to see what you post! 🙂

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My Three-book Deal!

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. A mixture of excitement and anxiousness rolled into one. A few weeks ago I did a couple of blogs, one was entitled: “12 Wishes,” and the other, “Are You Living Your Dreams.” In one of the posts, I stated that I would love to be in an anthology, centered between a couple of my favorite authors – Beverly Jenkins and Brenda Jackson. Though that hasn’t happened…yet, I believe anything is possible!

I also mentioned that I desired to receive a three-book deal. Technically, that hasn’t happened either, but I can hear as clear as day an author friend of mine saying, “Girl, you need to make your own three-book deal!” So, that’s what I’m going to do!

Thanks to some special friends (Chicki Brown, Delaney Diamond, and Alicia McCalla), who have already e-published and have been encouraging me to go that route, I’ve decided to go for it! Though they have been very instrumental in my decision, I can’t forget my wonderful, supportive husband, my amazing critique partners, and one of my dearest sister-friends (all the way in Chicago) for their amazing support! They have read my work and have been waiting a long time for me to quit playing around and get these novels published!

I’m happy to say that I have three romance novels coming out this year! One is a sweet romance, and the other two are romantic suspense. They will first be published as e-books, but will also be available in paperback – a few months after their original release date. I won’t go into great detail about them now, but visit my website for a blurb about each story – Also, if you’ve subscribe to this blog, you’ll receive first hand information on some of the steps I’m taking to get published; the highs and lows of the process; and the release dates.

So, stay tuned as I take you on this wonderful journey with me!

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