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Book Sale – Bennett Triplets and More!

*** ON SALE – 99 cents! ***

Bestselling Series – The Bennett Triplets 


A year ago, I had a blast collaborating with my author friends Candace Shaw and Delaney Diamond in creating – The Bennett Triplets. Mason, Harper and Cameron, own the hottest night club in Atlanta, and while overseeing the operations of Club Masquerade, they each find love when they least expect.

If you haven’t read this bestselling series, you’re missing out! Each book in the series is on sale for only $0.99!  *Limited Time Offer*
About my contribution to the series: A Passionate Kiss


Retired Marine, Mason Bennett, has two goals: adjust to civilian life and keep drama out of it. His focus is on his role as part-owner, along with his siblings, of Atlanta’s hottest nightclub. However, his attention shifts when the woman he has loved like a sister reenters his life and thoughts of a passionate kiss they shared hijacks his mind. Their connection is explosive. Feelings he’s tried to deny come to the forefront, and he’s tempted to do something he thought he would never do—cross that line from friends to lovers.

TV news anchor, London Alexander, is back home in Atlanta and ready to start a new chapter in her life. This time she hopes her future includes Mason, the man she has loved forever. She’s ready to step over the forbidden line that he’s drawn in their relationship.

Will taking a chance on love lead to a happily-ever-after? Or will risking their friendship leave them both with broken hearts?

Get your copy today! Only 99 cents (limited time)!

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Don’t forget to get the other two books in the series for only 99 cents each!

A PASSIONATE LOVE – Delaney Diamond


Blue Roses, book 1 in my Reunited Series is FREE for KU members!
Read it today! Click on the cover for details.
If you haven’t read All You’ll Ever Need, book 2 of the Jenkins Family series, now’s a great time! 
It’s only $1.20! *LIMITED TIME*
Click on the cover for details.

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Books on Sale!

Hi All, I just found out that a couple of my Harlequin Kimani ebooks (LEGAL SEDUCTION & SIN CITY TEMPTATION) are on sale for $1.99! Just in time for the weekend! So if you haven’t read them and you’re looking for that perfect weekend read, now’s the time to grab your copy while it’s on sale! NOTE: I have no idea how long they’ll be on sale, so grab your copy today!


legal seduction - book cover

Get your copy! Amazon  | Kobo



Sin City Temptation Cover - Final

Get your copy!  Amazon  |  Kobo

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Reunited Series – Temporary Price Reduction!

Hi All,

In preparation for my next release, OPERATION MIDNIGHT, book 4 of the Reunited Series (coming soon), I figured what a great time for a sale! To make sure that everyone is caught up in the series, the prices of the first three books have been temporarily reduced to 0.99 each! So here’s your chance to get caught up and get ready for OPERATION MIDNIGHT!

Midnight 800x533



No bad deed goes unpunished

Former Navy SEAL turned private investigator, Cameron “Wiz” Miller, has loved only one woman, his ex-wife, Olivia. She’s beautiful, talented and the sweetest person he knows. With plans to remarry her, there is nothing she could ask of him that he wouldn’t do … except find her twin sister.

Olivia has loved Wiz since high school. He’s her hero. Her protector. She understands his hesitation to search for her sister … the one who left Olivia for dead. Forgiveness has been a long time coming, but Olivia needs to make amends with her last living relative.

But the sins of her sister have come back to haunt Olivia and Wiz must tap into his military training and every alliance he’s formed over the years to save her. But will it be too late? Will he and Olivia ever get that happily-ever-after?

Release date: TBA soon


The Reunited Series – Romantic Suspense – ON SALE – 0.99 each!

Reunited Series - covers


Blue Roses (ecopy) – Kindle (Amazon) | Nook (B&N)  |  Kobo  |  Smashwords

Rendezvous with Danger (ecopy) – Kindle (Amazon)  |  Nook (B & N)  |  Kobo  |  Smashwords

Truth or Consequences (ecopy) – Kindle (Amazon)  |  Nook (B & N)  |  Kobo  |  Smashwords


NOTE: SECRET RENDEZVOUS is book 1.5 in the Reunited Series – Prequel to Rendezvous with Danger. And it’s ***FREE***

Secret Rendezvous-Book Cover


Secret Rendezvous – Kindle (Amazon)  |  Nook (B & N)  |  Kobo  |  Smashwords

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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Time fliesTime Flies When You’re Having Fun…Or so they say! I can’t believe its August already! I feel as if I’ve missed a few months! I remember some twenty-plus years ago, a friend of mine told me that the older you get, the faster the time goes. Well, I think I’m there! The hours, days, weeks, and months are flying by!

The summer has been full and busy! Between vacation, deadlines, and then a writer’s conference in July, I’m playing catch up! At any rate, I’m hoping to catch up with myself soon … very soon! With that said, here are a few updates:


Truth or Consequences - 300x200

TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, book 3 of the Reunited Series (romantic suspense), is now available on several ebook retailer sites AND in paperback!


Hospital Chief of Staff Natasha Lockham’s life has been all about work and no play. That is until a one-night stand with a man who lives his life on the edge, turns her sexual fantasies into reality. She never expects to see him again, but their paths cross when Natasha suspects an esteemed doctor of committing an unspeakable crime against his patients and danger lands at her doorstep. The closer she gets to the truth, the more she realizes she’s not prepared for the truth – or the consequences.

Former Navy SEAL, Malik Lewis, will always remember the night he spent with Natasha. It was the single most amazing night of his life. So when Natasha narrowly escapes a brutal attempt on her life, Malik stops at nothing to protect her, including hunting a man whose skills match his. Can Malik and Natasha outsmart a vicious assassin who has nothing to lose? And will they ever get to explore the sizzling passion between them that neither can deny?

So if you don’t have your copy – get it now! Amazon  | Barnes and Noble  |  All Romance ebooks |  Smashwords  | Createspace (paperback) |  Amazon (paperback)



AllYou'llEverNeed 300x200

Many of you have asked about Jada Jenkins story, ALL YOU’LL EVER NEED, book 2 of the Jenkins Family series (contemporary romance). Right now, all I can say is that it’s coming – soon! I’m revamping it some (okay a lot) – tweaking the pacing, moving things around, etc. I want to make sure I get the story right! And for a moment there, it wasn’t turning out the way I’d envisioned. So after reading, re-reading, removing scenes, and adding scenes – I think it might be on the right track again.

With that said, the release date was originally August 27th. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. I can tell you that it is on track to being an early September 2014 release. I’ll give you an exact date in a couple of weeks. Then you will finally have ALL YOU’LL EVER NEED in your hands (or on your ereader)!

In the meantime, here’s the blurb:

A woman wants what a woman wants…

Quick-witted, sassy, construction worker, Jada (JJ) Jenkins, loves the finer things in life. She’d rather be in designer clothes and stilettos than sporting steel-toe boots and a hard hat. She hates getting dirty and worst, sweating. Jada’s ready to quit her job and marry a wealthy man who’s able to support her shopping addiction and her expensive taste. She’s not looking for love, only a comfortable lifestyle. What she doesn’t expect to find is a blue-eyed hunk with dimples and a disarming ability to throw her off her game.

For professional football player Zack Anderson, its love at first sight when he meets Jada. The fact that she’s a construction worker is even better. He wants a woman who’s not afraid to get down and dirty, someone who enjoys fishing, hiking and the great outdoors. He thinks he’s found that in Jada.

Before he loses his heart, will Zack discover that the last thing on this feisty steel-toe-boot-wearing-beauty’s mind is getting her hands dirty with love?


Thank you all so much for the wonderful emails, shout outs, and Facebook messages regarding TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, book 3 of the Reunited Series and LEGAL SEDUCTION!! The feedback has been AWESOME! And for those of you who have said “I want a Malik!” all I can say is – anything is possible – just believe! *smile*  Wiz and Olivia’s story is up next in the Reunited Series (2015), and for all of you Quinn and Alandra fans – it looks like they’re going to return to the States! *rubbing my palms together with a wicked laugh*

As for LEGAL SEDUCTION, I’m thrilled that my debut Harlequin Kimani release was so well received! It’s a little different from my usual writing style, but based on the feedback, the passion that I try to incorporate in all of my stories – was there! Oh, and for those of you who have asked about Macy and Janna – it looks like they will get their own story! Stay tuned!


I recently realized that I’ve done a number of giveaways on various online sites over the last couple of months, but I think it’s time I do a giveaway on my own site! So stay tuned! In a few days I’ll be doing a giveaway including: books by some of your favorite authors, swag, and gift cards! You don’t want to miss out!

All right, enough about me! How was your summer (or is your summer)? Am I the only one playing catch up…or keep up?

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All You’ll Ever Need – Sneak Peek

Hi all! Since I’ve received a number of emails lately from readers asking what’s next for me. I decided I should check in. It’s been awhile.

Though I have a number of projects going on, in regards to my next book release, I’m working on ALL YOU’LL EVER NEED, book 2 of the Jenkins Family Series. I didn’t do an official cover reveal, but I have to say that I absolutely LOVE this book cover! It was created by Noelle at Selestiele Design, who I HIGHLY recommend for your next book cover or promotional items project! Her work is amazing and she has been great to work with! Isnt the cover gorgeous!


AllYou'llEverNeed 300x200


Though the blurb for ALL YOU’LL EVER NEED is not totally fleshed out, let me tell you a little about Jada Jenkins, also known as JJ. If you’ve read STILL THE BEST WOMAN FOR THE JOB, you already know Jada is … a trip! She has an ego the size of Texas; she says what’s on her mind; and she’s a sheet metal worker at Jenkins and Sons Construction – the family business- where she’s ready to quit her job and marry rich.

All I have to say is the man that finally lands Ms. Jada JJ Jenkins will have his hands full! Well, Zack Anderson is interested. Actually he’s more than interested, only Jada is not the woman he thinks she is.

***Hahahahaha I laugh in my most wicked voice, rubbing my hands together! I can’t wait until you guys get to read the whole story!***

In the meantime – here’s a sneak peek:

Jada nodded and then turned to Toni. “Okay, answer this, what do I have to do to get a man as fine as yours, one who worships the ground I walk on, but someone who is crazy wealthy?” She rolled her neck and slapped her hand down on the table. “I’m talkin’ stinkin’ rich as in lunch on the French Riviera and dinner at La Vague d’Or in Saint Tropez.”

Toni shook her head, and a wide grin tilted the corners of her rose-colored lips. “I know suggesting that you lower your standard is out of the question. So I won’t bother. I will say though, when the right man comes along, it’s not going to matter if he’s downright fine and stinkin’ rich. All that’s going to matter, or should matter is that he treats you right and loves you unconditionally.”

“Uh, well, yeah, it is going to matter if he’s fine and rich because if he isn’t he won’t be able to hang with me.” Jada ignored the way Toni’s perfectly arched eyebrows slanted in a frown. “Now what’s the scoop on the hunks that just walked up to your new hubby? The one on the far right looks as if he could carry a small car on his back.”

“Those are the guys he grew up with. Actually, today might be your lucky day.” Toni perked up, a mischievous glint shined in her eyes as she adjusted the hem of her beaded lace wedding gown. “Craig’s bringing Zack over.”

“How does that make it my lucky day?”

“Because he’s single and he’s gawking at you.”

Jada sized him up as he approached. At least six-one, broad shoulders that tapered down to a narrow waist, dark, spiked hair, and a powerful stride – he was a walking billboard for everything masculine. “Mmm, I don’t think so. He’s definitely a cutie in that Channing Tatum kind of way. But I like my men like I like my chocolate – dark and exceedingly rich.”

“Is that right?” Toni placed her soda on the table and sat forward in her chair, her elbow on the table and amusement danced in her eyes. “Well, did I happen to mention that he’s a professional football player who plays for the Cincinnati Cougars and has just renewed his contract for nine-point-five-million?”

Jada’s mouth dropped wide open.

“Oh, and that’s only for one year.”

Damn!” Jada smoothed down the front of her bridesmaid dress that stopped just above her knees and ran her fingers through her long auburn streaked curls. She quickly pulled a tube of lipstick from her strapless bra and ran the Coral Berry over her lips, and then took another glance at Craig’s friend. “It’s a good thing I’m switching over. I hear white chocolate, like milk, does a body good.”

“What?” Toni narrowed her eyes. “I’ve never heard that before.”

“Oh, hush up and tell me if I have any food in my teeth.”

Toni shook her head and laughed. “Girl, you’re a mess!”

“Hey, baby, are you feeling better?” Craig bent slightly and brushed Toni’s bangs away from her forehead. “Did the soda help?” He extended his hand to help her to her feet and rubbed his large palm over her barely-there baby bump.

“Between the soda and the crackers you hunted down for me earlier, I’m feeling much better. You take such good care of me,” Toni said in a baby-like voice.

“That’s my job. I plan to spend the rest of my life taking very good care of you, Mrs. Logan.” Craig lowered his head and his lips brushed against Toni’s.

Jada rolled her eyes when the newlywed’s lip-lock grew more intense and Toni’s arms snaked around her husband’s neck.

“You guys have a lifetime to play kissy-face.” She turned her gaze to the man standing next to her cousin-in-law and had to admit he was even sexier up close, and then he smiled. Oh my God he has dimples. Her knees weakened and the once steady beat of her heart now pounded double-time. Her hand hovered over her chest as she struggled to fill her lungs with air. Okay, just breathe. She told herself over and over again.

“Are you all right?” the sexy gift from God asked, his hand at the small of her back sent a spark of desire shooting through her veins. “Can I get you something to drink?”

“Uh, no. No, I’m fine.” She definitely had to pull herself together. Never has a man seen her sweat and she sure as hell wasn’t going to let a cutie with a nine-point-five-million dollar contract see her off her game.

“Obviously we’re invisible,” Craig’s friend said and removed his hand from her back. His voice intoxicatingly deep sent an exciting shiver up her spine. “I’m Zack Anderson.”


Expected Release Date – Late August 2014

Stay tuned! More coming soon!

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Cyber Monday Deal – Still the Best Woman for the Job

In honor of Cyber Monday – Still the Best Woman for the Job, book 1 of the Jenkins Family Series is ONLY $0.99 (ebook)! AND for those of you who are not in to ereaders, Still the Best Woman for the Job is now available in paperback!

StilltheBestwoman - final 6-2013

Joint heir to the largest construction company in the state of Ohio, master plumber, Toni (TJ) Jenkins has been groomed to behave in a way that is befitting of the respected Jenkins’ family name. But after she breaks up with the only man she’s ever loved, to protect a secret she holds close to her heart, poor decisions lead her down a path of destruction that risks ruining the reputation of the company her family has worked hard to build.

Cincinnati police officer, Craig Logan, knows Toni is the woman for him. They’ve been apart for months, but when they run into each other at a party, the passion between them sizzles stronger than ever. She says she can’t handle dating a cop, but he senses that something else keeps her from rushing back into his arms. Craig wants her to be his wife, and he’ll do whatever it takes to prove no matter what she’s hiding, she’s still the best woman for the job.

Buy Your Copy Now for only $0.99!  ebook – Amazon  (ONE DAY ONLY!)

In paperback: Amazon    Createspace

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Chapters Book Club – Rocks!

Chapters Book Club - groupThis past Sunday, my editor and I took a trip to Columbia, South Carolina and hung out with the women of Chapters Book Club. Let me just say – I had a BLAST! They treated us as if we were old friends. The atmosphere was so warm and inviting and I honestly felt at home!

As a fairly new author (yes author Delaney Diamond – I still feel like I’m new at this), I was absolutely flattered and honored that they contacted me and told me that they were reading Best Woman for the Job and Still the Best Woman for the Job for their November book(s). There are millions of books they could have chosen, but the fact that they chose a couple of my stories to read … was humbling. Of course, when they invited me to the meeting, I had to attend!

Best Woman - 2 covers

As an avid reader, I’m a huge fan of book clubs and have always enjoyed discussing books (good or bad ones). So to be a part of a discussion where my work was discussed – what an awesome, awesome experience! I found out that most of the women in the group are not big romance novel readers (so I’m really glad that my contemporary romances are a cross between romance and women’s fiction). At any rate, it was wild to watch and hear them discuss my work. It was as if they were personal friends with the characters! I loved it! As a writer, when you’re putting words on paper, becoming one with your characters, you just hope that readers will feel what you feel when you’re creating a certain scene or that they understand where your characters are coming from. And this group – got-it! Though Toni (heroine) worked some of their nerves, they understood her (mainly because she’s young). They totally embraced the family/patriarch theme of the Jenkins Family Series that I aimed to set up for books to come (loving Steven Jenkins’ strength and love for his family). I also appreciated that they had their own opinions about how certain scenes played out – like the hotel scene between Craig and Patricia. The passionate conversation between the ladies had me rolling laughing! Did I mention that this was an awesome experience?

Me, being me, I went with some questions to ask them – but the conversation flowed so freely that I didn’t get to ask a question until the end (which was totally fine with me). They had some great questions! I have to laugh, because I think the first question they asked me had something to do with Toni’s fear of rodents. I came clean and told them that I too am deathly afraid of rodents (especially mice). What really tripped them out though, is that I was a sheet metal worker for over ten years…and was afraid of mice. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. How can someone who worked in basements, attics and dark, creepy spaces be afraid of mice? Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s possible!

So I’m closing with a huge whoop, whoop (fist pumping in the air) to all of the wonderful book clubs out there – especially Chapters of Columbia, South Carolina!

Chapters Book Club

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Best Woman for the Job – FREE

Happy Labor Day weekend! In celebration of Labor Day AND the soon to be released – Still the Best Woman for the Job, my short story – Best Woman for the Job (the prequel) is *FREE* on Smashwords until September 6, 2013! Find out below how you can get your copy.



Cincinnati police officer, Craig Logan, needs a plumber, but not bad enough to hire a woman.  “No way am I letting some woman wanna-be plumber anywhere near my pipes!”

When Toni (TJ) Jenkins shows up at Craig’s house to repair his plumbing issues, he thinks it’s a joke, but soon finds out the joke is on him. Toni is the finest plumber he’s ever seen. Will Craig realize before it’s too late, that not only is she the best woman for the job, but she’s also the best woman for him?


If Craig Logan was surprised to see a female plumber standing at his door, he didn’t show it. Instead he leaned against the door jamb, arms folded, wearing a police uniform – gun and all, looking sexier than any man had a right to look.

“And who did you say you were again?” His voice rang with authority but was as smooth as silk.

“I’m Toni Jenkins from Jenkins & Sons Construction.” She handed him her business card. “You called regarding some plumbing issues.”

Used to men checking her out, Toni didn’t take offense when he did a slow perusal of her from head to toe, before his eyes returned to her face. His lips curled into a cocky smile and Toni drew in a breath. In her line of work, she was around men all the time, but none that looked as good as this one. With smooth skin the color of sandalwood, intense eyes that seemed to see into her soul, and a body that made you want to rake your hands over every muscular inch of it, she had no doubt that he made women’s heads turn wherever he went. The brother was fine.

His hazel eyes crinkled around the edges as he released a hardy laugh, and she was awed by the rich bass sound of it. Hold up. Is he laughing at me? She didn’t care how gorgeous he was, she wasn’t about to stand there and be some Robocop’s form of amusement.

With her clip board in one hand, she shifted her weight and her other hand flew to her hip. “I must’ve missed the joke. What’s so funny?”

His smile faded and he straightened before stepping out onto the concrete stoop, towering over her by at least a foot. “What’s so funny?” He moved close enough to entice her with the scent of his woodsy cologne. “You’re kidding right? I can’t believe you’re the person they sent to take care of my plumbing. Can you even lift a pipe wrench?”

Not another one. Why was it so hard for people to believe that she was a plumber, especially men? Not only had she completed a five-year apprenticeship just like every other journeyman plumber, but she was a master plumber with advanced skills. Yet, on almost every service call, she had to take crap from some idiot who didn’t have a clue that this was the twenty-first century where women could do anything a man could – except pee standing up.

“As a matter of fact, I can lift a pipe wrench, as well as a toilet auger, kitchen sink and a bathtub if I have to. But I’m not going to stand here and argue with you about what I can or can’t do. I was under the impression you wanted the best person for the job. Well, I’m her, but if I’m too much of a woman for you, then I suggest you call someone else.”


Craig didn’t know how long he stood outside staring after Toni once she pulled her van away from the curb, but he eventually turned and went back into the house. Most people were intimidated by his imposing height, as well as his uniform and gun, but apparently not her. It wasn’t often he got told off by a pint-size female plumber. Scanning her business card, he chuckled.

Toni “TJ” Jenkins huh? No way am I letting some woman wanna-be plumber anywhere near my pipes, no matter how attractive she is.”

Tradesmen sure don’t look like they used to, he thought on the way upstairs to his bedroom. As the old guys used to joke – she was short on both ends, a few inches over five feet, and she probably barely tipped the scale at hundred and ten pounds. But he had to admit, he liked her curves, the way her red T-shirt stretched across her generous breast and the girl was working the blue jeans. He shook his head. What happened to the beer belly, pants hanging, butt-crack-showing plumbers?


Get your *FREE* copy today! – Use coupon code HH79V   Coupon expires: September 6, 2013

Coming Soon: an excerpt from Still the Best Woman for the Job (book 1 of the Jenkins Family Series and the sequel to Best Woman for the Job), available September 25, 2013!

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Cover Reveal – Still the Best Woman for the Job

Hi All! Over the past few months, many of you have asked “When is your next book coming out?” and I keep giving the same answer – soon. Well, though I don’t have an exact release date for Still the Best Woman for the Job, I figured the least I could do is reveal the book cover. Here it is!

StilltheBestwoman - final 6-2013


Joint heir to the largest construction company in the state of Ohio, master plumber, Toni (TJ) Jenkins has been groomed to behave in a way that is befitting of the respected Jenkins’ family name. But after she breaks up with the only man she’s ever loved, to protect a secret she holds close to her heart, poor decisions lead her down a path of destruction that risks ruining the reputation of the company her family has worked hard to build.

Cincinnati police officer, Craig Logan, knows Toni is the woman for him. They’ve been apart for months, but when they run into each other at a party, the passion between them sizzles stronger than ever. She says she can’t handle dating a cop, but he senses that something else keeps her from rushing back into his arms. Craig wants her to be his wife, and he’ll do whatever it takes to prove no matter what she’s hiding, she’s still the best woman for the job.


Still the Best Woman for the Job is book 1 of the Jenkins Family Series is the sequel to Best Woman for the Job, a short story which can be found at these online locations for only $ .99!

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords | Kobo | All Romance ebooks


Here’s a little back story on five female members of the Jenkins Family who will fall madly and passionately in love with five unsuspecting men.

STEVEN JENKINS, the patriarch of the Jenkins Family, and founder of Jenkins & Sons Construction wants what every entrepreneur head of the family wants – for his children to continue to run the family business long after he’s dead and gone. None of his four sons and three daughters are interested in taking over the reins. It’s not until his oldest granddaughter, Peyton Jenkins, shows an interest that his hope is renewed.

Now its 16 years later, he’s happily retired, and business is better than ever – thanks to five of his amazing granddaughters. TONI (TJ) JENKINS, a master plumber, is his favorite granddaughter – though he’ll never admit it; sweet, levelheaded PEYTON (PJ) JENKINS is an electrician, and the senior construction manager for Jenkins & Sons Construction; MARTINA (MJ) JENKINS, is a carpenter and Steven’s most challenging grandchild. Then there’s CHRISTINA (CJ) JENKINS, the shy one in the group who is a painter, but refers to herself as an artist. Last, but not least, is JADA (JJ) JENKINS the youngest and the most spirited of the bunch. Steven still hasn’t been able to figure her out, but he has to admit, she’s a darn good sheet metal worker.

Stay tuned as I share each of their stories!

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Something New

I have received numerous emails from readers asking why my debut novel, Something New, wasn’t a part of the Reunited Series, especially when it introduced some of the characters – who now have books in the Reunited Series.

The decision to not include Something New in the Series is one I struggled with, but finally decided against it because of the genre. When I first started writing, my intent was to only write sweet/inspirational romance, but if you’ve read any of my books, you know things didn’t quite work out that way. Even Something New pushed the envelope on being a sweet romance (it’s a cross between an “edgy” sweet romance and women’s fiction). And while Blue Roses started as a sweet romance, the characters (Dallas Marcel and Tyler Hollister) weren’t having it (the sexual tension between the two was too much), so I decided to turn it into a contemporary romance. That didn’t work either – and before I realized it, the story was a romantic suspense.

Okay, so long story short – Something New was not included in the Reunited Series because the stories in that series are all romantic suspense. I decided (with feedback from some author friends) to not mix genres within a series. I think it would have alienated readers who might only read sweet/inspirational romances to suddenly pick up my next book in the Reunited Series only to find out it was a different genre.

Hopefully that addresses the mystery of why Something New wasn’t included in the Reunited Series.

Now, on to other things. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of reading, Something New, below is the blurb and an excerpt. Enjoy!


Entrepreneur, Simone Edwards, did what any intelligent woman with a ticking biological clock would do: she asked her longtime boyfriend to marry her. Devastated when he turns her down, and fed up with dead-end relationships, Simone swears off men … and takes a vow of celibacy. How hard could it be? She soon learns it’s harder than she thinks when the most irresistible man in the world, Tim Hollister, shows up at her job. She hasn’t seen him in over ten years, and quickly realizes he is a temptation she doesn’t want to resist. But isn’t there some rule about dating your friend? Simone must decide if a romance with Tim is worth risking their friendship, and her reclaimed virginity.

Betrayed by his supermodel ex-girlfriend, who happens to be the mother of his child, Tim Hollister has placed a padlock on his heart. But when Simone, an old high school friend falls back into his life, he soon forgets his promise to stay clear of beautiful women. Simone was always like a sister to him, but he discovers that his feelings for her aren’t very brotherly. He’s captivated by the woman she’s become and wants to take their friendship to the next level – despite her resistance. Tim can’t avoid their new-found passion, and sets out to prove he’s the man for her.


Simone couldn’t believe how flustered she felt being near Tim. But who could blame her? She was acutely conscious of how his wide chest and muscular arms filled his tailored black suit jacket. Relaxed and confident, he discussed with Jessica how his consulting company could assist them. Simone’s breathing quickened when he glanced at her and smiled, causing her eyes to zone in on those chiseled cheekbones that graced his ruggedly handsome face. She groaned within and rubbed her forehead, realizing small pebbles of sweat had formed at her hairline.

What is wrong with me? It’s not like I’ve never seen a good-looking man before. I must be coming down with a cold or something.

“And so when we failed to raise enough money for the expansion,” Simone heard Jessica say, “we went to the bank for a loan, but they turned us down.”

Tim frowned. “I’m surprised. Of course, I would have to look at your books to know more, but based on what you’ve said, it sounds like you guys are running a sound business.”

Simone put her elbow on the table and rested her chin in her hand. She listened as the two continued to talk back and forth. It wasn’t necessary for her to add her two cents since Jess seemed to be doing fine explaining their needs. Tim listened carefully, mentally cataloging all that was said. He was like that in high school as well. As good friends, they had studied together on occasion and even hung out some weekends. What she remembered most—his kindness, and that he was a great listener. Until now, she hadn’t realized how much she missed his friendship.

Her gaze remained on him. She couldn’t get over how good he looked. The moment she walked into the room and saw him, her pulse had tripled, and she wouldn’t be surprised if he’d heard her heart pounding against her chest. He was sexier than she remembered, and those dark, penetrating eyes could draw in the strongest woman. He always did have women vying for his attention, and probably still did since he was even hotter than he was back then.

Stop, stop, stop it. This is Tim Hollister, friend. He’s off-limits. Besides, I’m done with men.

“Anything you want to add, Simone?” Jessica asked.

Simone’s head jerked up at hearing her name. She closed the notebook that sat on the table in front of her. “Uh, no. I think you covered it all.”

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