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Hold On!

The other day Yolanda Adam’s song “Hold On” came on the radio. Interesting enough, I hadn’t heard it before (I’m more of a reader than a listener…of the radio that is), but I could really relate to the words: “No matter how hard it seems, never give up, always believe.”

I grew up in an entrepreneurial household, so thinking positive and setting goals were taught right along with believing in the Bible. Failing has never been an option, and that fact has served me well over the years.

So this week as I go back over my short-term goals, and do a little tweaking, I’ll have Ms. Adams’ song in the back of my mind – especially the part about “your dreams are meant for you to obtain and your labor is not in vain.”

What song, poem, comic strip, or inspirational message do you pull out when you’re re-evaluating your life or like me, tweaking your goals?


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