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MORE THAN LOVE is now available! #newrelease #romance #contemporaryromance

Yes! It’s here! MORE THAN LOVE (Jenkins Family & Friends) is now available!

I hope you enjoy Benjamin and Makena’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it!


Going from friends to lovers doesn’t come easy…

Corporate Attorney Benjamin Jenkins is one of Cincinnati’s most eligible bachelors, but he’s only interested in one woman—Makena Nichols. Though life took them in different directions, they’ve been friends for over forty years. Now Ben wants more than just friendship. He wants all of her.

Makena compares every man, including her ex-husband, to Ben. He’s her heart. She’s crazy about him, and what they share is more than love. But she’s not willing to risk their friendship for a romance that might not last. However, Ben is persistent, and her stubbornness is no match to his.

When a Jenkins’ family secret shatters Ben’s world, Makena is the one he turns to. But will their friendship survive a roller-coaster of emotions? Or will their eternal love bring them through this challenging time?

Get your copy today!

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Now Also Available in Paperback!


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‘Tis The Season For A Book Sale!

Hi All!

‘Tis the season for a 99 cent sale! A few of my books are on sale just in time for holiday vacations! Check them out:


In preparation for the release of book 3 of the Jenkins & Sons Construction series, book 1, LOVE UNDER CONTRACT is only $0.99! This is an awesome deal. Get your ecopy today! *LIMITED TIME OFFER*


Timing is everything.

Sumeera Robinson refuses to settle for less than she desires, even if what she craves is the sexy, smart, and charming Nicolas Jenkins-Moore. At her age, she wants marriage and a family, not the empty promises Nick offers. Yet, there is just something about the man that makes moving on nearly impossible.

As the new senior manager of Jenkins & Sons Construction, Nick’s five-year plan is on track with marriage and starting a family at the bottom of the list. Sumeera is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside, but not even she can entice him to abandon his carefully plotted road to success. That is until she walks away without looking back, leaving him yearning for her presence in his life.

Nick is determined to convince Sumeera that he wants the same things she wants. But will an unexpected development keep them from the life they desire? Or will fate bring them closer than they’ve ever been before?

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If you’re in the mood for a fun holiday read, I have just what you need! LOVE AT LAST is only $0.99! *LIMITED TIME OFFER*

Carolyn Jenkins has never had a problem getting a man, but keeping one is another story. After two failed marriages and numerous short-term relationships, she’s ready to wave the white flag and give up on love. Yet, with Christmas quickly approaching, she dreads spending the holiday alone. Will a chance encounter with a handsome stranger make all of her Christmas wishes come true?

After thirty years of a nearly perfect marriage, widower Lincoln Richwood struggles to move on with his life. The idea of dating at his age seems daunting … until he meets the vivacious Carolyn Jenkins. Normally a straitlaced kind of guy, there’s just something about the woman that tempts him to walk on the wild side.

Opposites attract, but will their differences derail their relationship and keep them from embracing the love they both desire?

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*Price Reduction*

PROPOSAL FOR LOVE, book 2 of the Jenkins & Sons Construction series, ebook price has been reduced! It’s only $2.99! *LIMITED TIME OFFER*

Nathaniel Jenkins-Moore never allows romantic entanglements to get in the way of running Jenkins & Sons Construction. That is until the woman who ripped out his heart crashes back into his life. She wants to leave the past in the past, and though Nate knows a thing or two about rebuilding strong foundations, her betrayal still haunts him. He can’t forget. He won’t forgive. She can’t be trusted. But why does his heart still beat double-time whenever she’s near?

Liberty Stewart has been living a lie. Masking her shredded self-esteem and trying to overcome the emotional torment inflicted by her abusive ex-husband, she’s ready to rebuild her life. But just when she thinks she’s on track, her current assignment brings her face to face with the only man she’s ever truly loved—Nate. Too bad he hates her. Liberty knows she did Nate wrong, and getting him to trust her again might be impossible, but neither of them can deny the attraction that still runs deep.

Is the burning passion they share enough to get their troubled hearts to finally beat as one? Or is the hurt too deep for a happily ever after?

Get your copy today! Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords | Kobo | iTunes


My Harlequin Kimani stories are on sale – ONLY IN THE U.K for only £0.99! *LIMITED TIME OFFER*  Unfortunately, I just found out these are no longer discounted. Sigh…


Is love in the cards?

Former police officer Trinity Layton will do anything to keep her personal security business afloat – even babysit professional poker player Gunner Brooks. Bizarre incidents have been plaguing the poker tour, and Trinity has been hired to keep Gunner safe. But when the gorgeous playboy convinces her to pose as his girlfriend, she might be the one who needs protecting, as their passionate charade quickly becomes all too real.

A gambler in the game of life, Gunner has made his fortune playing for the greatest prizes. The last thing he needs during this tournament is a bodyguard hanging around, especially one as alluring as Trinity. And being together 24/7 just tripled their odds of falling for one another. Now, as Gunner prepares for the championship of his career, he’s playing for the highest stakes of all: Trinity’s heart.



When it comes to desire, they’re both pleading guilty 

In the courtroom, criminal defense attorney Iris Sinclair is cool and confident. Yet around her new client’s guardian, she loses all composure. Atlanta club owner Nash Dupree is an infamous playboy who could compromise Iris’s heart as well as her case. For once, she feels like a curvy goddess instead of a straitlaced lawyer—even if the evidence suggests what he’s looking for is strictly short-term.

No matter what the tabloids claim, Nash has made his teenage niece his first priority, and without Iris’s help he’ll lose guardianship. What began as seduction, a sweet thrill, has turned into something more—now he wants Iris forever. But proving his intentions means winning her trust before his reputation drives away the only woman who has ever captivated him, body and soul….


A prescription for sweet satisfaction…

Pediatrician Macy Carter has been so busy expanding her practice she’s had no time to build the family she craves. Her late, much-loved surrogate father apparently had some matchmaking in mind when he arranged for a sexy architect to take over his home and company. Too bad Derek is a single dad who’s been there, done that, and intends to remain unattached. Their priorities are totally out of sync. Their chemistry? Unbelievably potent.

Thanks to his former mentor, Derek Logan just inherited an architectural business, a house and the gorgeous client next door. He’s keeping away from forever relationships, but this doctor’s sensual touch is addictive. Helping Macy build her dream medical complex awakens Derek to how much more he now wants out of life. But has he hesitated too long to prove he’s ready for and deserving of her love?


Desire is more than skin deep…

When an international modeling opportunity called, Janna Morgan answered. The past nine years have brought her fame, fortune and supermodel status, but they haven’t lessened her regret at leaving her high school sweetheart behind. A chance encounter proves that Austin Reynolds definitely hasn’t forgiven her. But it also becomes clear that some flames just grow hotter with time…

The handsome real estate mogul has one broken engagement on his résumé, but Janna was the only one to ever steal his heart. Their incredible connection reignites an undeniable passion in them both, and workaholic Austin rediscovers his lighter side. But soon another can’t-refuse offer beckons Janna overseas. Will it be déjà vu…or is their love finally ready for the spotlight?

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Jenkins Family Series Box Set – Now Available!

Hi All!

Great news! The first three books in my Jenkins Family Series (contemporary romance) are now available in a box set for only $0.99! That’s right, you can get all three books: STILL THE BEST WOMAN FOR THE JOB, ALL YOU’LL EVER NEED, and TEMPTING THE ARTIST for only $0.99!

So if you haven’t read these stories, this is the perfect time to check them out!

NOTE: The $0.99 AND the box set is a limited time offer. Get your copy today!

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Award-winning, Bestselling, Contemporary Romance!

A family of sexy female construction workers – journey with them as they find happily-ever-after with some HOT unsuspecting men.
Three full-length novels:

Still the Best Woman for the Job

Joint heir to the largest construction company in the state of Ohio, master plumber, Toni (TJ) Jenkins has been groomed to behave in a way that is befitting of the respected Jenkins’ family name. But after she breaks up with the only man she’s ever loved, to protect a secret she holds close to her heart, poor decisions lead her down a path of destruction that risks ruining the reputation of the company her family has worked hard to build.

Cincinnati police officer, Craig Logan, knows Toni is the woman for him. They’ve been apart for months, but when they run into each other at a party, the passion between them sizzles stronger than ever. She says she can’t handle dating a cop, but he senses that something else keeps her from rushing back into his arms. Craig wants her to be his wife, and he’ll do whatever it takes to prove no matter what she’s hiding, she’s still the best woman for the job.

All You’ll Ever Need

A woman wants what a woman wants…

Quick-witted, sassy, construction worker, Jada (JJ) Jenkins, loves the finer things in life. She’d rather be in designer clothes and stilettos than sporting steel-toe boots and a hard hat. She hates getting dirty and worst, sweating. She’s ready to quit her job and marry a wealthy man who’s able to support her shopping addiction and her expensive taste. She’s not looking for love, only a comfortable lifestyle. What she doesn’t expect to find is a blue-eyed, dimple-having hunk who has the ability to throw her off her game.

For professional football player Zack Anderson, its love at first sight when he meets Jada. The fact that she’s a construction worker is even better. He wants a woman who’s not afraid to get down and dirty, someone who enjoys fishing, hiking and the great outdoors. He thinks he’s found that in Jada. Will he discover before he loses his heart that when it comes to the feisty steel-toe-boot-wearing-beauty, the last thing on her mind is getting her hands dirty?

Tempting the Artist

Christina “CJ” Jenkins, a free-spirited painter by trade is juggling her obligation to the family construction business, with the demands of her secret passion. A secret life she has successfully hidden until recently. When sexy, bad-boy attorney, Luke Hayden, enters the picture, he steals her heart. But the truth of Christina’s double life buried under lies, threatens to destroy them both.

Luke is leaving New York to escape the drama, which is his life. Starting over in Cincinnati with Christina appeals to him more than he will admit. Although her secret jeopardizes their steamy affair, it’s not until someone threatens to destroy the Jenkins family empire, and uses Luke to carry out their plan, that their relationship is truly tested. Luke will do what he can to help the Jenkins family, but he will stop at nothing to tempt the woman who has captured his heart.

Get your copy today! Only $0.99 *LIMITED TIME*

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A New Look and More On The Jenkins Family

As I slowly gear up for the release of ALL YOU’LL EVER NEED, book 2 of the Jenkins Family Series, I figured I’d introduce to some and remind others about the Jenkins Family. But first, have you seen the new book cover for BEST WOMAN FOR THE JOB (short story prequel to STILL THE BEST WOMAN FOR THE JOB)? If not, here it is!

Best Woman 300x200

Like the last four books of the Jenkins Family Series, this book cover was created by Noelle at Selestiele Designs. So if you’re in need of a book cover designer, I highly recommend her! She’s fun to work with!

Now, let’s talk about the Jenkins Family Series.

Many of you know, but some might not, that in my other life (many, many years ago), I was a sheet metal worker. I worked in the trades (construction) for over ten years, and though it was an exciting line of work, where I learned a lot and work with some wonderful men, there were definitely some challenges of being a woman in a male dominate field. So I decided to bring out some of those challenges (and laughs) in the Jenkins Family Series.

Also in my other life (numerous years ago), I ran our family business (one of my brothers oversees it now). Our family is not as large as the Jenkins Family, but we grew up with strong family values, understanding the importance of loyalty not only to the family, but to the family business. And like you’ll see in the Jenkins Family Series, maintaining those values are not always easy – but the love of a strong family will get you through some tough times. As you’ll see in the Jenkins Family Series.

Here’s a little backstory about the Jenkins:

Steven Jenkins, the patriarch of the Jenkins Family, and founder of Jenkins and Sons Construction wants what every entrepreneur head of the family wants – for his children to continue to run the family business long after he’s dead and gone. None of his four sons and three daughters are interested in taking over the reins. It’s not until his oldest granddaughter, Peyton Jenkins, shows an interest that his hope is renewed.

Now its 16 years later, Steven is happily retired, and business is better than ever – thanks to five of his amazing granddaughters. Sweet, levelheaded PEYTON (PJ) JENKINS is an electrician, and the senior construction manager for Jenkins and Sons Construction; and MARTINA (MJ) JENKINS, is a carpenter and Steven’s most challenging grandchild. TONI (TJ) JENKINS, a master plumber, is his favorite granddaughter – though he’ll never admit it; and then there’s CHRISTINA (CJ) JENKINS, the shy one in the group who is a painter, but refers to herself as an artist. Last, but not least, is JADA (JJ) JENKINS the youngest and the most spirited of the bunch. Steven still hasn’t been able to figure her out, but he has to admit, she’s a darn good sheet metal worker.

Now is a great time to get caught up in the series, if you’re not already!

BEST WOMAN FOR THE JOB (short story) – Toni Jenkins (TJ) – Available NowAmazon  |  Barnes and Noble  |  Kobo  | Smashwords

STILL THE BEST WOMAN FOR THE JOB (novel) – Toni Jenkins (TJ) – Available NowAmazon  |  Barnes and Noble  |  Kobo  | Smashwords

ALL YOU’LL EVER NEED – Jada Jenkins (JJ) – Available Late August 2014

TEMPTING THE ARTIST – Christina Jenkins (CJ) – Available November 2014

NEGOTIATING FOR LOVE – Martina Jenkins (MJ) – Available 2015

SEDUCING THE BOSS LADY – Peyton Jenkins (PJ) – Available 2015

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Best Woman for the Job – FREE

Happy Labor Day weekend! In celebration of Labor Day AND the soon to be released – Still the Best Woman for the Job, my short story – Best Woman for the Job (the prequel) is *FREE* on Smashwords until September 6, 2013! Find out below how you can get your copy.



Cincinnati police officer, Craig Logan, needs a plumber, but not bad enough to hire a woman.  “No way am I letting some woman wanna-be plumber anywhere near my pipes!”

When Toni (TJ) Jenkins shows up at Craig’s house to repair his plumbing issues, he thinks it’s a joke, but soon finds out the joke is on him. Toni is the finest plumber he’s ever seen. Will Craig realize before it’s too late, that not only is she the best woman for the job, but she’s also the best woman for him?


If Craig Logan was surprised to see a female plumber standing at his door, he didn’t show it. Instead he leaned against the door jamb, arms folded, wearing a police uniform – gun and all, looking sexier than any man had a right to look.

“And who did you say you were again?” His voice rang with authority but was as smooth as silk.

“I’m Toni Jenkins from Jenkins & Sons Construction.” She handed him her business card. “You called regarding some plumbing issues.”

Used to men checking her out, Toni didn’t take offense when he did a slow perusal of her from head to toe, before his eyes returned to her face. His lips curled into a cocky smile and Toni drew in a breath. In her line of work, she was around men all the time, but none that looked as good as this one. With smooth skin the color of sandalwood, intense eyes that seemed to see into her soul, and a body that made you want to rake your hands over every muscular inch of it, she had no doubt that he made women’s heads turn wherever he went. The brother was fine.

His hazel eyes crinkled around the edges as he released a hardy laugh, and she was awed by the rich bass sound of it. Hold up. Is he laughing at me? She didn’t care how gorgeous he was, she wasn’t about to stand there and be some Robocop’s form of amusement.

With her clip board in one hand, she shifted her weight and her other hand flew to her hip. “I must’ve missed the joke. What’s so funny?”

His smile faded and he straightened before stepping out onto the concrete stoop, towering over her by at least a foot. “What’s so funny?” He moved close enough to entice her with the scent of his woodsy cologne. “You’re kidding right? I can’t believe you’re the person they sent to take care of my plumbing. Can you even lift a pipe wrench?”

Not another one. Why was it so hard for people to believe that she was a plumber, especially men? Not only had she completed a five-year apprenticeship just like every other journeyman plumber, but she was a master plumber with advanced skills. Yet, on almost every service call, she had to take crap from some idiot who didn’t have a clue that this was the twenty-first century where women could do anything a man could – except pee standing up.

“As a matter of fact, I can lift a pipe wrench, as well as a toilet auger, kitchen sink and a bathtub if I have to. But I’m not going to stand here and argue with you about what I can or can’t do. I was under the impression you wanted the best person for the job. Well, I’m her, but if I’m too much of a woman for you, then I suggest you call someone else.”


Craig didn’t know how long he stood outside staring after Toni once she pulled her van away from the curb, but he eventually turned and went back into the house. Most people were intimidated by his imposing height, as well as his uniform and gun, but apparently not her. It wasn’t often he got told off by a pint-size female plumber. Scanning her business card, he chuckled.

Toni “TJ” Jenkins huh? No way am I letting some woman wanna-be plumber anywhere near my pipes, no matter how attractive she is.”

Tradesmen sure don’t look like they used to, he thought on the way upstairs to his bedroom. As the old guys used to joke – she was short on both ends, a few inches over five feet, and she probably barely tipped the scale at hundred and ten pounds. But he had to admit, he liked her curves, the way her red T-shirt stretched across her generous breast and the girl was working the blue jeans. He shook his head. What happened to the beer belly, pants hanging, butt-crack-showing plumbers?


Get your *FREE* copy today! – Use coupon code HH79V   Coupon expires: September 6, 2013

Coming Soon: an excerpt from Still the Best Woman for the Job (book 1 of the Jenkins Family Series and the sequel to Best Woman for the Job), available September 25, 2013!

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The Jenkins Family Series

Lately I’ve been receiving a few emails and inquiries on whether or not there will be a full-length novel featuring Toni (TJ) Jenkins and Craig from the short story – Best Woman for the Job. So I decided to share a little information on how the Jenkins Family came to be and what’s coming next.

When I wrote the short story, Best Woman for the Job, I created it for several reasons:

1. I wanted to do a story with a female tradesmen (or tradesperson).

2. I wanted to see if I was capable of writing a short story (smile).

3. I wanted to not only introduce an African American family that has strong family values, but a family with dynamic women overseeing the family’s construction business.

Well, based on the wonderful feedback that I’ve received thus far regarding Best Woman for the Job, there will definitely be a Jenkins Family Series!

In Toni (TJ) and Craig’s story, I introduced the Jenkins Family (Toni’s family) and their family business – Jenkins & Sons Construction. I had no idea that the concept of a tradeswoman and the short story itself, would be so well received.

Readers have wondered (and asked):

  • Will there be more on Toni & Craig (will they get their own novel)?
  • What about the other cousins – will they get their own stories?
  • Will there be more about Jenkins & Sons Construction?

And the answer to each of those questions is – YES!! I think the only complaint that I’ve heard so far from readers is that the story was too short  -hence short story- but from what I understand, the story left readers wanting more…much more. I also realize that I failed to mention at the end of Best Woman for the Job, that more was coming…soon!

In my other life (many, many years ago), I was a sheet metal worker. I worked in the trades for over ten years, and though it was an exciting line of work, where I learned a lot and work with some wonderful men, there were definitely some challenges of being a woman in a male dominate field. So I’ve decided to bring out some of those challenges in the Jenkins Family Series.

Also in my other life (numerous years ago), I ran our family business (one of my brothers oversees it now). Our family is not as large as the Jenkins Family, but we grew up with strong family values, understanding the importance of loyalty not only to the family, but to the family business. And like you’ll see in the Jenkins Family Series, maintaining those values are not always easy – but the love of a strong family will get you through some tough times.

Needless to say, I’m SUPER excited about this series that will be coming in 2013. So make sure you stay tuned for: Toni & Craig’s story (a full-length novel this time); Peyton (PJ) Jenkins – she’s not only an electrician, but she’s brilliant at running the family’s construction business; Martina (MJ) Jenkins – a carpenter, and the hot head of the family (she’s a trip!); Christina (CJ) Jenkins – the painter and the sweetest person in the world; and Jada (JJ) Jenkins – the sheet metal worker in the family – who is sassy…and maybe a little misunderstood. Lol! And you’ll be introduced to a host of others in the Jenkins family.

I assure you, it will be a fun series with multi-dimensional characters and enticing story lines. So stay tuned!

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