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New Release – When Love Calls and Giveaway!

Woo hoo! It’s release day! WHEN LOVE CALLS (Jenkins Family & Friends Novella) is now available!

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Mona Lisa Gregory is ready to live her best life. She’s moving on after thirty-five years of dating one man. Scrapping the holy matrimony fantasy, a carefree and no-strings-attached passion is her new obsession. But her perfect plan has one hiccup. Dexter Jenkins.

Dex is an old-school guy who believes in falling in love with one woman and living happily-ever-after. He once had it all. A great job. Money in the bank. A happy, thirty-year marriage. He lost everything he held dear after one unfortunate accident. Guilt plagued him for years, but he has finally forgiven himself. Now he’s ready to give love a try again.

Mona is not looking for long-term. But Dexter is unwilling to ignore the fierce passion they share whenever he holds her in his arms. He will do whatever it takes to make her the next Mrs. Jenkins. But will secrets from his past and her former lover keep them from having the life they deserve? Or will their love be strong enough to withstand every obstacle placed in their way?



Dexter reached for a large bag, but stopped when the hair on the back of his neck lifted. He turned and glanced around the parking lot. The moving truck was parked near the entrance, giving him a good view of most of the lot. At first, he didn’t see anything out of the norm, but then he spotted two women near the last row pulling a number of bags from a car.

Well, I’ll be damned.

Sean followed Dexter’s gaze. “Mmm, nice-looking women. I take it you know them?” He climbed down and stood next to Dexter.

“I only know the one with the curly hair. That’s Mona, the woman I was telling you about.” Dexter had first met her a few months ago at the Jenkins family Sunday brunch.

That’s Mona?” Sean asked, disbelief dripping from each word. “There’s no way in hell you can pull a woman like that. Man, she is way out of your league. I can already tell she has champagne taste, which won’t work with your soda-pop budget. Look at her.”

Dexter was looking. And like the last time he’d seen her, he liked what he saw.

“There’s an air of royalty about her. She’s practically floating through the lot. Figures you’d fall for a high-society woman, knowing she don’t want nothin’ to do with your old, country ass.”

Dexter chuckled. “Man, shut up.”

“When you said you were ready to get back in the game, I had no idea you’d be trying to aim that high.”

Dexter studied Mona as she slowly headed toward the door, the other woman walking at her side. Was it too much to hope that Mona lived in the building?

She was as pretty as he remembered. Even at her age, there was an innocence about her that called to him. Her skin, the color of chocolate with a hint of cream, was blemish-free, but it was her mouth that drew his attention. Those lips. The raspberry-colored gloss only highlighted for him that she had the prettiest lips he’d ever seen on a woman.

As she moved closer, he took in the whole package. When they had met months ago, she’d been dressed conservatively and seemed shy. Now, though she still seemed a little unsure of herself, the denim outfit hugging her womanly curves hinted at a sensual and exciting woman. Her hair was shorter than the last time he’d seen her, but the long strands still brushed her shoulders with big curls framing her face.

Classy and sexy.

Dexter removed his baseball cap and nodded when she was a few steps away. “Hello there, Mona.”

A hesitant smile graced her lips. Dexter hadn’t been this attracted to a woman in a long time. Not since the day he had met his ex-wife.

“H—Hi, Dexter.”


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