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It’s Release Day – HUNTED is now available! #newrelease #amreading #romance #romanticsuspense

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Guess what today is – release day! *cheers go up around the world* HUNTED (Atlanta’s Finest) is now available! I had a blast writing Myles & Geneva’s story. As for characters, the two of them are as different as bananas and apples, but they click. Myles might be quiet and a little reserve, but Geneva quickly learns that he is straight up alpha! …but so is she. Lol. Needless to say, their journey to happily-ever-after comes with a couple of bumps and numerous surprises. More than anything, though, HUNTED is an entertaining story that I think you’ll enjoy!

Five things you’ll find in HUNTED:

  • Spy business
  • A knife, A gun, and A bat…and not necessarily in that order
  • Bathroom sex
  • Former underground MMA fighter
  • Blasts from the past (Laz, Dakota, Mase, London, Lo, etc)


She’s everything he never knew he wanted…

Former CIA spy Myles Carrington experienced enough danger in his clandestine days. The last thing he needs in his life right now is trouble, but that’s what he gets when salon owner Geneva Ramsey crosses his path. She’s combative, fierce and the sexiest woman he’s ever met, but he’s not looking for anything serious. He promises himself only one night with her and nothing more.

Geneva kissed him on a dare. A dare that altered her carefree life, and she’s conflicted. Myles is an enigma, a puzzle she can’t piece together. Yet, she’s addicted to him—which is just crazy. She never gets serious with any guy, but after one night with Myles no other man will do. Now, she just needs him to cooperate.

When an unknown enemy from Myles’s past begins hunting him, the hunter becomes the hunted. Myles will destroy anyone who dares threaten those he loves, but will Geneva become a casualty of his past? Or can Myles save her and begin a life he thought he never wanted?


Excerpt from HUNTED:

Myles lifted his beer bottle but stopped inches from his lips. His heart kicked inside his chest, and heat soared through his body.

It never failed. The sight of Geneva always got his motor running, even now. At first, all he saw were her long legs encased in thigh-high boots, but then the rest of her luscious body came into view.

Damn, the woman was fine.

She reached the bottom step, and their gazes connected. Geneva had the power to make him forget that they were surrounded by people. Everything about her made her stand out from any other woman, but it was her self-confidence that really made her shine.

She headed his way. Her long strides ate up the space between them, and it was like everything and everybody disappeared. Lust radiated in her gorgeous eyes, and something so sensually intense passed between them.

Myles slammed back the rest of his beer and set the bottle on the bar before meeting her halfway. He gently grabbed hold of her hand and guided her away from the main area and prying eyes. Geneva didn’t speak, nor did she protest as they headed to the back of the basement where no one was hanging out.

Oh yeah. They were definitely picking up where they left off because right now, Myles needed her like an addict needed his next hit.

And there was no better time than the present to check out the closest bathroom.

Copyright © 2021 by Sharon C. Cooper



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Another Collaboration! Family First – A Limited Edition Box Set #comingsoon #romance #blacklove

Hi All! Now this is something you don’t want to miss out on! Family First: 8 stories of passion, family ties, and the beauty of black love

Pre-order your copy for only 99 cents! The price goes to $4.99 after release.

Inside the pages of this limited edition box set is an introduction to 8 family series containing 8 contemporary romance novels from bestselling authors. Get ready for captivating stories of passion, family ties, and Black love!

The collection contains your favorite tropes: second chance romance, foodie romance, secret baby, billionaires, and marriage of convenience. From Seattle to Memphis to Lagos, Nigeria and cities in between, you’ll meet heroes who make you swoon and heroines you’ll want to make your best friends.

The collection includes:

INVESTED by Iris Bolling

Myles Dunning, the thirty-five-year-old CEO of Dunning Bank and Trust, is fighting off one takeover attempt after another to save his family’s historical bank. Chrystina Price is a voluptuous, lovable, powerhouse, whose sole purpose in life is too uplift and protect the man she has loved from the first day they met. When the integrity of the family always comes first is it worth Investing in love.

LOVE UNDER CONTRACT by Sharon C. Cooper, Award-winning and bestselling author

Sumeera Robinson refuses to settle for less than she desires, even if what she craves is the sexy Nicolas Jenkins-Moore. She’s ready for marriage and a family, but his five-year plan has those items at the bottom of the list. When Sumeera walks out of his life, Nicolas realizes what he’s lost and will stop at nothing to win her back.

UNFORGETTABLE by Delaney Diamond, USA Today Bestselling Author

Ivy Johnson is stunned when Lucas Baylor makes an appearance at her family’s event in Seattle. When her deception is revealed, it throws his life into a tailspin and forces them to face the truth of their feelings for each other—feelings they’ve both tried in vain to forget.

#BLESSED BY MALAKAI by Sherelle Green

Overnight, Malakai Madden becomes a social media legend after the #BlessedMyMalakai hashtag starts trending. Avery Nightingale is the perfect image consultant to get his life back on track. However, avoiding their explosive chemistry proves to be a bigger distraction than either of them bargained for.

EVENINGS WITH BRYSON by Tina Martin, Three-time Emma Award Winner, including Author of the Year, Book of The Year Award Winner, multiple Amazon #1 new releases

Kalina Cooper doesn’t believe in love since watching her father walk out on her mother years ago. But when she meets Bryson Blackstone in her aunt’s cafe, he challenges everything she thinks she knows about life and love and reveals secrets about her family that she otherwise would’ve never known.

SAFE WITH ME by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Samiyah Manhattan is mourning the death of her six-year marriage when she vows never to trust men again. Celebrity ex-boxer turned business mogul, Jonas Alexander Rose never takes women too seriously. However, when he meets the beautiful Samiyah mulling over a mimosa, Jonas is overwhelmed by the heart throbbing heated attraction, and now he is on a mission to explore this thing called love.

COOKING UP LOVE by Candace Shaw

When Shelbi Arrington foregoes her medical residency, the last thing she’s searching for is love. However, that’s just what the doctor prescribes when she meets chef Justin Richardson, who is leery of doctors because of his mother’s death years ago. As their relationship heats up, Shelbi learns of a shocking revelation which may extinguish their flame.


Have you ever loved someone and didn’t know it? That’s the dilemma facing Felix when he wakes from a coma to find he is married to the most beautiful and most sensual woman he’s ever known. However, will he still feel the same way when he regains his memory and realises she’s been keeping secrets and their marriage is not what he thinks it is?

Preorder your copy today!

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