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You Know How to Love Me by Chicki Brown

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Hi All,

My friend, author Chicki Brown, has a new release! YOU KNOW HOW TO LOVE ME is now available! Get your copy today! Oh, and Chicki has a giveaway (see below for details).



Chelsea Olson has always been a rebel. Growing up as the daughter of a conservative southern preacher, she never accepted his narrow-minded views, especially those about interracial dating and marriage. In fact, since high school her preference has been black men. But she’s never had a serious relationship with anyone. Then she meets Isaac “Ike” Sloane.

Ike is handsome, successful and family-oriented, everything Chelsea has ever imagined in a man, and she wants him. Will outside forces and attitudes stop them from experiencing the love they have both wanted?

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About Chicki Brown

Contemporary women’s fiction/romance author Chicki Brown has been featured twice in USAToday. She was honored in 2014 and 2011 by B.R.A.B. (Building Relationships Around Books) Book Club and SORMAG (Shades of Romance Magazine). Chicki was also a contributing author to the Gumbo for the Soul: Men of Honor (Special Cancer Awareness Edition).

Before she started writing romance, she worked as a secretary, typesetter, daycare provider, and executive assistant. Now she does her favorite job as a full-time romance author. Her goal as an author is to entertain readers and provide an escape from their daily routine into the lives of her characters.

In 1994 Brown relocated from New Jersey, the land of the world’s best pizza and hot dogs to Atlanta, Georgia, the home of the world’s best shrimp and grits and hot wings.

If you’d like to find out about Chicki’s next book, please visit her blog at, or her Facebook fan page at


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A Woman’s Worth

It’s always a pleasure to have my author friend Chicki Brown stop by my blog! Today she’s introducing us to her latest release – A Woman’s Worth.

AWW - Final Large Cover - Higher DPI


When Las Vegas personal trainer and raw vegan foods advocate, Marc Stafford comes home for the first time in four years, he meets Gianne Marvray at a family celebration. He is instantly attracted to her, but soon discovers she’s recovering from a catastrophic illness, and she is his father’s patient.

Marc is everything Gianne has always wanted in a man. He’s handsome, educated, motivated and family-oriented. And that’s the problem. Marc has his eye on marriage and family. Even though Gianne refuses to discuss any kind of commitment, he is bound and determined to change her mind.

The Stafford brothers arrived one by one later that evening at the trendy eatery and drew appreciative glances from the female patrons as they entered. Charles had asked for seating on the patio, and once all six men were present, a hostess showed them to red-cushioned cane sofas and chairs beneath large white umbrellas. The subdued lighting and gently waving live palms reminded Marc of Vegas. With their drinks ordered, he addressed his brothers. “I wanted us to get together without all the extra relatives around. Greg’s leaving tomorrow night, and we won’t be able to get out of going with Mama and Daddy for dinner after church.” The sound of deep male laughter filled the warm evening air.

“It’s been a while since all six of us were together,” Vic said, reaching for his scotch from the tray delivered to them by a smiling waitress. The brothers exchanged glances as she presented their beverages to each of them but didn’t speak until she was gone.

“If she’d bent over any farther, those boobs would’ve been in our drinks!” Greg said, eliciting a howl from the others.

“You think she wanted something?” Greg said with a laugh.

Vic shook his head. “No doubt. But even if I wasn’t married, that’s too young for my blood.”

“She was pretty,” Marc added with a wide grin. “And she looks about Nick’s age.”

Nick’s Bahamian blue eyes widened. “Who said I’m interested? I’m not the only single man here.”

“Well, I have my hands full already. Greg’s going back to New York, and Marc’s been hit by the thunderbolt. That just leaves you, Nick,” Charles declared as his brothers roared with laughter.

“I knew something was going on with him and Gianne,” Jesse grumbled. “How long have you known her, man?”

Marc glared at him, well aware of what was coming next. “What difference does it make?”

“I’m just trying to figure out what kind of mistake he’s getting ready to make this time.”

Vic raised a hand to signal their buxom server. “Ease up, Jess. I think you need a refill.” When she approached, he asked her to bring another round for the group.

“That’s okay, Vic. He can’t help it,” Marc said in the most sarcastic tone he could muster. “He’s stuck with a miserable pregnant woman, and he has to take it out on somebody.”

“And you came riding in here on your white horse thinking you could fix that too,” Jesse snapped with a sneer.

Marc set his sparkling water on the table and met Jesse eye to eye. “What is your problem, man? Are you still really stuck in five-year-old mode? Well, I’m sorry my heart surgery messed with your fairy tale image of what life was supposed to be.”

A couple of restaurant staff appeared with their dinner just in time. “Come on, guys,” Vic implored. “Let’s move to a table and try to have a civil meal, okay?”


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Check out other books by Chicki Brown here.

About the Author:

Contemporary women’s fiction/romance author Chicki Brown has published seven novels and one novelette. She was the 2011 SORMAG (Shades of Romance Magazine) Author of the Year and also a contributing author to the Gumbo for the Soul: Men of Honor (Special Cancer Awareness Edition). Chicki is currently working on the second book in her Stafford brothers series.

Since she published in 2010, Chicki isn’t able to read as much as she once did, but her favorite authors are Beverly Jenkins, Eric Jerome Dickey, Lisa Kleypas, J.R. Ward and Suzanne Brockmann.

Brown hails from New Jersey and loves living in suburban Atlanta, Georgia, but she still misses the Jersey shore.

Her many homes in cyberspace include:




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Book Spotlight: You Make Me Feel Brand New

Looking for a fun read? Check out author Chicki Brown’s latest release: You Make Me Feel Brand New 

YMMFBN - Nook Cover


One year ago, personal chef Jan Davis signed her divorce papers after a miserable twenty-five-year marriage. She is single again, and romantic attention is as foreign to her as ancient Carthaginian cuisine.  When she meets her new client, sports management agent Mac Sinclair, who is eleven years younger, Jan’s life takes a complete turnaround. She’s thrilled, but everyone in her life isn’t pleased.


Anxious to share what had happened with Mac, the next night Jan waited for Verna outside the restaurant for their regular Friday dinner. Of her three friends, she and Verna were the closest. They shared everything, and Jan could always count on her to be honest. Since the restaurant wouldn’t seat incomplete parties, they had to wait for Kathy and Noreen. She and Verna squeezed into a corner of the crowded lobby.

“I need to tell you something before the others get here.”

Verna folded her arms across her ample chest. “Sure. What’s up?”

“Tell me what you think about this. Last night I cooked for a dinner party for Mac Sinclair, one of Ron’s associates. He stayed right there in the kitchen with me the whole time. At first I thought he just wanted to see how I fixed everything. You know how some people want to make sure you don’t poison them. We talked a bit, but most of the time he sat there watching me.”

“So? What’s wrong with that?” Verna asked with a curious frown.

“I caught him staring at my legs, and realized he wasn’t hanging around to pick up cooking tips. It made me a nervous wreck.”

“So did he say anything out of line?”

“No, not out of line, but he invited me to the party. He said it would be good for business because the guests are rich, big name athletes.”

Verna raised an eyebrow. “So?”

“I don’t think he wanted it to be all business. He said he’d be the only one with no date.”

Verna laughed. “Don’t say the word like it’s so offensive.”

“What?” Jan whispered, hoping nobody in the lobby had overheard. “Why are you laughing?”

“So is he a leper or something?”

“Lord, no! He’s the finest man I’ve seen in a long time. That’s what’s got me so –”

“I think flustered is the word you’re looking for?”

“Yes. No. Oh, I don’t know. Verna, He’s only in his early thirties. Why would he be interested in me?”

“You underestimate yourself, Jan. I’ll bet he thinks you’re his age. Did you refuse?”

“I haven’t been out with a man other than Robert in twenty-five years. I wouldn’t even know how to act.”

For twenty-five years Jan had been in a marriage that died a slow and painful death. Although Robert was a decent man and a good provider who’d remained faithful, he’d been emotionally distant. Nurturing the intimate side of their marriage was unimportant to him, and he proved it regularly by forgetting her birthday, their anniversary and even Mother’s Day. Whenever she voiced her disappointment, he’d stuff cash into a card thinking it would pacify her. He rarely took her out. Romance after the wedding had been pointless to him.

Kathy and Noreen came in the door looking as distinctive and night and day. Kathy always wore something Afrocentric with her head wrapped in colorful fabric, while Noreen looked every bit the Vogue model. Verna waved to get their attention.

Once the hostess had seated them, Verna announced, “Jan has something she needs to share. Go ahead, girl.”

Jan gave her the evil eye.

“What’s up?” Noreen asked. “Come on, spit it out.”

“Okay. Just promise me you won’t laugh.” She told the entire story without mentioning Mac’s age then waited for their reactions.

“What does he look like?” Noreen asked. “And how much money does he make?” The resident expert on single life, she’d never been married and delighted in being unattached.

Kathy shot her a disgusted glare. “When are women in our community going to understand those aren’t the two most important issues in life?”

Noreen rolled her eyes. “They should be. Only a fool wants a broke, ugly man.”

When they finally stopped laughing, Jan answered. “He’s very good looking, and has a body that could boil water, and works as a sports management agent.”

“So what’s the problem?” Noreen asked.

Verna answered her question. “He’s only about thirty-five, Noreen.”

Noreen’s face lit up. “Aw, sookie sookie now! You know how I feel about those young tender morsels. ”There’s nothing better than waking up next to a healthy, robust, young brother.”

Kathy pinched the bridge of her nose as if she’d suddenly developed a migraine. Noreen’s preoccupation with sex irritated her. “For God’s sake, Noreen. Can’t we ever have a conversation without you stepping into the gutter?”

“Honestly, I’m afraid,” Jan confessed. “I haven’t been with anyone except Robert since I was twenty-one. Singleland has changed a lot since then. I’m way out of my league here.”

The mood at the table instantly changed. Verna reached across and took her hand. These were the times her friends were at their best.

“Honey, you just have to step out there. Once you take the first step, it won’t be so scary. He sounds decent. It wouldn’t hurt to see him once. The dinner party would be a safe place to get to know him, since other people will be there.”

“So you don’t think there’s anything wrong with seeing a man so much younger than I am?”

“That’s the new Hollywood trend. Besides, you’ll need someone strong around to fan you when you start having hot flashes.” Noreen ran her fingers through her expensive weaved hair and laughed.

“What time is the dinner party supposed to start?” Verna asked, checking her watch.

“He said around eight.”

“So call him, girl,” Noreen urged. “It’s just after seven now.”

The idea sent Jan’s stomach into a double flip. “What would I say?”

“Just ask him if he got a date. If he says no, tell him you’d like to join him, if it’s okay.”

“So what if he says he asked someone else? Then I’ll feel like an idiot.”

Kathy, the quietest and most serious one, never spoke frivolously. Jan valued her opinion. “Say something pleasant like, ‘Good. I hope everything goes well.’”

“Take my word for it,” Noreen reassured her. “If he had someone, he would’ve asked her before last night. Call him.”

They prodded her on until Jan rose from the table and took her cell phone into the ladies room. After she took a few deep breaths, she dialed and waited for him to pick up.

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