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One Word – Commitment

I know I said one word, but let me add two more – Nia Forrester.

The other day, I read this book entitled: Commitment by Nia Forrester, and days later not only am I thinking about the story as a whole, but I’m missing Shawn and Riley (the main characters). I’m an avid reader and can I just say that it has been a very long time since I’ve read a book that I’ve enjoyed so much that I would consider reading it again tomorrow! And this was not a short story! I’m normally one of those readers who finishes one book and then the next day start another one. But after this one…I couldn’t do it. My fear was that I’d be too hard on the next author (or their story)– my expectations too great. Yes, Commitment was that good!


Have you ever read a story where days later you’re wondering what the characters are up to, reliving some of the scenes, and wanting to reread a few parts of the story in order to stay connected to the characters? If you haven’t, but want to have that experience or if you have had that experience and want to remember what it feels like – I recommend you read Commitment.

NOTE: This is not a review (though I plan to write one), this is me just thinking…about what an enjoyable read this was! I loved everything about it, from the theme (commitment and what it means) to the drama! Normally I’m a fast reader, but I felt like Ms. Forrester pulled me so deep into the story, forcing me to take my time – making me absorb every word, sentence, paragraph and scene. She made me become one with her characters –all of them. Heck, I feel like I’m one of them! I’ve been thinking about Shawn, Riley, Tracy, Brendan and Chris ever since I put the book down days ago.

Ms. Forrester has truly set the bar high for other books that I will read going forward, and don’t even get me started on how high the bar is set for me as a writer! Every author longs to create a story that a reader gets so absorbed in that they stay up to the wee hours of the morning, run late for work (because they’re reading), and ignore writing deadlines. Ms. Forrester is that author. She is a wonderful storyteller – one that I’d be willing to give 5 + stars to.

When I finished Commitment, I was reminded that it has been awhile since I’ve gone on and on about a book. I’m typically a romance reader. As for the genre of Commitment…I’m not sure what category it falls in, but it doesn’t matter. It was more than romance…it was a love story. It was more than fiction – because the story felt so real. And for you drama seekers – no worries – there was PLENTY of drama.

I’ll end with this – if you want to read a good (engaging) story that pulls you in and makes you one with the characters, I recommend you read Commitment by Nia Forrester.

Go ahead and get your copy. Amazon


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