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Irresistible Husband Series! #comingsoon #romancenovels @DelaneyDiamond @1Slynne

Hi All!

I have some exciting news! I am collaborating with authors Sheryl Lister and Delaney Diamond to bring you the enticing and sexy Irresistible Husband Series! Coming, September 10, 2020! You don’t want to miss this series! Preorder today!

About the stories:

SHOW ME – Sharon C. Cooper

Just when he thought finding a wife was out of his reach

Colton “Cole” Eubanks is laser focused on building wealth and settling down with a special woman before he turns forty. Accomplishing one out of two isn’t bad. Unfortunately, there’s no ‘love of his life’ on the horizon, unless he counts the one woman who’s been starring in his nightly dreams—Malaya Radcliff.

After being dependent on one person after another for years, Malaya has finally learned to stand on her own. There’s only one thing she hasn’t been able to accomplish—gain full custody of her daughter. Her ex-husband never fights fair. His wealth always wins. This time Malaya’s determined to come out on top.

So when Cole, the man she’s been secretly in lust with for over a year, makes her an offer she’d be crazy to refuse, Malaya wants to say yes. But that means sacrificing her newfound independence. Yet, his enticing proposal has her thinking—why not?

Preorder your copy today!

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DO ME – Sheryl Lister

Staring forty in the face, Braxton Harper is accustomed to having everything in his life fall into its precise place. Only he hasn’t found that special one and he refuses to settle for anything less than a woman who is his perfect match. The moment Londyn Grant dances into his life, Braxton is convinced he’s found her. Kiss by sizzling kiss, the sexy doctor slowly lets her guard down. Now, if she’d only let him into her heart…

Londyn knows heartbreak. By day, the psychologist counsels others, but she has yet to find a way to heal her own heart. The last thing she wants is another relationship. However, sensual and sensitive Braxton tempts her to open up and, for the first time in her life, she’s letting passion rule. But it’s going to take a little therapeutic intervention—in and out of the bedroom—to get Londyn to see that this time she’s found the real thing.

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LOVE ME – Delaney Diamond

Hard-working corporate attorney Axel Becker has tried settling down in the past, but when the relationship didn’t work out, he focused on his career to the exclusion of everything else. Enter, Naphressa St. James. The sexy project manager is a former lover and reminds him of what his life could be—fun, exciting. She’s just the woman he might need to shake him out of a rut, but convincing her they belong together will be a lot harder than he expected.

Naphressa admits she and Axel have chemistry, but she’s not looking for marriage—again. Been there, done that. Except the more time she spends with Axel, the more she finds the idea of settling down with him to be downright…irresistible.

Preorder your copy today!

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Find Delaney online at:

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Yes! Soul’s Desire and the Unparalleled Love series is now available! #Newrelease

Woo hoo! It’s release day!

I am super excited! SOUL’S DESIRE and the Unparalleled Love series is now available. Yay! Me, Stephanie Nicole Norris and Delaney Diamond have brought you a fun and sexy series to binge out on! We had a great time (and plenty of laughs) while pulling the series together. I hope you enjoy the three stories as much as we enjoyed writing them!

Books can be read in any order!






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Brooks Family Series by DelaneyDiamond! #SweetSensualPassionateRomance #BrooksFamilySeries #DelaneyDiamond #HonMagPR


Stand-Alone: yes
Series: Brooks Family, Books 1-5
Publisher: Garden Avenue Press
Genres: Romance, Contemporary Romance
Heat Level: Sensual

Book Tour: July 29 – August 2, 2019
Bookstagram: July 29 – August 2, 2019




Simone Brooks and Cameron Bennett should not be together. She’s a wealthy socialite looking for a suitable husband. A man with the right pedigree and an economic status that matches her own. He’s part owner of the hottest nightclub in Atlanta with his siblings. Someone who loves cooking, the outdoors, and women, not necessarily in that order.

After one night together, their sizzling chemistry makes it difficult to stay away. Then comes the hard part—navigating their differences to salvage a relationship that, while it may be imperfect, overflows with love and passion.

This book was previously part of The Bennett Triplets series.


For a LIMITED TIME, get A PASSIONATE LOVE for only 99¢!





As far as Sylvie Johnson is concerned, her ex-husband used her and left her and she cannot stand the sight of him. Fifteen years after their divorce, her feelings haven’t changed. She wants nothing to do with him—no matter what her beating heart suggests.

Oscar Brooks has always assumed that his ex-wife hates him, but after an unplanned kiss, he’s not so sure. Why does she always have such a hostile response to his presence? Is it love, or is it hate? He’s determined to find out.

This is a short story.


She’s devoted to her daughters.
Years ago, when her cheating husband left, Ella Brooks realized how much she’d changed and wasn’t sure how to get back to the woman she used to be. When she meets Tyrone Evers, the last thing she’s looking for is another relationship, but it turns out that the police detective is just too tempting to resist.

He’s devoted to his job.
Tyrone meets Ella when he’s investigating a break-in at her home, but ends up paying more attention to the wealthy socialite’s case, and her, than normal. After his wife cheated on him, he’s not looking for romance, he’s not looking for commitment, and he’s definitely not looking for love. But you don’t have to be looking for any of those things for them to find you.

And when life gives you a second chance, do you take it or run for cover?



He’s an introvert. She’s an extrovert.
He’s celibate. She’s…not.
What could possibly go wrong?

It started with a little white lie…
Lindsay Winthrop’s weekly podcast on sex and dating has garnered thousands of listeners across the country, thanks to experience with a loving fiancé she’s been with for years. Except, her husband-to-be doesn’t exist, and now she’s in a bind. With a book deal on the line, she has to find a man fast, and Malik Brooks might be just the man she’s looking for.

If he knows what’s good for him, he’ll stay away from her…
A few years ago Malik gave up sex and now works hard as a metal sculptor. In doing so, he’s created enough pieces to fill a gallery, and his vow of celibacy has kept him focused. When a major deal falls through, Lindsay makes him an offer he can’t refuse, and all he has to do is pretend to be her fiancé. Sounds easy at first, but after one kiss, he wants more. Then things really get interesting.



Two nights. One undeniable attraction.

To prove to his mother that he can be responsible, Stephan Brooks takes a job at her firm and promises to be a better son. But one glimpse of Roselle Parker, her up-and-coming protégé, and all his good intentions disappear. All he has to do is conduct himself in a professional manner, but a trip to Paris with Roselle proves too big of a temptation.

Roselle knows Stephan Brooks is nothing but trouble. She’s heard the stories, and her brief contact with him confirms they’re all true. But two nights in Paris and her inhibitions crumble beneath his seductive touch. They plan to leave what happened in Paris, in Paris. But the best-laid plans often go awry.



Enter for your chance to win this incredible prize package from Delaney Diamond!

  • signed copies of A Passionate Love, Do Over, Wild Thoughts, and Two Nights in Paris
  • Two Nights in Paris bookmark
  • reader’s choice of $20 Paypal cash or $20 Amazon gift card or $20 Barnes & Noble gift card

(Open to US and International entrants)



Delaney Diamond is the USA Today Bestselling Author of sweet, sensual, passionate romance novels, born and raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands. She reads romance novels, mysteries, thrillers, and a fair amount of nonfiction. When she’s not busy reading or writing, she’s in the kitchen trying out new recipes, dining at one of her favorite restaurants, or traveling to an interesting locale. To get sneak peeks, notices of sale prices, and find out about new releases, visit her website and join her mailing list. Enjoy free reads and the first chapter of all her novels at



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SOUL’S DESIRE (Unparalleled Love series) Coming Soon!

Hi All!

As some of you know, I am collaborating with authors Stephanie Nicole Norris and Delaney Diamond to bring you Unparalleled Love, the series. Coming soon!



Soul’s Desire – Sharon C. Cooper

Everlasting Desire – Stephanie Nicole Norris

Heart’s Desire – Delaney Diamond


Coming September 5, 2019!

*NOTE: All three books will release on the same day

Preorder links – coming soon!



Some past loves can stand the test of time

Ballet dancer Soul Carrington has lived her dream of traveling the world. But the past year has been one emotional hurtle after another until she moves back to Atlanta. Now life is looking up, especially when she comes face to face with a past love. A man who makes her heart dance pirouettes and her body pulse with desire.

Not a day has gone by that police officer Micah Olsen hasn’t longed for his first love. However, their encounter in Atlanta is not accidental. Yet, against his better judgment, he has to let her believe it is. Their attraction is more powerful than ever, and when hot kisses turn into heated nights, Micah knows he has to come clean.



Meet Soul Carrington:

Ballet dancer

World traveler (toured with a dance troupe)

Has only had one true love

Was engaged to a man she didn’t truly love

Older brother who is a former CIA secret agent (Atlanta’s Finest series)

Not afraid of a little dirty dancing

Desires a forever love


Meet Micah Olsen

Marine Corps Vet

Police Officer

College Graduate (Criminal Justice)

Fiercely protective of those he loves

Super nice guy…until he isn’t

Enjoys heated kisses under the stars

Friends with Soul’s brother – Myles Carrington (Atlanta’s Finest series)


UNPARALLELED LOVE series release date: 

September 5, 2019


About the other authors in the series:

Stephanie Nicole Norris is an author from Chattanooga, Tennessee with a humble beginning. She was raised with six siblings by her mother, Jessica. Always being a lover of reading, during Stephanie’s teenage years, her joy was running to the bookmobile to read stories by R.L. Stine. After becoming a young adult, her love for romance sparked, leaving her captivated by heroes and heroines alike. With a big imagination and a creative heart, Stephanie penned her first novel Trouble In Paradise and self-published it in 2012. Her debut novel turned into a four book series packed with romance, drama, and suspense. She went on to pen grin-inducing romance and to her pleasure was awarded BRAB’s Best Book Cover of 2018 and has been nominated for several other’s including, ‘BRAB’s 2018 Rochelle Alers Best Series Award for the Falling for a Rose Series. ‘BRAB’s Donna Hill Breakout Author Award 2018, as well as Girl Have You Read’s Favorite Romance of 2019 for With Your Permission. As a prolific writer, Stephanie’s catalog continues to grow. Her books can be found on Amazon as well as Currently, Stephanie resides in Tennessee with her husband and four-year-old son.


Delaney Diamond is the USA Today Bestselling Author of sweet, sensual, passionate romance novels, born and raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands. She reads romance novels, mysteries, thrillers, and a fair amount of nonfiction. When she’s not busy reading or writing, she’s in the kitchen trying out new recipes, dining at one of her favorite restaurants, or traveling to an interesting locale. To get sneak peeks, notices of sale prices, and find out about new releases, visit her website and join her mailing list. Enjoy free reads and the first chapter of all her novels at


***To get sneak peeks of future stories, excerpts and exclusive giveaways for newsletter followers only, be sure to sign up for my newsletter! Sign up HERE.


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Wild Thoughts by Delaney Diamond and Giveaway!

Have you read Delaney Diamond’s latest release – WILD THOUGHTS? If not, you’re missing out! Below, check out a sneak peek, and enter for a chance to win Delaney’s giveaway!

Series: Brooks Family, Book 3

Standalone: Yes

Publication Date: August 10, 2018

Publisher: Garden Avenue Press

Genre: Contemporary Romance

It started with a little white lie…
Lindsay Winthrop’s weekly podcast on sex and dating has garnered thousands of listeners across the country, thanks to experience with a loving fiancé she’s been with for years. Except, her husband-to-be doesn’t exist, and now she’s in a bind. With a book deal on the line, she has to find a man fast, and Malik Brooks might be just the man she’s looking for.

If he knows what’s good for him, he’ll stay away from her…
A few years ago, Malik gave up sex and now works hard as a metal sculptor. In doing so, he’s created enough pieces to fill a gallery, and his vow of celibacy has kept him focused. When a major deal falls through, Lindsay makes him an offer he can’t refuse, and all he has to do is pretend to be her fiancé. Sounds easy at first, but after one kiss, he wants more. Then things really get interesting.


Malik walked in holding a Styrofoam cup and brown paper sack and looked very delicious in a chest-hugging orange T-shirt and jeans. Her pulse rate tripled. She wanted him like she never wanted any man before. Breathe.

“Hey.” He gave the room a cursory review, and when the corners of his mouth pushed up into a slow, delicious smile, her toes curled in her shoes.

“What’s in the bag?” Lindsay went to stand in front of him.

“Mexican food from your new favorite place.” He handed the food and drinks to her.

His gaze traveled over her body, and she felt his look as if he’d trailed his fingers over her breasts and waist.

“My new favorite place?” she asked, continuing the friendly conversation despite the way the temperature in the room had raised a few notches. “On Buford Highway, I guess?”

“Of course.”

He was right. It was her new favorite place. She’d been back several times since their trip there.

Lindsay set the items on the table and peeked in the bag.

“A couple of tacos and a burrito,” Malik said. He was much closer now, his voice low and the heat from his body warming her back.

“That’s a lot of food.” She closed the bag.

“You can save some for later.”

Lindsay turned to face him, and he was standing closer than she thought. She reached for the mental strength required not to maul him.

“Why are you all up on me?” She stepped back so her thighs bumped the edge of the desk.

“Why do you think?” He came closer. A few more inches and they’d touch.

“I have no idea. I have no idea why you’re even here,” she whispered, because that’s all she could manage.

Malik hooked a finger in the waistband of her black slacks and pulled until the tips of her breasts touched his chest. His gaze dropped to her lips. “I think you know why I’m here.”

“Why don’t you tell me.”

His gaze flicked up to hers, and their eyes locked. “I’d rather show you.”

With a hand at her nape, Malik slanted his mouth over hers. She gave in without hesitation.

Get your copy today!

Google Play:
Amazon UK:
Amazon CA:


Prize: $10 gift card and signed copy of Do Over (Brooks Family #2) by Delaney Diamond

End Date: September 17, 2018 at 12:00 AM


About the author:

Delaney Diamond is the USA Today Bestselling Author of sweet, sensual, passionate romance novels, born and raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands. She reads romance novels, mysteries, thrillers, and a fair amount of nonfiction. When she’s not busy reading or writing, she’s in the kitchen trying out new recipes, dining at one of her favorite restaurants, or traveling to an interesting locale. To get sneak peeks, notices of sale prices, and find out about new releases, visit her website and join her mailing list. Enjoy free reads and the first chapter of all her novels at

Find Delaney online:

Author Website:






Goodreads Author Profile:

Add Book on Goodreads:

Amazon Author Page:

#DDWildThoughts #HonMagPR

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Huge Multi-Author Giveaway!


Hi All! Great news – I’ve teamed up with over 30 fantastic AA & MC authors to give away a huge collection of novels, PLUS a Kindle Fire to one lucky winner!

You can win my novel NEGOTIATING FOR LOVE, plus books from authors like Delaney Diamond, Rina Gray, L.V. Lewis and Vanessa Riley to name a few.

Enter the giveaway by clicking on this link:


Good luck! Hope you win!

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My Interview with Best Selling Author Delaney Diamond

I feel honored to have Best Selling Author and a very dear friend of mine, Delaney Diamond hang out on my blog today! Delaney is doing a virtual book tour and stopped by to introduce her latest release, The Blind Date.

Book Tour Banner_Oct 4

But fiirst, let’s get to know Delaney a little better. I had the pleasure of interviewing her recently and figured I’d share what she had to say:

Okay Delaney, at what point in your life did you realize being an author was no longer going to be just a dream but a career you were going to turn into reality?

I didn’t have dreams of being a writer, so for me it happened fairly quickly after I decided to become an author. The only reason I even tried writing was because people were always telling me how well I wrote, but that was nonfiction—reports, essays, letters, things like that. I had no idea if I could write fiction well, but less than a year after I started, I received a contract for my first book, The Arrangement, from a small press. It was full speed ahead after that.

Between your book writing, blogging, marketing, family and all the other things that can get in your way, how do you manage your time? Do you have a set schedule or do you sort of play it by ear?

I sort of play it by ear, but I really need to follow a schedule. I’d probably be more productive. Lol. I write for short periods each day. Some days are more productive than others. If I find I’m staring at a blank page or struggling to get through a particular scene, I’ll skip it and write a different scene in the book. I also use a timer to keep me on track. I might set the timer to write for an hour and when it goes off, I have permission to check emails or run errands, or play around on Facebook or something.

Who was the toughest character for you to “get right” that you have written so far?

That’s a hard question. In general, I think I always struggle with the female characters because the heroines are the ones who get blasted by readers and reviewers. Sometimes I think we’re a little hard on the heroines—myself included. The heroes, on the other hand, are allowed to be a-holes and forgiven as long as he makes the right changes and his actions can be justified. I spend more time trying to fine tune the heroines’ personalities so they don’t come off too weak, too strong, too annoying, too…well, you get the idea.

What do you find to be the hardest part of writing?

The actual writing. Haha. Sometimes I have a great idea, but I suffer from writer’s block. The way I try to work around it is to work on another project, do some research for the book, or write a different section of the book.

Delaney, you know what my favorite scene in The Blind Date was, but what was your favorite chapter (or scene) of The Blind Date to write and why?

My favorite parts were the flashback scenes when they were in Chicago. Even though this is a story about a couple who met and made love the first night they went out, I didn’t want it to just be about that. I wanted to show that they actually had a connection beyond the physical.

In The Blind Date, you get a glimpse of Ryan and Shawna when he approached her on the street, a bit nervously because they were younger and in her words, he was “less sure of himself, though very charming.” You also see them go out to dinner and go dancing.

Rumor has it you’re working on a new series The Johnson Boys. Can you tell us about this upcoming series and maybe a timeline for the first release? Also a little tease would be great?

The rumor is correct! The Johnson Boys is my next African-American family series, similar to my Hawthorne Family series. It’s called the Johnson Boys for now, but I’ve added a sister since I wrote the series name. You know how that is, we adjust as ideas come to us. Lol. The family owns a brewery in Seattle.  There’s Cyrus, Trenton, Xavier, Malcolm or Marlon (not sure what his name will be yet), and their sister, Ivy. Right now, the strongest stories in my head are for Cyrus, Trenton, and Ivy, so I haven’t really decided which one I will work on first, but in the meantime, I’ve been taking notes and have written pieces of the stories in between my other manuscripts.

And since you asked for a little tease, below is an unedited snippet from one of the books tentatively titled Just Friends. Lana and Trenton are best friends and she’s just returned from a visit to her family in Arizona. Trenton comes over to see her, but his sweet best friend has gone through some changes that he doesn’t like. Specifically, she’s colored her hair and is now wearing contacts instead of glasses.

Trenton scratched his head. “I don’t understand. What’s going on with you? What’s with all the changes?”

Lana shrugged and started spooning food onto the plates. “Like I said, I’m not getting any younger. I turned thirty two months ago, and it’s time for me to act like a woman and look like one.”

“I liked the way you looked.”

She smiled briefly at him over her shoulder. “That’s sweet, but you’re just saying that cause you’re my friend. I want to know what a man thinks.”

I’m a man.” What the hell?

She giggled on her way to the refrigerator. “You know what I mean. You’re more like a girlfriend than a man.”

Since when?

He was slightly offended by the comment, but he chose to ignore it because there were more pressing matters to address. As Lana poured lemonade—hers was good and tart because she made it with fresh lemons and none of that powdered stuff—into two glasses, he paid close attention to her. She didn’t just look different, she was acting different. He hadn’t noticed it before, but she was more confident. It must be the new hair and the contacts. And the shorts. They were the shortest pair of shorts he’d ever seen her wear. They put her legs on display in a way that made him take notice. Had her legs always been that long?

She was small up top but thick on the bottom, and it was never more noticeable than today. Her butt looked round and full, and her hips looked like they’d widened since he’d seen her last.


“No comment?” Lana asked, walking toward him with a glass in each hand. She handed one to him.

“About what?”

“About everything. My new look?” Her voice was soft, disappointed. She’d expected a different reaction, and for the life of him he couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t excited for her.

“You look nice. I mean, you know, it’s different. It’ll take some getting used to.” He took a large swig of lemonade, wishing it was something stronger.


Lol, I can’t wait to read more! Okay, now Delaney I have some random questions:

What’s the most amusing thing that’s ever happened to you?

I have no idea, but I can tell you something amusing that happened to me recently. When my nephew and I came back from vacation this summer, I dropped him off at home. I was walking behind him and fell. I just missed my footing, tripped, and fell, landing on my hands. (Great reflexes, right?) My keys were in my hand, and the car key broke off the keychain. When it broke, the edge cut a gash in my palm and I started bleeding. I know this doesn’t sound funny, but it was. I can’t remember the last time I fell, and it was so sudden and so random that I couldn’t help but laugh.

Could you tell us three random facts about yourself?

Random fact 1: Roaches scare the bejeezus out of me. Especially the big ones that fly.

Random fact 2: I’m not a morning person. I have to force myself out of bed every day. If I didn’t, I’d probably stay there until 10 am.

Random fact 3: I hate carrots.

All right, last question: What are you currently working on, and what else is in the wings?

I’m working on The Wrong Man, which is book 2 of the Love Unexpected series. Although the books are connected, they are stand alone stories and don’t have to be read in order. After The Wrong Man, I’ll be working on one of The Johnson Boys stories and More Than a Mistress, which will be another interracial romance due some time next spring. No date yet on either project.

Cover_The Blind Date_200X300

Blurb for: The Blind Date

One night changes everything . . . again.

Years ago, when Ryan Stewart saw Shawna Ferguson, it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, he wasn’t a free man, and his deception caused him to lose her after a weekend that changed his life.

When Shawna’s sister and brother-in-law set her up on a blind date, she has no idea it’s with Ryan, with whom she’d spent a weekend she wishes she could forget. She reluctantly agrees to finish the date with him, but doing so leaves her vulnerable to his charms and the heat he ignited in her that very first night.


Excerpt for: The Blind Date 

Her brow furrowed. “Why me?” she asked. “Out of all these women walking around out here.”

“There are other women out here?” Ryan looked around at the pedestrians as if seeing them for the first time. “I didn’t even notice. I only have eyes for you.”

A beat later, they both burst out laughing.

“Good one,” Shawna said. “Have you used it before?”

“First time. I thought of it on the fly. Good though, right?” He stopped grinning and looked her in the eyes to make sure she knew how serious he was. “But I meant it. Let me buy you dinner.”

“Ryan, I’m not interested in seeing anyone right now. You seem very sweet, but I’ll be leaving in a couple of days, so I don’t think this is a good idea.”

He couldn’t let her get away. She had to say yes. He’d come to Chicago to clear his head, and somehow he knew she’d play an important role in helping him finalize the decision he’d been struggling to make.

“It’s only dinner.” He could see her waver as she shifted from one foot to the other and tucked her purse closer to her body. “When do you get off?”

She laughed nervously. “This is ridiculous.”

“No, it’s not. You have to eat and I want to feed you. Makes sense to me.” He hoped that by keeping the conversation light, she wouldn’t overthink it and slip from his grasp, leaving him standing there with no way to see her again. “What kind of food do you like?”

Shawna shook her head in defeat. “French cuisine is my favorite.”

“And when do you get off?”

“At six.”

“I’ll be here at five-fifty, waiting.”

“If you’re not, it’s no big deal.” She shrugged.

He fixed his gaze on her face. “I hope that’s not true.”

She hesitated, tilting her head slightly, brown eyes observing him as if trying to figure him out. She obviously still doubted his sincerity.

“I’ll see you at six, Ryan Stewart.”


Buy Links

Get it now for FREE until October 7, 2013: Amazon

Contest information:

Not only is Delaney Diamond giving away a free copy of her book, she’s having a contest!

Prize: Winners choice of four (4) of the following items: (1) Delaney Diamond T-shirt in large or extra large (2) Delaney Diamond two-tone tote bag (3) $20 gift card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble (4) Delaney Diamond keychain (5) an autographed copy of Hot Latin Men Vol. I (6) an autographed copy of Hot Latin Men Vol. II (7) four bookmarks with Delaney Diamond book covers.

Eligibility: You must be a subscriber to Delaney’s blog – Prizes open to U.S. and international entrants.

How to enter: Correctly match each blog on her tour with its description. Visit the contest post on her website for the details.

Deadline to enter: October 13, 2013 at 11:59 pm EST

Winners will be notified by email and announced on the contest post on her website.

Delaney’s Contact info.

Website |Facebook | Twitter | Romance Novels In Color

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Breaking News: New Harlequin Kimani Romance Authors

It’s official, in the last few months, Harlequin Kimani Romance has signed on three new authors…guess who! Ahh, you’ll probably never guess, so I’ll tell you. Yours truly, Sharon C. Cooper and my dear friends, Candace Shaw and Delaney Diamond have recently signed with Harlequin! Woo hoo!

We’re all very excited about this new endeavor and are looking forward to working with Harlequin Kimani Romance! Note: make sure you stop by Candace and Delaney’s blogs to congratulate them and to learn more about their exciting news (just click on their name wherever it appears in this post).


How I arrived here:

About a year ago, I did a blog post entitled “My Three-book Deal” where I announced my “self-made” three-book deal, promising to self-publish three books in 2012. Well, imagine my surprised when a few months after publishing my first novel, I was contacted by the senior editor of Harlequin Kimani Romance! Yeah, I know, I was shocked too! Long story short, I now have a two-book deal with Harlequin Kimani Romance and the first book will be released Spring of 2014 and the second book – Fall of 2014.

I won’t go into great detail about how this came to be, but I will tell you this – when I first talked with the editor, I had to ask, “How in the world did you find me?” I’m thinking she probably gets thousands of submissions daily, but nothing from me…so how did she find me? The editor said (her exact words), “I was hanging out on Barnes and Noble’s website and ran across your book Something New.” I’m telling you this part of the story because if you’re an aspiring author, and you haven’t considered self-publishing, you might want to reconsider. Apparently, sending submissions to traditional publishers is not the only way to get discovered.

Okay, so a year ago when I created my “self-made” three-book deal, I never imagined that post would turn into so much more! Not only am I writing for Harlequin, but I will continue to self-publish other titles. So stay tuned as I carry on through this exciting writing journey.

BTW, if you have subscribed to my blog, website or have LIKED my Facebook Fan Page, you’ll get first hand information as well as sneak peeks of all my upcoming novels and book covers.

Last, but not least, to all of you who have supported and have encouraged me during this past year (no matter how big or small) – thank you so much! You have a special spot in my heart and I truly appreciate you!

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Romancing the Hop – By Any Means Necessary

Okay you blog hoppers let’s talk romance, and then give away some prizes (including a Kindle Fire)!

Over the next four days (August 31st – Sept. 3rd), if you participate in Romancing the Hop you have an opportunity to win well over 200 prizes – including 3 grand prizes! You’ll also get to know over 200 authors, and find out about some amazing romance novels!

But first things first…

I can’t think about romance novels without thinking about the heart stopping heroes in those novels. By their behaviors, and in some cases, their words, they set out to get the woman they want by any means necessary. During the last year of his life, Malcolm X gave a speech and made popular the phrase – by any means necessary. Granted he used the phrase to encourage individuals to consider all tactics when it came to getting what they wanted, but that’s not much different than the heroes in our favorite romance novels. Our romance heroes are powerful, ruthless in some cases, sweet and conniving in others, yet, in the end they get what they want – their woman. So, instead of me listing all of my favorite romance heroes from historical romance novels to romantic suspense, I’ve picked two of my favorites.

Tyler Hollister from my novel – Blue Roses

Out of all of the stories I’ve written (and those that are in the queue to be written), Tyler Hollister is my favorite. I love, love, love him – and how he operates. He wants what he wants, and he’s not afraid to go after it. Here’s a little blurb about Blue Roses:

Where most women would welcome love from a wealthy, good-looking man, Chicago-based investment manager, Dallas Marcel, is not one of them. She will never let a man control her life again. That includes handsome entrepreneur, Tyler Hollister. Dallas is on track to making partner and she’s not letting anything or anyone get in her way. But when her life is put in danger, and a Ponzi scheme ignites a SEC investigation of her firm, she realizes the one man she’d banned from her heart, might be the only one who can save her career and her life.

Tall, dark, and handsome, Tyler Hollister can have any woman he wants, but he only wants one – Dallas. When he starts talking marriage, she breaks things off between them, claiming she doesn’t want a romantic entanglement to hinder her plight to making partner. A chance meeting, six months later, brings them face to face and Tyler soon realizes the intense sexual attraction they once shared is stronger than ever. But he swore he was done with her. Except he finds out her life is in danger, and his protective instincts take over. Can he save her life without losing his heart … again?

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One of my other favorite heroes in a romance novel is: Derrick Hoffman from A Hard Man to Love by Delaney Diamond. Can I just say that Derrick’s personality jumped off the page and as the story progressed, the more in love I became! This man took the phrase By Any Means Necessary to a whole different level. Here’s a blurb about A Hard Man to Love:

Hating him is easy. Loving him is hard.

Derrick Hoffman never quite got over not having a relationship with his biological father. The woman he was seeing is pregnant, and there’s no way he’s going to let her raise his child without him—even if it means coercing her into marriage.

Eva Jacob made the mistake of falling in love with Derrick, a man she knows is incapable of love. After their breakup, she discovers she’s pregnant. When she agrees to a loveless marriage, she tries to shield her heart from further pain. But she soon discovers that the heart wants what the heart wants, and her heart wants Derrick’s love.

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Okay, so now let’s give away some prizes!

Here’s what you can win:

An e-copy of Blue Roses AND a $10 Amazon gift card

An e-copy of A Hard Man to Love

Grand Prizes:

A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet

 A $130 Amazon or B&N Gift Card

And/or the following Swag Pack!

Here’s how you can enter to win:

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Deadline: You must enter (see instructions above) no later than 11:59 p.m est on Monday, September 3, 2012. That means you can enter to win any day from today, August 31, 2012 until Monday, September 3, 2012!

I will post the names of ALL winners on this blog site by Wednesday, September 5, 2012. Note: Winners will have been contacted via email by this time.

Good Luck – I hope you win!

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The Versatile Blogger

Okay, so before I tell you about another cool award that I’ve won, let me first say that today I’ve been invited to hang out at Delaney Diamonds blog today This is REALLY cool, because I’m such a fan of hers – and she’s interviewing me! Stop by and check me out. Oh, AND make sure you leave a comment when you stop by for a chance to win a prize. First prize – $10 gift card and an e-copy of Something New, and second prize – an e-copy of Something New.  Double your chances by leaving a comment on my blog, as well as Delaney’s blog TODAY.


Okay, now for my award! A few days ago, Ms. Jordanna East over at nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award (Yay!). I never thought of myself as a versatile blogger – but I’m thrilled that I’m seen as one! As part of the nomination, I have to share seven facts about myself and nominate fifteen other bloggers. Now mind you, I’m still fairly new at this blogging stuff, so I don’t know if I can come up with fifteen blogs that I’m familiar with and enjoy – but of course I’ll try. But first, a few facts about me:

Fact 1: I was third runner-up in the Ms. Patricia Stevens pageant – like a hundred years ago!

Fact 2: I was a sheet metal worker for ten years, which is definitely going to play into my new book series coming out in 2013 – Jenkins Family Series (Note: my short story, Best Woman for the Job is a prequel to this series).

Fact 3: My all time favorite store is the Container Store (I hear angels whenever I walk through the doors).

Fact 4: I’ve been married for almost ten years to the most amazing man.

Fact 5: My second novel, Blue Roses, is scheduled for release at the end of June (yay!). Stay tuned for more details in the near future.

Fact 6: I’m still looking forward to being in an anthology (romance) with two of my favorite authors – Beverly Jenkins and Brenda Jackson. I picture my story being dead-smack in the middle of theirs.

Fact 7: I dream of being a secondary character in one of Delaney Diamond’s romance novels. I picture myself as a starving romance writer who moonlights at a five-star hotel as a maid. And to take it a little farther, I see myself being called to the main character’s room (one of Delaney’s gorgeous alpha male characters), and being asked to have dinner with him since he hates eating alone. …it could happen. And since I’m happily married, I’d introduce him to my cool (single) sister.

Okay, so my nominees for the Versatile Blogger award are (in no particular order):

Claire Fadden

Candace Shaw

Delaney Diamond

Jamila Gomez

Yawatta Hosby

M.J. Kane

Alicia McCalla

Chicki Brown

I know that’s only eight…but that’s all I could come up with off the top of my head.

DON’T FORGET I wanna to see you over at Delaney Diamond’s blog TODAY! – When you leave a comment on Delaney Diamonds blog AND my blog, you double your chances of winning! First prize – $10 gift card and an e-copy of Something New and second prize – an e-copy of Something New. Be sure to leave your comment before 7pm tonight (EST) and include your first name and last initial within the comment. The winners will be announced on my website tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, with instructions on how to claim prize(s). Sharon’s website:

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