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Just thinking…

Aha! Shower Power

I was just thinking…

Well, actually I was just thinking that I do my best thinking in the shower. After spending hours working on a scene for a future book, my brain stopped cooperating. I tried everything to get my creative juices flowing  – eating chocolate, playing a couple of hands of FreeCell on the computer, and I even did forty-five minutes of step aerobics  – nothing worked. So I decided to take a shower and had planned to work on something else afterwards. And as usual, during my shower the scene I’d been working on became crystal clear, and the opening for the next scene materialized!

That whole shower episode is not out of the norm (for me), it seems I do my best thinking…in the shower. It’s amazing the things I come up with! How to work less and make more; how to re-organize the master closet without spending more money at my favorite store (The Container Store), and I came up with an idea of how to drop a few pounds before my vacation. Just last week while fine-tuning ideas for my next book series (The Jenkins Family), it was a shower that jump-started my muse and helped me complete the five-book series ideas. Go figure.

…if only I could figure out how to write in the shower without my paper getting soggy, or my laptop becoming water logged…

But what about you? When do your bright ideas or solutions pop into your head?


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