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In Search of a Healing Place – Nikki Walker

Nikki Walker -book coverIt is with great pleasure that I welcome the author of Redemptive Acts, Nikki Walker, to my blog! Today Nikki is telling us a little about herself, and she’s introducing her soon to be released novel – In Search of a Healing Place. But first, let’s get to know Nikki better.

Nikki, tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up in Newark, NJ.  I had one sister who died young and have one younger and one older brother. I have always loved reading.  Actually, I loved reading so much that my mom as well as the teacher that ended up skipping me from the 6th to the 8th grade would threaten to take away that privilege if I rushed through my home and schoolwork. I am now a stay at home wife and mother of an eight year old (eight is the new pre-teen).

What is your writing process? Do you outline, fly by the seat of your pants or a combination of both?

 I now do both.  If my flow is effortless, I fly by the seat of my pants. When I start to feel blocked, I begin to outline the scenes.  This helps when I can’t find the words to convey what I’m feeling.

What is your greatest accomplishment as an author so far?

I love the feedback that I have gotten from my book Redemptive Acts.  I have gotten reviews from a mom who gifted it to her college age daughters as a cautionary tale.  I also received a review from a woman who said it encouraged her to overcome some of the fears in her life. This surpassed any of my expectations and gave me great joy.

That’s wonderful, Nikki! I know how rewarding it is to hear from readers who are encouraged by your work! Makes it all worthwhile, whether you’re helping one or one hundred.

So tell me, what are your pet peeves?

It’s very sad to me that more authors aren’t as supportive as they could be to each other.  I am grateful to have a few friends in my life that are consistent in their support regardless of what project they are working on or what is going  on in their lives. 

What are your favorite types of movies to watch?

I like action adventures, romance and some comedies. 

Which heroine from your books do you most closely identify with and why?

I actually have to name two, Naya and Cherise.  I name them both because I’m not as strong as Naya and I’m not as weak as Cherise.   I guess I am a twist between the two in having to build self-esteem late in life and finally realizing that I am loved and thereby lovable. (smile)

Like both of them, I cherish and appreciate my marriage. Like Naya and Marcus, my marriage was given a second chance and my husband and I remarried after a two-year separation—now bringing our marital years to a total of 22.  Like Cherise and Jonathan, my husband is truly my best friend.

Wow, 22 years, that’s Awesome! I wish you both many, many, many more years together!

Okay, Nikki, I have enjoyed stopping by your blog for book chats, what inspired you to create Nikki’s Book Chats?

I thought creating a blog would give me a space to connect with readers.  It has proved to be a great platform and more recently, I have enjoyed interviewing a number of authors.

What advice would you give aspiring authors?

Don’t give up on your dream.  Be prepared for the business side of writing.

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter.  We enjoy getting together with others occasionally.  When I am home in VA, I enjoy getting together with my girlfriends. These are truly diamond friendships—rare and priceless. I will be seeing them at the end of the month. I moved away from VA a year and a half ago, so going home for a visit makes getting together with them mandatory.

How do you celebrate each book release?

With Redemptive Acts, I had a contestI am still considering what to do for In Search of a Healing Place.

Tell us a little about your soon to be released – In Search of a Healing Place

This is second in my Redemptive Series, the follow up to Redemptive Acts. Tyrone has some major adjustments to make. He is fresh out of jail and has been turned away from the life of luxury that Wheeler Industries, the family hotel chain, used to afford him.  His days of being the spoilt younger son are over.  He transitions from jail to working for his father as a Mail Department Manager.  Not exactly what he envisioned while serving his time.  Nor did he think he’d be living in a rental that he would have to pay for out of his new, greatly-reduced salary.  Farryn Grant, his father’s personal assistant, has been assigned to help him transition to a much simpler life.  Neither of them anticipate how this arrangement will affect their hearts.

Most importantly, Tyrone has to figure out how to make peace with the pain he has caused his brother and sister-in-law, Cherise whom he raped during a frat party.  This assault continues to fracture his family, who are in the process of healing.  None of them have quite figured out how to deal with the fact that while he is the father of Diamond, the child that resulted from the assault, it’s his brother who is raising her. This story leaves one wondering if there can be redemption for Tyrone.  Will he and his hurting family ever find a healing place?

 What was your inspiration behind – In Search of a Healing Place?

Many things. Date rape in the media I am sure planted a seed in my subconscious mind.  It made me think of how many women, my mom included, have survived traumatic events and gone on to build a productive and enjoyable life.  Also like Cherise, I know what it’s like to feel unloved and at one time in my life believe I was unlovable.  I wanted to take all of these things and show how a person can use principles of faith to help them to cope with life as they find the path to happiness. Tyrone is the antagonist in this book.  He is the person that rapes Cherise. I wanted to believe that there was something redeemable in his character.  With the encouragement from Nia Forrester, I began to realize Tyrone had a story as well.  It has been an unexpected joy to chronicle his growth as a person, as a man and as a father.


Tyrone looked at him expectantly.  He slowly stood in front of Jonathan.  “So, you wanna hit me Jon? Wanna beat me down? Go ahead. I know I deserve that and more. As long as you understand that when you’re done, nothing will be changed and Diamond –well she’ll still be my daughter.”

“You’re right Ty—nothing will have changed.”  He drew back his fisted hand and slammed it into Ty’s jaw, knocking him backwards. “But I sure feel a lot better!”  Jonathan yelled as Tyrone slid down the chair onto the floor. Then he nursed his now raw fist. “You know what Ty? I wish I’d done that a long time ago! I hate how you just waltzed through life in a nonchalant bubble, popping in and out of people’s lives while you burn everything down around you. Without a care in the world, you took away Cherise’s trust, her innocence and her ability to accept that she is loved!  That’s what I’m left with trying to fix!” He turned away from Tyrone, disgust burnishing his features.  He walked over to the wall and snatched the largest portrait of Diamond, slamming it down to the floor.  He moved to reach for another when Tyrone scrambled up and ran at Jon head first, knocking him into the entertainment stand, sending the books, pictures and sculptures his mother sent crashing to the floor.

Jonathan grabbed Tyrone around the neck and began battering his fist against his face repetitively.

Tyrone stretched his arms in vain to get Jonathan to relinquish his hold.  Finally, he elbowed Jon in his gut.  Once Jonathan loosened his hold, Ty pulled his arm back and slammed it into Jonathan’s jaw sending him sprawling onto the floor.

Tyrone walked over to where he lay.  His jaw and eye throbbed as he looked down at his brother. Through the clenched teeth of an aching jaw he said, “I wish I could go back in time and fix everything Jon.  My heart aches from what I did to Cherise and I am sorry about how it has affected you.”

“Oh shut up!” Jonathan yelled as he used the armchair to pull himself up from the floor.  He slumped back against the chair cushion.  “Get me some ice! You need some too.” He growled leaning his head back against the top of the chair before closing his eyes.


Whoo! I definitely want to see how these brothers fix their differences!

In Search of a Healing Place is coming soon. In the meantime, check out Redemptive Acts on Amazon!

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Nikki, how can readers connect with you and keep up with future book releases? 

They can reach me at any of the following:





Blog/Website: Nikki’s Book Chats


Nikki, thanks for stopping by and sharing a little about yourself! We’re looking forward to reading, In Search of a Healing Place!

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