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Only Her Heart by Olivia Linden


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Only Her Heart, by Olivia Linden


Holding the pieces of her drama riddled life, Jade decides to leave her disappointments in the past and move on. When her aunt opens up about a family secret, she realizes that everyone else seems to do what they please. Well, now so will she. Building life from the ground up isn’t easy, but with the right friends, she creates the life of her once forgotten dreams.

At the crux of an intense love tug-o-war, the one question she must answer is which man will play the lead role? Will Julian, the ‘bad boy’ who mysteriously walks back into her life manage to win her heart? Will she find forgiveness and a happy ending with John, Mr. “almost perfect’? Maybe there is someone new on the horizon that she can start fresh with. Life is never simple for Jade, but when she listens to her heart, she begins to open doors to a whole new world.

With new friends, and new exciting adventures, Jade is growing into a woman that she is proud of. The real question she needs to figure out is? What does she want her life to become?


“Hey,” John murmured, cradling my face between his large hands.

“Hi,” I replied. There was a slight tremor to my voice caused by the nostalgia that being near him evoked. John. He had been the only thing that kept me sane when it felt like everything around me was falling apart. Now there was so much upheaval around me, I didn’t know where that left us. The conflicted look in his eyes as he looked into mine, further intensifying things. His eyes kept wandering to the almost faded bruise near my mouth from being manhandled. God, I don’t want his pity. Anything but pity, please!

“I don’t know what to say right now. I’m just happy to see you,” he finally spoke.

“I’m glad you’re here too.” I tried to smile through the crack in my heart. Once again John resorted to silence as he continued to hold me. Raheem Devaughn sang about his Luv Drug while my insides were churning with clashing emotions. I wanted to be consumed with the comfort I found in John’s arms, but part of me felt like I should keep some distance between us until I figured out what the hell I wanted. John’s words interrupted my emotional caucus.

“Is it ok if I kiss you?” He leaned in closer before I could even answer. Not yet touching my lips, but close enough that I could smell spearmint every time he took a breath. Close enough for me to make out the hints of amber and greens that tinted his hazel eyes. Wasn’t I just thinking about distance or something? Chile’ Please! I nodded my response and then closed the distance between us. John buried both hands into my carefully styled curls, insuring that I couldn’t escape his embrace. Like I even wanted to.

Our lips slowly did a lip caressing dance before he tentatively brought his tongue into the mix. I parted my lips, allowing him in and breathed a contented sigh when he deepened the kiss. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I held him closer, taking in all of his warmth. He kissed me slowly but thoroughly enough to send errant shivers down my spine. Before things progressed to an out of control level, he pulled away. Much like the kisses when I was in high school that were harmless, but still left me breathless.

Only Her Heart Cast Trailer:

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Olivia Linden Bio:

Olivia Linden, a native New Yorker, was raised between Queens and San Antonio, TX. Currently living in Florida with her 10 year-old son, she decided it was time to follow her dreams of becoming a full time author. Her creative itch began when her elementary school principal posted one of her stories in the halls of her school. She was only seven at the time, but old enough to understand how integral writing would be to her future. From that moment on, reading and writing became her two greatest passions.

Olivia is a newbie to the industry, but she hasn’t stopped writing since she found her literary voice all those years ago. Jaded Hearts, her first published novel, mixes her big personality, with a sexy yet humorous tone. It is her philosophy that laughter is essential to making it through even the toughest situations.

Find your passion with Jaded Hearts by Olivia Linden.





Book website:!bio/c1ktj


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Jaded Hearts:

Only Her Heart:


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Color of Love Blog Hop and Giveaway -2

ColorofLove_BloghopOkay, I goofed  – yesterday and today *sigh*! Click here for the official link to the Color of Love Blog Hop and Giveaway. …for real this time!

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Color of Love Blog Hop and Giveaway

ColorofLove_BloghopWhat better way to kick off the holiday season than with some great books? The Color of Love Blog Hop, co-hosted by Empi BaryehKiru Taye and Nana Prah promises to do just that! From November 21st thru November 25th, not only do you get to meet some great writers, but you also get a chance to win LOTS of books and prizes (including a $50 gift card)!

I’ll tell you about the giveaway shortly, but first, let me introduce you to my Color of Love featured novel – Rendezvous with Danger, book 2 of the Reunited Series. Two words – Quinn Hamilton. He’s HOT, he’s a former Navy SEAL and he would do anything for Alandra Pargas – even put his life on the line. Check out the blurb and excerpt below for Rendezvous with Danger.

Rendezvous w-Danger - Book Cover


Alandra Pargas, ex-CIA counter-intelligence officer, plans to wreak vengeance on the people who tried to kill her. A little rendezvous with danger is not what scares her, though. It’s seeing the tall, dark, and dangerously sexy man she vowed to love forever that has her running for cover.

Former U.S. Special Operative, Quinn Hamilton, left the world of covert operations after the love of his life died in his arms during a black op. Three years later, he still loses sleep wondering if maybe he could have done something more to save her – until Alandra shows up on his doorstep. With her lies and betrayal, he wants nothing to do with her, yet, his heart won’t cooperate. It’s not until unknown enemies come after her that he must decide if he can leave the past behind and protect the woman he’ll always love. Will they survive this last mission and rekindle the love and passion they once shared?


Holy Mother of… There is no way she can be alive. When the woman rose from the sofa, Quinn took a slow perusal of her body from the top of her head down to the red ballerina-like shoes covering her feet. Behind the long straight reddish hair, green contact lenses, and a thinner body than he remembered, stood the woman he’d vowed to love until the end of time. Alandra – dark olive skin, the flattened nose inherited from her Hispanic father, full lips, and a curvaceous body all from her African American mother. Her mixed race was more apparent than he remembered.

He moved in closer. Despite the minor changes to her appearance he was almost sure it was her, but how was it possible? He had held her bloodied body in his arms. No way could she have survived a bullet to the chest. Never had he been at a loss for words when it came to a beautiful woman, but when the woman was supposed to be dead, words escaped him.

“Q, don’t tell me you know this woman,” Malik roared.

“Keep him away from me,” Alandra said of Malik.

Quinn shook his head in disbelief when she spoke. Her deep velvety voice could have easily belonged to a 1-900 phone sex operator.

“You attacked me!” Malik yelled. “I think you busted up one of my ribs with that judo shit. Who the hell are you anyway?”

The question jolted Quinn out of his coma-like shock. He looked from Malik to Wiz, who had just returned with the ice. “I need you guys to give us a minute.”

Malik shook his head. “No way, man. Not before you tell us who she is.”

Quinn narrowed his eyes at Malik, wishing he’d back off, but in all fairness, Quinn couldn’t be mad at them for wanting some answers. Hell, he wanted some too. He looked over his shoulder at Alandra.

“Why don’t you tell my friends who you really are Ms. Aguilar?”

Alandra tilted her head. “Porque no puedes decirles? Ellos son tus amigos.”

He stiffened as though she had struck him. Yeah, these guys were his friends and sure he could tell them who she was, but he was still trying to process her actually being alive, and in his house! The last thing he wanted to do was play games. Feeling his patience wane, he said as calmly as he could. “I want you to tell them.”

Her hands slammed on her hips and she huffed, “My name is Velvet Aguilar.”

With one-step, Quinn was in her face. “Tell them who the hell you really are!”

She jumped at his tone, and Quinn felt Wiz and Malik jolt to attention.

“Come on, Q,” Wiz stepped closer, his hand on Quinn’s shoulder. “Don’t you think you’re being a little harsh?”

Quinn ignored the question, his eyes trained on Alandra. A few seconds passed with them staring at each other.

“Fine. My name is Alandra Pargas-Hamilton … Quinn’s wife.”


Buy it Now! 

Amazon | CreateSpace   Available on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and All Romance ebooks: November 26, 2013

Note: If you haven’t read the short story prequel – Secret Rendezvous – it’s *FREE*! Click here for your copy.

About the Giveaway:

This is how the blog hop works. Each blog stop is giving away prizes AND the blog hop has four great prizes as well! You can go to EACH blog and comment with your email address and be entered to win. That means you can enter MANY times!

Here’s what I’m giving away:

1st Prize – A $15 Amazon or B&N gift card (you must be a subscriber to this blog or follow me on Facebook to be eligible for this prize)

2nd Prize – An ecopy of Blue Roses, book 1 of the Reunited Series and a $5 Amazon or B&N gift card

How to enter to win:

In the comment section below, answer one of the following questions: What do you enjoy most about IR/Multi-cultural romance novels? Or, why do you read romance novels?

Good Luck – I hope you win!

(don’t forget to leave a comment below)


Here are the Color of Love Blog Hop Prizes:


1st prize: $50 Amazon gift card + 8 ebooks
2nd prize: $30 Amazon gift card+ 8 ebooks
3rd prize: $20 Amazon gift card + 8 ebooks
4th prize: $10 Amazon gift card + 8 ebooks

How to enter to win:  Rafflecopter 

Click here for the list of blogs participating in the Color of Love Blog Hop.

Deadline: You must enter no later than 11:59 p.m est on Monday, November 25, 2013.

I will post winners in the comment section below by Wednesday, November 27th. Note: The winner will have been contacted via email by this time.

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Chapters Book Club – Rocks!

Chapters Book Club - groupThis past Sunday, my editor and I took a trip to Columbia, South Carolina and hung out with the women of Chapters Book Club. Let me just say – I had a BLAST! They treated us as if we were old friends. The atmosphere was so warm and inviting and I honestly felt at home!

As a fairly new author (yes author Delaney Diamond – I still feel like I’m new at this), I was absolutely flattered and honored that they contacted me and told me that they were reading Best Woman for the Job and Still the Best Woman for the Job for their November book(s). There are millions of books they could have chosen, but the fact that they chose a couple of my stories to read … was humbling. Of course, when they invited me to the meeting, I had to attend!

Best Woman - 2 covers

As an avid reader, I’m a huge fan of book clubs and have always enjoyed discussing books (good or bad ones). So to be a part of a discussion where my work was discussed – what an awesome, awesome experience! I found out that most of the women in the group are not big romance novel readers (so I’m really glad that my contemporary romances are a cross between romance and women’s fiction). At any rate, it was wild to watch and hear them discuss my work. It was as if they were personal friends with the characters! I loved it! As a writer, when you’re putting words on paper, becoming one with your characters, you just hope that readers will feel what you feel when you’re creating a certain scene or that they understand where your characters are coming from. And this group – got-it! Though Toni (heroine) worked some of their nerves, they understood her (mainly because she’s young). They totally embraced the family/patriarch theme of the Jenkins Family Series that I aimed to set up for books to come (loving Steven Jenkins’ strength and love for his family). I also appreciated that they had their own opinions about how certain scenes played out – like the hotel scene between Craig and Patricia. The passionate conversation between the ladies had me rolling laughing! Did I mention that this was an awesome experience?

Me, being me, I went with some questions to ask them – but the conversation flowed so freely that I didn’t get to ask a question until the end (which was totally fine with me). They had some great questions! I have to laugh, because I think the first question they asked me had something to do with Toni’s fear of rodents. I came clean and told them that I too am deathly afraid of rodents (especially mice). What really tripped them out though, is that I was a sheet metal worker for over ten years…and was afraid of mice. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. How can someone who worked in basements, attics and dark, creepy spaces be afraid of mice? Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s possible!

So I’m closing with a huge whoop, whoop (fist pumping in the air) to all of the wonderful book clubs out there – especially Chapters of Columbia, South Carolina!

Chapters Book Club

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Zip Lining in Denver!

Okay, I figured I should blog about my latest adventure, since I survived it. I think I’ve mentioned having an adventurous friend (Tanya) who will try anything once like – riding her bike from Minnesota to Chicago, skydiving, a few marathons and the list goes on and on. So every now and then, she’ll rope me into one her bright ideas like walking 60 miles from Kenosha, Wisconsin to downtown Chicago (we did this a few years ago) or visiting a restaurant and trying a new cuisine (mind you, I’m not a foodie and don’t have it in me to eat just anything). I think the last time Tanya ended up in one of my blog posts is when she was in Atlanta and insisted on eating at Ann’s Snack Bar, which was an…experience (for lack of a better description). I had a ghetto burger that was actually pretty good…but…anyway, to read more about that experience click here.

IMG-20131103-00091So Tanya got me again. This time it was zip lining in Denver! When Tanya first suggested that we give it a try, I shot the idea down real quick. My first thought was, what sane person leaps off a platform and flies through the air, between trees, around mountains and thousands of feet off the ground? But then I thought, it has been a while since we’ve had a big adventure. So after tossing the pros and cons around in my head – I eventually agreed. Besides, in addition to wanting to visit one of my dearest friends in Denver, I was also there doing research for a future novel.

Despite my happy thoughts about using this zip line adventure in one of my novels, I silently changed my mind at least a hundred times prior to arriving at the site. But Roger, TJ and Luke – our guides at Denver Adventures- were really cool and made zip lining sound like a lot of fun. So we started out with about a 10 minute hike (uphill) to get to the first zip line. There were a total of 6 zip lines (that we HAD to do), the shortest being 850 ft. long and the longest being over 1900 ft. long.

BTW, doesn’t the photo of Tanya and I with our zip lining gear on remind you of the minions in the movie -Despicable Me? Lol!

So getting back to the first leg of our hike – did I mention that it was all uphill? Prior to this experience, I considered myself to be in fairly good shape – working out 4-5 times a week and figured the hiking in between getting to the zip lines wouldn’t be that bad. The guides called it a “healthy nature hike”. To get to the first zip line, I thought the hike was a little intense, but I figured the exhaustion had something to do with the fear soaring through my veins. But then there was the steep, 15 minute hike between the first and the second zip lines and I promise you – I thought I was going to die! Not because I was thousands of feet up in the air and could easily fall to my death, no, it was because it felt like an elephant was standing on my chest! So much for breathing in healthy air – I could barely breathe! One of the guides asked me where I was from because it was clear that I didn’t live in Colorado and wasn’t used to hiking 8000 feet above sea level. I stopped and looked at him. I think I said something like – Are you kidding me? 8000 feet above sea level?!? I was thinking to myself – it’s no wonder I can barely breathe – there’s no oxygen this high up in the air! I’ve often heard people talk about the elevation in Colorado and how it can be a little rough breathing. Well, I was able to experience it for myself. Not good. Just driving to the site I felt my breathing changing and then to hike miles in order to go zip lining – whew! It was no joke!

IMG-20131103-00093Zip lining was a little scary…no wait, it was CRAZY scary! I just knew I was going to smack into one of those huge pine trees or dive head first into one of the bear dens that we zipped over. Oh, and yes, you heard be correctly, there were bears out there! I had to sign a waiver beforehand, promising not to sue them if I got attacked by any of the wild life! So not only did I have to worry about having a heart attack, falling thousands of feet to the ground or dying from lack of oxygen, but I also had to worry about being chased and eaten by a bear!

Okay, getting back to the zip lining. We were zooming down the cables from anywhere between 35 mph to 65 mph and I have to admit – it was an amazing experience. Imagine flying through the air, between trees at 65 miles per hour! What a rush!

I will say this – even though zip lining was an AWESOME experience, I’m not doing it again – at least not in Colorado. And do you know Tanya had the nerve to say, “So what are we going to do next year? How about parasailing?” You can pretty much imagine my response.

Oh, and before you ask, yes, you will definitely see this experience in one of my future novels! I just have to decide which character will have the pleasure of zip lining!

Stay tuned…I’m sure there will be more adventures to come…all in the name of research of course!


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Outcast by Kiru Taye

Book Release Blitz
Sacred Amulet, part one
Kiru Taye
Tags: Paranormal
/ Fantasy / Romance
November 1, 2013
from Amazon
FREE Kindle Download from November 4 to 6
Available for $0.99 / £0.77 afterwards until 30 November 2013.


is an outcast, an untouchable. She lives on the fringe of society as the lowest
of the low, a living sacrifice to the gods. The only person she interacts with
is her aged grandmother Nne who nurtures her powerful gift of healing. Until
the day she meets Ebube a strange warrior to their lands. He  ignites a yearning within her she’s unable to

is drawn to the young maiden with the emerald green eyes who possesses the body
of a goddess and the healing touch of an angel. But he is forbidden from mating
with a human and the consequence is the wrath of the gods.
he is on a mission. If he fails, the gates of hell will be opened and the earth
plunged into darkness. He cannot stay and she cannot go with him.



Help me…Do whatever it takes…Keep the gates of
Alammuo sealed.
Darkness tugged
at him and threatened to pull him into its murky depths. With a jerk, Ebube sat
up on his pallet. The creaking wood and thumping of his heart echoed in his acutely
responsive ears.
Danger seeped
from the nightmare he couldn’t remember into the air, leaden and oppressive.
His breath heaved as he choked, his throat clogged with the fetid stench of death.
On reflex, he
extended his right arm, grabbing the scabbard he always kept within reach, the
pitch shadow no hindrance for his sharp eyesight. As a leopard-shifter, his
vision was excellent, night and day. He didn’t need to look at his hands to see
the extended claws. Sharp tips dug into his palm. He ignored the sting and his
awkward grip on the carved wooden hilt of the single edge sword.
His beast came
to the fore, clawing to take over, an instinctive response to potential
threats. Muscles tensed, Ebube fought the shift. Sweat streaked down his body
in rivulets. He swiped his face with his left palm, stopping the liquid from
dripping into his eyes.
Sweeping his
gaze across the large, airy chamber of his sparsely-decorated home, he sought
the source of danger setting off his internal alarm.
Apart from the
raised bamboo sleeping platform covered in padded deer hide and the wooden
trunk that stored his personal belongings, the only other items were his tools
of warfare – his spears, shields, machetes and scabbards. They hung on the
single-rung mantel against the burnt-umber rock wall, gleaming with polish and
sharpness, ready for use.  Undisturbed.
A tingle ran up
his spinal column, the way it always did when he sensed something out of place.
Something terribly wrong. He swung his legs around. Cool unglazed stone flooring
met his bare feet. The muscles on his back tensed, primed for action. Slowly,
he stood to his full height and walked through the room.
His home
consisted of two chambers, one for sleeping and the other for entertaining
guests. Though as a guardian, a special warrior of the gods, he could live as
luxuriously as the gods did, they had agreed communally to live as simply as
humans of the era so as not to draw attention to themselves as supernatural
Nothing was out
of place in his rooms, no stray, malevolent being in the vicinity. Yet the tingling
in his bones didn’t dissipate. When he found nothing inside, he grabbed the
wooden knob, opened the door and walked onto the corridor linking his residence
to the rest of his family’s. Their homes were hewn out of Amauwa rocks, a hill
range in the middle of the rain forest.
He stopped in
front of the last house, the tension on his shoulders increasing. Nothing
lurked inside it, living or inanimate. Yet the memory of the previous occupant
flooded his mind, hitting him low in the abdomen, spreading pain through his
body. Gritting his teeth, he shook his head and turned his back to the building
and its unwelcome memories.


lover of books, as a teenager Kiru Taye used to read novels under the blanket
during lights-outs in boarding school. These days, with a young family to take
care of, she’s still sacrificing sleep for the pleasures of a good book.
the day though, she transforms her wildly vivid imagination into sensual,
atmospheric romance stories with passionate characters.
she’s not writing or reading, she’d hanging out with family and friends or
travelling. Born in Nigeria, she currently lives in the UK with husband and
reach her via her
blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest
Follow her blog
for latest news and giveaways:
book excerpts and free short stories on her website:


Kiru is giving away 2x $5 Amazon gift cards or
paypal cash and 5x ebooks of the follow-up story Sacrifice. Complete the rafflecopter to enter the prize draw.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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